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A Story of Christmas

By Chris Shoemaker All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Children

A Story of Christmas

This is a Christmas Story. A story of cheer, joy, love, laughter, and something else, but we won’t get to that yet. What kind of Christmas story will this be? A romance, a finding one self, a realizing what Christmas is all about, or meeting Santa and not knowing its him. I guess you will see. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Bethany and I’m going to tell you a new story, hopefully, a new story about Santa and Christmas. I will be your narrator and your teacher for this story.

Let us start at the beginning. Yes, the very beginning when the Almighty Creator created the whole world. Okay, Not really that far In the beginning, but we do have to go to Bethlehem where a child is being born. There he is laying in a manager, the Savior of the world. Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the animals, the stable, it’s all there. See it. It’s beautiful here. The baby is so strong and wise.

Let us move forward a little bit to a small cabin in the woods. A barn behind it with one horse and two reindeer to use. I would like you to meet Nickolas Kringle. Yes, of course, that’s his real name. This is the real story. See that house right there, the one with the red shutters and the green plants in the plant boxes. There are trees everywhere and snow, it looks so cozy with the chimney going, doesn’t it? It’s the only cabin for miles and miles but the Kringles like it that way. They’ve been teaching their family how to live in the woods for centuries. Every year they go out hunting for a turkey they bake it up and they eat it with all these other amazing foods that mama Kringle make. They sing and papa gets a tree to hang things they make from since there is nothing else in the cabin to hang anything on, plus the pine smell takes away from the smelly feet in this small space. Today is pretty important, It’s the day that papa Kringle is going to be making the trip to the nearest town to pick up some essentials for the house. It usually taakes papa about 2 days to make the full round trip but he always brings home gifts for his three kids and of course for mama Kringle. He always takes the trip the same day of the year, December 23rd, and always comes home December 25th. It was the best morning of the year for the family. They got new clothes, food, flowers, and something new and special that papa would find to bring them. Papa would tell them, because Jesus gave us a gift of himself on this day many years ago it was time for people to give their families the same. This year would be different.

Papa was on his way to the sled when little Christian came up to him, “Papa, papa.” He ran up to his papa and tugged on his red jacket. “When will you be back papa?”

Papa Kringle knelt down in front of his son and tickled him. “Christian you know I come back in two days.”

“I know papa, but it’s scary, what if you never come back?” Christian started crying.

“Hey hey, buddy. Why are you thinking like this?” As papa said that, mama came out and handed both of them a hot cup of chocolate. Papa hugged his little one. “I’ll be fine bud.”

“What’s going on?” Said his mama. Papa leaned in and told her. Mama leaned down and hugged her son. They waved goodbye to Papa and wished him well. He gave the command to the two reindeer they had and he started moving.

Mama and Christian went back inside the warm cabin where Elsa and Nickolas Jr were standing in front of the one small window the cabin had waving as their father’s carriage rolled away.

“Kids, come eat.” Mama said as she brought Christian inside and took off his jacket. “Christian take off your shoes and set them by the fire then come eat.” She kissed her son on the cheek. When she came over to the older of her three kids she eyed them as any mother would when she knows her kids are up to something.

“What? He said he had a dream papa wouldn’t return this time.” Said Nickolas Jr. the oldest of the three children at 17.

“You shouldn’t indulge in those dreams, it only scares him.” Mama said to Nickolas.

“All right, sorry mama. I won’t do it again.”

“Thank you my son.” She kissed Nickolas Jr. on the forehead. They sat down to eat and prayed, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company.

“Mama, what was the best gift papa brought home for you from his trip?” Elsa asked taking another piece of plum bread.

“Mm. Let me think.” Mama said, her smile brightened a whole room. Her rosy cheeks were charming and warmed the soul. She got up and put up her finger to her kids. “I’ll be right back.” The kids looked at each other excitedly.

