Fizzle (Wardens Book 4)

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Dawn must face the world head on. She has the boy now she has to keep him alive. With Wesley's return comes a whole new issue. Something caught a one way ticket out of Purgatory on the back of a previously dead Warden and buried itself inside me. Adam suddenly remembers everything that happened in Dallas and refuses to talk to me. I don't know if I'm going to survive to see the end of the war. I might just crawl under a rock and wait out eternity. No matter how short it may be.

Fantasy / Romance
Heather Glidewell
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I found myself thinking this over and over for three days. This constant reminder would keep me alive during these hard days. I would find that I kept from taking breaths when I was lost in thought.


The council of the Incubi had not allowed my transfer or for Aaron to see me. My parents were there as well but gagged by Mona’s spell. Nobody could tell them who the girl was that they kept under lock and key in the dark room. I was a prisoner in my own mind as well. I was not allowed to say who I was; as long as I was Prudence there was no way that I could be Dawn. Then I had to think of the leak in the organization. What would Nick do if the information befell him? Would he instantly strike against us, spoiling the whole plan?

The room was heavily guarded; they believed I was a threat. So holding the threat at bay they bound me in a neutralizing chamber, no powers could be used. Trust me I tried. Telepathic links were even severed before they could begin. I tried to reach my brother, but instead there was a sharp pain in my temporal lobe. It felt like a nuclear busy signal and it would drop me to my knees screaming.

Only one person ever came to see me. He was handsome, tall, dark hair, dark eyes, and a thin smile. Never spoke one word to me, just watched. The few times he touched me was simply to move me from one location to another. I wondered what he was studying by looking at me; then again the Incubus alone was a confusing concept.

Breathe Dawn. Breathe.

I never fought, never raised a single spark towards anyone. Yet they treated me like an animal in a cage, my only companion was darkness. For those three days I sat in the silence and played out the events in my head. It was too soon. They shouldn’t have attacked the encampment; I was working on a plan damn it! Now they have Wesley and locked me away.

I’m not the criminal here!

The fourth day seemed different than the other days. I could smell the mountain air, taste its freshness on my tongue. I could hear Marshall screaming my name and his hands shaking me violently.


“Marshall?” I cracked my eyes looking up at him.

His face was bruised and his lip busted. He reached down and pushed my dirty blonde hair from my face. I had never been so happy to see someone in my life.

“Ms. Prudence.” He smiled at me as I clasped his face with my hands and smothered him in kisses.

“Oh, Marshall.” I wrapped my arms around him. The boy was shaking.

I heard someone clear their throat and my eyes shot around landing on Aaron’s face. He looked the same. Pale with sparkling blue eyes, his lips were curved up in a smile. Looking at him brought an ache to my heart. If it had not been for me he would not be where he is now. On the other hand, immortality had suited him well.

“I would have come sooner.” Aaron said to me as he helped me stand. My knees wobbled, but I found my composure.

“No, it’s ok I understand.” I answered delicately my throat was killing me.

“My orders were to be your guard upon arrival. However, as you can see my orders were changed when the plan was two days ahead of schedule.” He tightened his lips together in a thin line. “It’s good to see you again Prudence.”

“I have missed you.” I said to him as he held open the door at the end of the hall.

The last three days faded into nothing as I gripped Marshall and Aaron’s hands tightly. They led me from the dank room and into the light outside the door.

“I have mi….” The words fell from his lips.

The moment the lights hit my eyes I felt a sharp pain in my temple. I pulled my hand free from Marshall’s and put it to the side of my face. The pain was numbing to nothing. I pulled my hand away from my temple and looked down at the liquid. I ran my thumbs over the drops; it was wet and sticky as I viewed the red blood on my fingers.

There was so much screaming! I didn’t even feel my body hit the concrete. Hands, lots of hands, grabbed at me. I focused my eyes on Aaron’s. He was speaking, the words though were unknown, mute. The world faded, and I was falling.


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