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Business of the Deathless

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I am a Deathless. That means I can't die, as I've already been killed. But that also means that I have a target on my back.

Fantasy / Romance
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When I Died

The demon snarls in my face. I am sure he's ready to rip me to pieces and eat me, but I don't plan on becoming dinner. So I hold my hands together and feel the sparks gather in my hands. I don't look down at the purple and orange sparks, but I feel them dancing together as I thrust my hands up and send the sparks back at the demon.

It roars, its massive, reptilian head whipping back as the sparks connect to it. I stumble to a standing position, and I run away from the beast. It snarls and roars, charging after me, its green blood staining its dark green scales. It roars again, its teeth snapping as it charges forth.

And then, the thing leaps up, and slices its sharp claws down my chest and shoulders. I collapse to the ground and I try to scream as the beast stands over me. And then, it drops its head down and closes its jaws around me.

Inside its mouth, I scream and unleash a torrent of sparks and magick at the beast. But nothing seems to help me, nothing seems to affect the monster. And when it swallows me, I feel like I am falling and falling forever before I remember my magick, and I unleash the next burst of power as a starburst of energy.

Then, I shatter.

The next thing I know, I'm standing in a black void, surrounded by nothingness that is just black. I look around, and see shards of glass, like that of a broken mirror, falling all around me. I reach up and try to touch one, but when I find the shard in my hands, I plunge into memories of my past.

First, how I got my powers. I had been only eight years old when I was outside playing. I was with my friends, and I fell through the ice of the frozen lake we were playing on. The water was so cold. So dark. And so scary. I nearly drowned, but then, I was pulled out of the water and then I was resuscitated.

And then, the image shatters and I am standing in my school, only nine years old, when a kid broke my favorite toys, and sparks exploded from my hands. But that wasn't all, as more energy and magick pulsated from my body. I ended up accidentally killing the kid who was bullying me and broke my toy.

That image shatters, and then, I am in the mental ward. Trapped and unable to leave, as my parents placed me here. I didn't do it on purpose. I told them all that. They ended up deciding that I had somehow found a way to electrocute the poor kid. And then, I was sent by the court to the Amerly Psych Hospital. I was only ten years old then.

My memory shatters and next thing I know, I am in high school. The year I turned eighteen. I was with a boy, and he and I were both partying at a friend's house. I kiss him, and he kisses me back. I find myself exploring his body, and him doing the same to me. It was amazing, until the overhead lights exploded in showers of multicolored sparks, and the room was thrown into darkness. The next thing I see, I am with the same boy, and he's reassuring me that it wasn't my fault. He then shows me his own abilities — he is able to control green light.

That memory breaks, and I am falling. Falling and falling, and as I finally reach the bottom, I am thrust into another memory.

This one is of me making out with a young woman, her honey hair all over me as she explored me. We kissed and kissed, and then.... Then, instead of that memory breaking into thousands of shards of glass reminiscent of a mirror, I watch as the girl kissing me shatters like the memories.

I open my eyes, feeling myself unraveling, fading, dying. But then, I hear it.

Bum-bum. Bum-bum. Bum-bum. Bum .... bum ...... bum ....

My heart stops. And darkness descends on my mind. One exhale. One last breath in, one last breath out. And then, I am gone.
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