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Under His Skin [18+]

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BOOK THREE Thrown into the arms of her mate, the dragon King, Katara must learn how to give second chances to others, while never bowing to a King who kills her kind.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Khal stared at the ruined land in front of him. He wanted to roar in anger, to let the beast, the dragon out of him and to destroy everybody who had turned his lands into nothing but ruins.

Bones covered the ground where once large towers had been built, a bridge between towers where dragons could sit on, to watch the world around them.

“They’ve destroyed it.” Ciara said softly, her voice full of shock. “They destroyed our home.”

Pearlmire was their home, the land they had claimed over a thousand years ago, when the Fae were nothing and the dragons, the wolves, the vampires were rulers of this realm.

“Khal..” Ciara placed her hand gently on his bare arm. The two other silent females, Aldea and Daera, held his other arm, as if seeking comfort in the land that fell so cold.

The others would arrive. The kind Fae female who he despised now seeing his own home, had sent his kind free from the king who had trapped them longer ago. Khal was the last one to be thrown into the dungeons and all of his people, people who were forced to remain in their dragon form, turning into vicious beasts, were now free.

“What do we do?” Ciara asked softly.

They had arrived first. Elowen and Azia were down in the land, walking barefooted and completely naked through the land they had all called home.

500 years ago this land was beautiful and recognised as the land of shifters. Now it was called the abandoned land.

“Hey..” Ciara moved in front of him, forcing him to turn his grey eyes on her, on her naked body. His cock hardened as she gripped it in her hands. “We can fix this.”

He would fix it.

Ciara knelt in front of Khal, instantly opening her mouth and bobbing her head on his cock. He fisted a hand in her hair, as Aldea ran her hands down his chest. She didn’t need to say anything, not as Khal kissed her throat, his fangs scraping against her skin. “I’m going to kill them.” His voice was a murmur on Aldea’s soft skin as Daera kissed his back softly. Ciara continued to suck his cock. “I’m going to make them pay.”

He was going to make the Fae pay for what they had done to his home. Khal thrusted his cock into her mouth, his hand fisted in her hair as she gagged around him. “It could take a hundred years or a thousand, but I will make the Fae pay for what they did.” Aldea moaned as Khal sunk his fangs into her neck. She gripped onto him, as Darea moved her soft gentle kisses to his neck. He pulled his teeth out of Aldea’s neck, staring at the silent female. “I will make the Fae beg for mercy.”

Aldea grinned just as he thrusted faster into Ciara’s mouth, who accepted his cum and swallowed as he groaned.

They had been locked together in the dungeons. The five females with him. Ciara. Aldea. Darea. Elowen. Azia. The five dragon shifters he fucked like the beasts they were.

He remembered the witch who had been locked in with them. The one who cried like a child when he had roared at her. Khal was a dragon, a beast who had been thrown just a few days into the dungeons before her. His people had been captured a long time ago and he had finally worked his way into Wisteria, to free the dragons. To free his families and his people, but the king had expected it because the Prince, the fucking Prince had been watching him for the whole year he had spent in that land. They had thrown him in, forcing his body to shift at the last second but it was too late. Too fucking late.

To add to the misery they all suffered, they threw a witch with dragons who couldn’t shift back into their human selves. Something in the rooms would block their ability to shift. Khal had wanted to sniff the witch, to sense if she was a threat before the female shifters would kill her but she had run away, hiding in a part where he hadn’t even seen. That day had changed everything, had solidified the thought that had gone through his mind.

They would never leave.

He was their king, their leader and he had lost. His dragon had roared that night, had never stopped roaring for freedom even when the witch had been pulled out of their rooms, even when he had fucked all five females every single day and night, the urge to do something taking over his soul.

Ciara kissed her way up his chest, before pressing a soft kiss on his lips. “They will all kneel to you, my king.”

Elowen and Azia walked up the hill towards them slowly, just as the other dragons roared in the sky as they returned home.

Khal would give them their home back, would make the Fae bow to them all but he wouldn’t touch the vampires, the wolves or the witches in the realm. He would destroy the Fae, once again become the powerful shifters they were.

The dragons landed on the ground, their large paws crunching the bones of the dead. Some of them ran into the arched trees that led to the golden gates, to kill the black swirling demon beasts that lived in their lands. They were protectors of the realms, to guard the door with their life.

Khal raised his hands, his nails shifting into a claw and he cut his palm, letting the blood drop to the ground as they all looked up at him. “I swear on my blood, I will make the Fae kneel to us. We will rule this world again!”

The roars of the dragons filled Pearlmire, letting the world know they had returned.

The day Cerelia goes to the gate.

