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Angel in a Demon

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This is a love story of a young boy who fell in love with the queen of all demons, the vampire queen, and then became a part of the life he never believed in. this story is full of mystery and some un natural events, but full of romance.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Life and death, are the two sides of a coin. They don’t have any meaning without one another. They are incomplete, if the other one is missing. You can’t find the joys of life without feeling the death too, and can’t find the worth of death without having a life as well. God has created it this way. If there’s life, there must be the death too. If there’s light, there is the darkness too. If black is the color of darkness and mystery, then white is the color full of life as well. If there’s love, there’s something called ‘hate’ as well. The is the rule of the universe. This is the nature of the universe. This is how the world goes on. Nothing can go beyond this rule. Everything that has started, must come to an end. Nothing is really eternal.

This is the truth that we believe in, most of us, but the truth is half. There are lots of secrets’ that nature has hidden from us. Somethings work on these ‘binary-principals’ but not everything. If there are black and white, then ‘grey’ also presents, which has the lifelines of white, along with the mysterious nature of black. Has both life and death in it. It gives life to deadly dark colors but can fade out bright as well. Beyond life and death, there’s some other thing that’s called ‘eternity’.


Vampires, werewolves, witches, angels and demons. All these things I never believed in. I used to think that these things only belong to legends, there’s no existence of these things in real life. No existence of these creature. I never believed in bible. I thought that the world is what we see, nothing beyond it. I used to think that the world is only for us, the humans, no other creature that God created, exist in the whole world. But this perception changed when the Universe opened up a part of its secret of me.

I always believed that the world I am living in, I don’t belong to it. Life didn’t have any meaning for me. I believed in God, the existence of God, but the things I was told about God, didn’t always felt right to me. I tried to be the part of the world I am living in, but something was always missing from my life. I always felt the in-completeness in me. Being a practical person, I always believed in binary-functions. Either Yes-or-no. Life-or-death. Black-and-whites. I didn’t have any ‘grey’ in my life.

Until one day, when I found ‘Grey’. Someone came to my life, and changed to whole perspective of life for me. Something happened to me that showed me the meaning of life, and how beautiful it is. Something unexpected happened to me which I never ever believed in. I saw the world like never before. I got a part of it. That made me feel complete.

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