When mama came back in the room she had something in her hand. “This was the first gift your papa ever brought home for me. It’s from the first year we were husband and wife.” She set it on the table. It was a beautiful wooden box. It had eight reindeer all along the outside of it and each one had a different pose, with tiny bells that jingled if you moved the box. It was painted in just the right places and the carving on it was very detailed. The children sat in awe at how beautiful the box was.

“It’s beautiful mama.” Elsa said reaching for it.

Mama took the box and opened it. “There was something inside of it also.” She pulled out a piece of paper, then another one and another. She pulled out a whole stack by the time she was done.

“What are all these, mama?” Nickolas Jr. asked.

“These are love letters from your papa to me. He wrote them when we were courting. Right before we got married.” She let the kids read them for a while.

“Okay darlings it’s time for bed.” We have things to do tomorrow to get ready for your papas return the next day.” The kids all scrambled to help clean up and then got into their cots, said their prayers, and went to sleep.

The next day was full of chopping down wood for the fire, hunting for a turkey and a couple wild rabbits. They made new pillows and bedding. Cleaned the cabin, got the snow out of the path from the house to the barn where their two reindeer would be put when they came home with papa. They cleaned the barn and the reindeer stalls. They brushed the horse and cleaned it’s stall also. Later in the day Elsa took on making dinner for them all. She roasted one of the rabbits on the fire and made some plum bread. She put seasoning, carrots, beets, celery, onions, and other vegetables in a pot over the fire in the living space. After they ate it was time to prepare the rest of the hunt for food the next day and also for putting away for later. They settled in by the fire and mama read them a classic story from the Bible about this time of year. When Jesus the Christ was born. The kids fell asleep while she read and she covered them in blankets, kissed them on their forehead and told them I love you and went into her bed.

The next morning was a buzz, getting ready for their papas return. They had food preparing to do. It was a celebration when Papa came home.


“Bethany here, just wanted to make sure you’re all still awake. I know I’ve been out of the room had a problem in the doll warehouse. Oh, I see you’re at the part in the story where... well never mind I’ll let you get back to it.” Interrupted the Elf, the other elf looked back down at the children and hit the play button for the dvd.


The house was ready, the fire was still on, the food was ready, table was set, but no papa. Everyone was in the living area by the fire anticipating papas return. It was getting dark out and the children were getting restless.

“Where is he mama?” Elsa said closing the front door to the cabin for the fourth time in just a couple minutes.

“Mama?” Thirteen-year-old Christian was pacing by the front window.

“I know my son.” She walked over to the window with her son and looked out.

“Where are you Nick? Please Jesus be with him.” She whispered.

Night went and morning came and still no papa. Mama was woken up by knocking on the cabin door.

She got up, put on her shawl, and went to the door hoping her Nick would be on the other side.

When she opened the door, it wasn’t Nick standing there but a man she’d never seen before. He smiled when she opened the door and somehow it warmed her heart and gave her peace.

“Can I help you?” She said shaking.

“Are you Mrs. Kringle?” The man said in a soft-spoken voice.

“Y-yes. Who are you?” She asked him

“May I come in? It’s freezing out here.” He said lovingly.

“Oh, yes I’m sorry.” She let him walk through the door before closing it. She noticed a bag on his back and something red on the inside.

“May I get you something to drink or eat to warm you?” She asked him backing up.

“No thank you. Mrs. Kringle.” His facial features softened and he sat down on the bigger seat that was in the living area. He motioned for her to sit down.

“Mary.” He said softly to her when she sat down. “Nick, is not coming back this time.”

“What do you mean?” Mary knew what he meant, she just needed him to say it.

“I’m so sorry Mary. On his way, back home from town he was attacked, they robbed him, and then they killed him.” The man looked in her eyes knowing what was coming next.

“Christian knew this would happen.” She said starting to tear up. The man let her cry and hugged her, sitting there with her until she pulled herself together a little.

“May I speak to Christian, Mary?” The Man asked.