Days had passed by as Khal stared at the sky, watching his people fly into the air. Dragons were powerful shifters, able to form wings in their human bodies as well. The last few days had flown by and he had watched it all with keen eyes.

His people were happy. Some had shifted into their full dragon selves, flying in the air, letting the wind slam into their wings as they laughed. Others had opted to only have wings but they flew, chasing one another. He had given them days to live, to enjoy their freedom.

Pearlmire would change one day, it would take weeks but Khal knew his people would build homes for each other if he asked them to do it right now. He didn’t want that though. He wanted to watch them be free, to laugh in the skies, to dance to nothing but the songs in the wind till morning.

They didn’t sleep as if afraid the Fae would come again. Khal was ready though. He sat, in his dragon form, on the biggest mountain far away from happiness. He had watched the ocean, waiting for anything.

Nothing had happened throughout the last few days but his wings flared as his green dragon eyes zoned in on the boat. He sniffed the air the closer they got. Witch. Vampire.

Khal roared from the mountain, a warning to his people not to touch them. They were not his enemy and the witch was their savior. The one who had saved them all.

What seemed to be hours, but were less than thirty minutes, he watched the witch and vampire reach the edge of the arched trees. Khal flapped his wings, the wind breezing past him as he flew down. He had watched and heard the Vampire kill the last drop of darkness left on his land. The dragons had ignored them, listening to their king but he wanted to see the witch.

One last fucking time.

He landed onto the ground, his wings tucked in, his tail raised to keep them from the gate as they stared at him.

He sniffed at the witch who had a small smile on her face. The Vampire had raised her sword, holding it out as if she would protect the witch. Khal would never hurt the witch.

“Roi?” He heard a soft angelic voice around him. The king had poisoned them, wanting to pull the witch out of their room. He had heard every word, every curse, he had said to a guard.

He huffed, his right wing curling around her body as she sobbed onto him. “Please Roi.” She was crying so much for someone so young. He was barely a year older than her though his dragon form made it seem like he was a thousand years old.

It had been a mistake to think he could escape the clutches of the young Prince who had taunted him, saying he was not fae so what was he. Khal had run away, but it had been too late to free the dragons. He was too young, alone in his home because they had all been captured. Except him but now he was dying.

He wished he was kinder to the witch who was crying on his scaled body. “Please don’t die, Roi. They’ll take me away. I didn’t even tell you my name-” she sniffed, wrapping her arms around his big neck. “A vampire named me. My name is Cerelia and I am from Eridaya. Please, they’ll make me forget. I don’t want to go with the king. Please save me. Please don’t die.”

“I know the dragon.” The witch said softly. “This is their land.”

He puffed out his chest. She was fucking right. This was their land. Khal lowered his large body, slowly bending his body down and laying on the ground, a show of surrender. Only to the witch. Only to the one who had saved him, would he surrender his body.

“I am in front of a dragon who is not killing me.” The vampire spoke, her voice of shock.

The witch- Cerelia. He always remembered her name. She took a step forward, again and again as Khal watched her. He had never been able to shift in front of her because by the time his body had mastered the shift on winter solstice, she had already been taken from them.

“They were hurt one day.” She spoke softly. His green eyes softened. She still remembered. “I think they’re shifters, but they’ve been stuck in this form for longer than I can remember.” She said slowly to the Vampire. Khal wanted to shift right there and there but he knew he had heard the screams of the witch every single day in the dungeons of the way the males and females had tormented her. Coming face to face with his cock would not be good.

Cerelia raised her hand slowly. “The king had injected something into the food they ate.” He wanted to roar at her words but he lifted his head slowly, wanting her to touch him, to send the healing magic back into him the way she had done centuries ago. “It was the first day I had come out of the small cave because they were dying. The king was going to kill them.” Khal nudged her tiny hand with his head, making the witch giggle as if she was not afraid.

Khal lifted his body as Cerelia turned to face the Vampire. He watched the Vampire, listening to the language they had all learnt in the dungeons. She spoke of how kind the world had been to her and Khal wondered if she had hit her head against a wall or something when she had crawled out of the castle. But the witch was standing tall, seeing the world in a different light than it ever would be.

The vampire spoke again, embracing the witch with her words and not her arms. As if she knew of the horrors.

A roar from Ciara up in the sky told him a wolf had arrived by the edge of the hill but he was not entering their lands.

The witch turned to look at Khal with questioning eyes, a slight glance to his tale. She was not from this world. He had never seen a witch, had never known a witch ever in this land.

He lifted his tail slowly. Her hand slowly moved up and down his body. He forced the purr to fuck off. A part of him had liked her, had always liked how delicate she was, how she had reminded him that no matter where they were, they were still young kids because that’s what they had both been in the dungeons. A ray of sunshine forced in the body of a small witch and a young king who had been blessed with the body of a dragon.

