Beyond the Veil

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Chepter 3: Motion

“Why do I get the feeling that this isn’t a good idea after all?” Danielle began to panic as she looked around at the people giving them curious stares, all the while attempting to look natural.

“Relax, it’s fine, you’re overreacting. No one has any idea what we’re up to.” Amanda said looking around confidently, yet rubbing her arm nervously and then proceeded to pull Dani down one of the aisles of a well - equipped tool section.

Dani tugged her arm free of Amanda’s grasp, gave her a withering look and began to examine the tools, one of them being a large pair of wire cutters with a built in laser.

She flipped the price tag and saw that it was 89 euros, expensive, but who said that breaking into a top secret building was going to be cheap? Amanda was busy looking at some wireless alarm disablers and Dani eyes practically fell out of the sockets and she rushed over to her.

“Amanda, there is absolutely no way we can buy those! The manager will know something is up. How many college students come in to casually buy wire cutters and wireless alarm disablers!?”

Amanda stopped abruptly and looked at Dani with raised eyebrows, then her eyes quickly dropped as she realized the truth to Dani’s statement. She huffed quietly and placed the disabler back on the rack. She then tilted her head to the side.

She proceeded to smile and then gave Dani a glance that made Dani much more worried than before. She wondered how that was even possible. They were already breaking into restricted areas, how could another one of Amanda’s plans be any worse than this?

“I know exactly how,” and proceeded to groan internally as she waited with a slight degree of dread as she waited for Amanda’s plan to unfold.

“Disguises.” Amanda said furtively, as she pretended to look at more equipment all the while whispering to Danielle.

Danielle shook her head and narrowed her eyes at Amanda. “That is not going to work. What are you proposing; we walk back in here with fake moustaches and sunglasses on? Yeah, great heist that will make.”

Amanda sighed and turned to face Dani. “Now you are the one sounding silly. Nobody has a moustache any more, they are seriously last century. For this to work, we will actually have to be legitimate. And have some actual real disguises,” she said, as she moved her dark curtain of hair to her other shoulder.

Dani pursed her lips and thought Amanda’s plan through quickly in her head.

Finally, she shook her head and looked at Amanda. “You’re crazy and this a crazy plan,” she said, shaking her finger and walking past her out of the alley. She turned to her again.

“But this is our only option.”

Amanda fist pumped the air and charged over to Dani. “I don’t know why you’re looking so happy, anyone would think I’d told you you’d won the lottery.” Dani said
Amanda laughed. Dani glared at her, one brow raised in disbelief. They both walked out of the alley and Dani said, “I can’t believe we are doing this. This heist is a crazy plan. Not to mention illegal. But I think we went past the point of return long ago, don’t you think, Amanda?”

Amanda chuckled, “Tell me about it.”

Amanda and Dani stepped into one of the directional transportation devices, light and time warped around them and they appeared out the front of Amanda’s house.
The lights were off and her parents seemed to be asleep. Hopefully.

Dani gave Amanda a glance. “Does your dad even own the kind of weaponry we need? And what disguises are we going to use? We need something that people will not hesitate to believe.”

Amanda climbed through the window, and pulled Dani through. “My father has plenty sufficient weaponry.” She huffed. “And as for disguises, I already told you were covered.”

Amanda crept down the hall and into the kitchen with Dani close behind. Amanda peered into the dark room and all was quiet. Dani looked down Amanda and giggled. “What is so funny about this robbery Dani?” Amanda asked with her brows in her forehead. Dani muffled her giggle into her hand and replied, “I feel like one of those spies off one of those old detective movies we used to watch when we were kids.”

Amanda gave her a pointed stare. “Hahaha, very funny, I nearly forgot to laugh.” She said dryly. Dani punched her in the arm. “You could have at least tried to, you twit.” Amanda regarded Dani with widened eyes as she regarded Dani. “Who you calling twit, girl?”

Dani poked her arm and said, “You. Now we have to go twit, otherwise we’ll be here all night.”
Amanda glared at Dani. “Oh, that was an even better pun.” Dani grinned. “I know. Now let’s get going!”

They slunk through the darkened kitchen and came to the back door. Amanda pulled a key from her pocket and stuck in the lock. It quietly clicked and the door swung open. Dani shut it behind them and ran after Amanda, who was already half way across the yard and headed for the massive shed.

They stepped into the room and Dani’s jaw dropped in astonishment. “This is incredible! Where on earth did your father get all these models? Some of these are so rare!”

The room was lined with an incredible amount of shelves and on those shelves were packed with all models and types of firearms. Dani ran up to them and ran her hand along the first one she saw. She immediately recognised it. “A Mateba 6 Unica Autorevolver!?” she gasped, and looked upon in it in awe. “Those aren’t even being produced anymore! I’ve heard about them, but I’ve never seen one in the flesh! How on earth did your father manage to procure one?”

Amanda stood at the door with her arms folded and a smug expression on her face. “My father has his ways. Let’s just say he knows a few people. ” Dani continued to look on with amazement. “I still can’t believe what I’m seeing,” shaking her head in disbelief.