Khal bent his neck, nudging her body with his face, breathing in her lavender scent as a final goodbye. “Take Zemira back to Lovis.” She spoke softly, her hands slowly moving under his neck. Oh fuck. She should really not do that to him. “Please don’t let anyone hurt her.”

He would fulfil her last wish and give the Vampire a warning. One warning in honour of the Female witch who walked under his tail. The Vampire talked but Khal didn’t listen as he turned his head, watching Cerelia gasp as the golden gate opened widely for her, as if to say let me take you home.

Cerelia screamed as the gate sucked her in, instantly slamming close.

Khal shifted. The Vampire screamed, falling backwards on the cloak she wore. He turned to look at the vampire who ran her eyes over his naked body and the large black wings that stood proud behind him. “I-I-”

A wolf howled from the hill and Khal lifted his gaze from the Vampire and towards the Wolf, who ran towards them. What had taken the two females thirty minutes to cross, took the male with rage, with a power to protect the Vampire, barely more than a minute.

Instantly the Vampire stood up, her hand tightening around her sword as the Wolf stood in front of her, growling at Khal. The Wolf was massive, the size of a horse that he had seen many times in Wisteria once. It was the same shade of black as his dragon. He bared his teeth at Khal, growling again.

“I intend no harm.” Khal stood up tall, realising he was completely naked and not caring. They had all seen a cock before, maybe not as big as his, but still a cock.

It was the wings the Vampire stared at once or twice but didn’t say anything at. She simply placed her free hand on the wolf’s body. “Lovis, it’s okay.” She said softly. “I screamed in shock. I’m not hurt.”

“You’re mates.” Khal blurted out. It was the first time he was seeing them. Mates were so rare to the dragon shifters that they didn’t care for them. The bond between them could easily be snapped because dragons didn’t hold the power to wait a thousand years for a bond to snap into place. They chose their own partners. Had chosen once upon a time.

Lovis turned his head, a little but nudged the Vampire before shifting into a human. A naked human. He was shorter than Khal, but held power enough to say he would fight Khal until his dying breath.

The vampire tool off her cloak, handed it to the Wolf male who wore it. “Is she gone?” He questioned Zemira who nodded, making the Wolf male sigh deeply. Khal could scent the sadness in the air.

He wore his emotions on his sleeve. A big mistake. The biggest anyone could ever make but it didn’t seem to matter to him not as he turned to face Khal. “I am King of Eridaya-” He spoke more words, introducing himself but it was the kingdom that he remembered.

The witch had claimed she was from there.

“Eridaya.” Khal repeated the name. “Is it for Wolves and Vampires?” He questioned.

“Why?” The vampire asked, standing side by side with the Wolf. They were equals.

“I intend to make the Fae kneel in front of me.” He spoke the truth. “I do not wish to take over your lands, if only vampires and wolves live there. I will not touch it.” He wanted to make the promise to them, on behalf of Cerelia.

He listened to their steady heartbeats, not afraid of the male who had just shifted from a dragon. “They are humans.” Lovis answered.

Khal nodded. “No humans will be touched either.” Humans could die easily.

“We just had a Prince who claimed to take over the kingdoms. What makes you think you will succeed?” The vampire questioned again, her sword lowered.

“I am a King, vampire.” He addressed her. “I am a King with unspeakable rage towards the Fae. They killed my people.” His people had died trapped in those dungeons. He had heard the guards laughing, the king laughing as they had found dead dragons in a room.

He faced Lovis, and then the Vampire. Zemira was what Cerelia had called her. “I will make them kneel in front of me and my people, beg for my mercy and I will do nothing to grant them a merciful death. Eridaya will not be touched.” He promised them. “So long as no Fae runs to Eridaya, it will remain as it is. This is my promise to you, on half of Cerelia. To grant you the peace she deserves.”

Zemira’s eyes softened slightly at the word peace before Lovis shook his head. “You’re giving us a warning?”

“For a life debt. Cerelia saved my life. Had she not, my people would not see this day. For her kindness, I give you a warning. Stay out of my way when I take over the lands.”

Zemira wrapped her hand around Lovis’s. “You will leave Eridaya alone. Is that a vow? A promise of blood because a promise of words could easily be changed, forgotten.”

Khal smiled at the vampire, baring his fangs at her. The Vampire pulled back her lips in a tight smile, revealing her own fangs. A blood sucker, just like him. He sucked the blood of his kind, to heal his body, to drive him to the edge of release every time he fucked them.