“Maybe three each? And we’ll need quite a few rounds. I don’t suppose you’ve got a grenade launcher? For blasting the vault open. And we’ll need a muffler as well or we’ll break the sound barrier.” Dani said as she began to more closely examine the guns. She pulled out a box from under one of the shelves and opened to find rows of polished silver bullets.

“Oh and you’ll never guess what else my father has.” Dani continued to stare enviously at the polished barrels of the guns. “What could be any better than this?” Dani questioned with a bemused look on her face, then looking back again while examining another rifle.

“He has a gun disabler.”

Dani spun around in astonishment and nearly fell over her own feet.
“No way!” she said. “How?”
Then she looked at Amanda curiously. “What is your father doing with a gun disabler?” Amanda looked around the room innocently and then casually looked down at her hands.
“He has his reasons.” Amanda calmly replied, but Dani saw a hint of a secret in her eyes.

Dani moved closer to Amanda.
“You’re not telling me something. I can see it. Why does your father have a gun disabler? Come on, spill. I’m not moving till you do.”
And just to prove her point, she leaned against the side of the heavy boxes that contained the seemingly infinite rows of bullets.

She looked again at Amanda waited. Amanda sighed in exasperation and rolled her eyes, glaring at the rifles.
Dani raised her eyebrows. “I’m waiting. Out with it.”

Amanda gave a massive sigh and leaned her leg up against the rifle boxes.

“You’re not the only one who knows about the Shadow Portals.” Amanda mumbled.

Danielle’s brow furrowed in confusion as this thought ran through her head. Then her jaw dropped open in realization and astonishment.

“I don’t understand. How?’’ she stammered as she dropped down onto a seat.
“My parents have been on this for years, I only just recently discovered this,” she gestured to the rifles, “and the Shadow Portals.”

“I don’t believe this!” Danielle exclaimed standing up.

Then she spun to face Amanda. “Wait.” She said slowly. Amanda looked at her placidly, then immediately realized what Dani was thinking.
Her eyes widened and then began to shake her head emphatically. “Uh, uh there is no way – “ Danielle said, “They can help us! They can help us break in and who knows what else.”

“No, no, no! You don’t understand! I wasn’t finished explaining!” Amanda nearly shouted.

“They are with the government! They are trying to stop it! So far they have identified and slaughtered anyone who has made contact with the Shadow voices!” Amanda exclaimed.

Then Dani looked at her in shock. “You mean, there are others like me?”

Amanda shook her head and winced. “Were. My…parents…and the government slaughtered the ones who had communication with them. You are the only one they haven’t found.” She finished in a whisper.

“Amanda, I – “ Dani made a move towards her, but Amanda held up her hand and put her head down.

“There’s nothing that we can do about it now. All we can do is take what we need and get out of here.”
Dani shook her head and began to load rifles into the bags they had grabbed in Amanda’s room.

“I wish you had told me this sooner. When did you find this out?”


Dani straightened her jacket and put the bag on her back. “We need to leave. We’ve already been here too long.”

Amanda shook her head and began to walk towards the door.
“We’re not finished yet. We still have to get disguises first. Luckily, we have…supplies for that as well.” She let out a laugh. “Not surprising really. But, come on, hurry or we’ll take even longer than we need to.” She gestured for Dani to follow her.

Dani rolled her eyes and ran after Amanda.

“You were the one with the great idea. Now, come on!” urged Amanda. They set out on the dark track that was situated behind Amanda’s expansive house.

Dani looked around her in astonishment and the stars twinkled back at her and then suddenly she heard the voice inside her head, a brief but loud shout of,

“Hide. Now.” Dani froze were she was as her senses heightened. Her eyes became glass clear and she saw each individual dust spore in the air, the single strands of softness in a nearby owl’s wing, the tiny crack in the trees and the fingerprints on the glass of the window back at the house.

She heard the flutter of a dragonfly’s wing, the ant’s walking on a tree-branch way above and the rush of the blood in her friend’s heart.

Mechanically she grabbed Amanda’s arm. “We need to hide. Now.”

Amanda’s brow furrowed and then quickly smoothed as she realised that she was telling the truth.

Dani yanked her into a tree and Amanda quickly clambered under thick, heavy green leaves that concealed them.

They looked out from among the heavy, dark green branches and saw a shocking sight. It was inhumane. But yet it was. A creature emerged from the sky and descended with wings as large as eagles and as beautiful as angels wings. Dani was curious to know it she could trust it. Whatever it was. In that moment, she was perfectly calm, even as the creature suddenly turned its head, looked Dani straight in the eye and seemed to see straight into her soul. To her surprise, she didn’t feel in the least bit threatened. She felt utterly safe.

Almost protected.

She knew they had been spotted. No perhaps not. Sensed was more of the right word.

She gestured to Amanda that they should emerge. Carefully she stepped out from among the trees and faced – well she didn’t know.

At that moment, the moon, in all its mystical light, made an appearance from behind a high flying cloud.

It glimmered and caught the stardust its beams, casting light and enchantment wherever the light stuck.

Its first beams hit Dani, then Amanda then final the creature with angel wings.

As Dani finally looked at the creatures face, she took in a sharp intake of breath. It was incredible.

Immortally beautiful, unscathed and perfect.

Dani could hear herself gasping for breath and then all of a sudden the steady, fast beating heart of the creature.

Then she heard one word in her mind.


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