Khal lifted his palm to his hand, and dug his fangs into his palm drawing out the metallic taste of blood. He let it drip onto the floor. ” A Vow on my own land is sufficient for you, vampire?” He raised an eyebrow as Lovis slightly angled his body in front of the Vampire. “I vow to not touch your land until a Fae is scented on it, then my people will come, they will search your lands, will not harm anyone until the Fae is found. The Fae will not be killed until it bows to me. That is my promise of blood to you.”

It seemed to be all that the Wolf and the Vampire needed to know as they nodded. “My people will not touch you. You are free to leave on your own.” He said to them. They did not speak, not a word as they turned their rigid backs to him and walked away.

Khal called out to the Wolf. “Lovis!” The Wolf turned his head to look at the dragon shifter who was smiling at him wickedly. “When pearlmire is as beautiful as it once was, join me for a drink one day. A shifter to a shifter. You could help me.”

Khal knew he would need allies, not in the war his people would rise very soon, but after the war, when every land was searched and the fae were killed and slaughtered, leaving only the wolves, dragons and vampires. The humans would die on their own. This world would be theirs, he couldn’t possibly want a war with wolves. There was something about Lovis that he admired. If the witch trusted them, and had wanted Khal to protect them, he would offer his protection in the form of a drink.

"Boy,” Lovis chuckled. “You are a child compared to me.” Khal wondered how old the Wolf truly was. “Maybe a fruit drink would be better for you.” The vampire laughed as they both turned their back on the dragon shifter who could have easily ripped out their throats.

Khal grinned.

The day Katara ran to Pearlmire to go to Erix’s world.

There was a scent. It stirred him awake. Khal opened his eyes on top of the mountain and stared at the plain fields. His people and himself had cleared the whole grounds. They had burnt the wood, and buried the bones of the dead deep below the ground before cleaning the surface as much as they could. Everything old was ripped out, the small pieces of buildings that had been hidden by moss and grass, had been cleared. Nobody had dared to touch the houses near the mountains, they were still intact and it was where children slept now.

Everyone was asleep. No one had dared to enter their lands and it had been a week but there was a woman, a curvy woman, the smell of a vampire surrounding her and she sprinted through the clear grounds. Khal watched her, his wings laying flat on his back and the tips on either side of his human body. He pressed a hand on his chin, balancing himself against the grass as he watched the female run from Ciara who was chasing her in her dragon form.

Ciara loved to play but the female vampire was fast, faster than most vampires he had seen yesterday in Eridaya when he had flown above the land. Lovis had seen him, throwing him a pair of pants and demanding to cover up and get off his land before he really lost his mind. Khal had listened, trying to wear the clothes he hadn’t worn in centuries.

The female screamed as Ciara slammed into her from behind. Khal watched with intensity as Ciara clawed at her body. “Do you think she’ll kill her?” Azia asked from beside him, watching the fight down below.

“I think she could possibly kill Ciara.” He muttered in the quietness as he watched the Vampire lift a sword, and slice through Ciara’s arm. Ciara roared but the Vampire could have easily cut her up.

Khal saw her glancing around, green eyes wide with fear. He grinned as Aldea and Daera came into view slowly. His girls loved to play but the grin disappeared from his face at Azia’s words. “She’s a vampire, Khal. Kill a vampire and you’ll lose the bond you want to create with the wolves and the vampires.”

Khal roared to them, a single warning to back off. Instantly the twins backed away in the darkness and Ciara huffed before flapping her wings and heading towards them. The Vampire didn’t stop. She ran again, and Khal watched her as she headed towards the gate. The fact that she had dared to enter the land even though the roars never stopped, made her brave or stupid. He couldn’t tell not even as she was sucked into the gate just as Ciara landed on the mountain.

She shifted instantly walking towards Khal with death in her eyes. He chuckled as he stood up, watching her arm heal. “Want to play?” He purred at her. She stopped in front of him, pushing her hand through the pants he wore and wrapping around his already hard cock. The Vampire, whoever she was was sexy. He should have fucked her before she left.

Ciara dared a step closer as Azia excused herself, muttering she wasn’t in the mood for sex today. “I want more than to play.” Ciara begged him with her eyes as his hand curled around her throat. “Make me your queen, Khal.” She moved her hand on his cock as he pressed his thumb on her lips. She parted and he pushed his thumb inside of her.

“I don’t want a queen.” He murmured to her, watching with dark hungry eyes as she sucked his thumb while moving her hand on the length of his cock.

She didn’t say anything not as he pulled his thumb out of her mouth. Instantly he pulled the stupid pants he wore off his body. His hand fisted in her hair, tilting her head back and she bared her throat to him. “Take it.” She whispered. “Take my blood.” Ciara was submissive to him and he loved it. A fucking lot. He pushed her down on her knees.


She grinned.

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