“He may still be sleeping. I’ll go get him for you.” She went into the other room...


“Sorry for the interruption guys and gals. Looks like we need all your help out on the reindeer field. Seems one of the babies is missing we need all hands-on deck! Come, come.” Bethany lead the other elves through the school, walking quickly down hallways, stairs, walking past silvers, greens, whites, reds, and blues. Past gingerbread houses and classrooms, shops, and toys. They came to the front door of the school and walked down the big steps onto the path at the bottom lit by bell looking lamps. They went to the left and ran down the snow-covered paths, zig zagging until they came to an open snow field with a huge forest beyond. The horse and reindeer stables, which were big enough to house another warehouse were to the left of them and the sea was to the right. They met with a male elf who was giving out orders and had a clip board with him.

“Ah. Bethany. You brought the newlings. You all can start out in that end of the forest.” He pointed behind the stables.

Bethany and her newlings started walking towards where the male elf had told them to go. They picked up reindeer calls and green or red flashlights as they went.

“Where are all the other reindeer?” asked one of the female newlings.

“Some of the older ones and more seasoned are helping look in the air. The others are being kept in a secret place so they don’t hear what’s going on and become upset.” Bethany answered her.

They searched for what seemed like hours until one of the male newlings noticed some reindeer paw prints and blood.

“It looks like the baby is nearby.” Bethany said. “Let’s look this way.” The whole crew started to walk as quickly as possible down the hill. Through trees, around the North Pole lake, and over snow hills. Hopefully they would find the little one before they reached Icicle Mountain.

“I found him!” Yelled one of the newlings. The gang ran over to where the newling was yelling from. Two of the older elves were carrying a reindeer stretcher. It was green velvet tied together with bells and wood. They scooped up the little guy, put the stretcher on a sled that another elf had brought, stitched up his leg and brought him back to the animal hospital near the stables.

The class headed back to the school and to their classroom. They took their seats and Bethany came in and hit play...


Mrs. Kringle came back into the living area with Christian in toe.

“Christian this is...Oh sir, I don’t believe you ever introduced yourself.”

“It’s Jesus, mama! I saw him come to us in my dream last night!” Christian saw him, came running up to him, and hugged him.

“Oh Christian, you and your dreams.” Mrs. Kringle smiled and patted Christian on the head. “I’m sorry sir.”

“It’s all right Mary, seems Christian is a new Joseph. He’s correct.” He smiled and watched as the light came to Marys’ face.

“You’re Him.” She gasped and sat down at the same time.

“I am.” He sat down and motioned for Christian to sit next to him. “Now Christian, I have something I need for you to do.”

Christian was smiling from ear to ear he couldn’t believe that the Lord and Savior of the world was sitting in his living area!

“Christian, your father has gone to be with my father in heaven and I have a job for you.” He waited patiently for Christian to understand. “Your father started a tradition of celebrating my birthday yesterday. He gave all he could for his family and brought home gifts for you children that you would love for years to come. He made you feel loved and best of all He did it in the name of The Father. He spread Gods love to his children as best he could. He will always be known as a Saint in the heart of Heaven.” He waited again for Chrisitan to understand. “Christian, I believe that every child in the world should feel loved and be loved as your father loved you three. My task for you Christian, my son, would be to take up the reigns and follow in your father’s footsteps on a larger scale.”

“What do you mean?” Christian was so excited but he wanted to be clear on what his task was. “Like take gifts to other kids in town?”

“Something like that Christian. I would like you to spread joy and cheer to all the children in the whole world and do it on the same night your father would’ve.” Jesus waited again for both Mary and Chrisitan to realize the task he was asking of him.

“He’s only thirteen ma Lord.” She said without even thinking.

“A Child changed the world once before.” He smiled at her and she smiled back when she realized what he was referring to.

“How will he do this?” Mary knew they didn’t have much and they certainly couldn’t get Christian to all the kids in the world in one night.

“You just have to Believe in Me.” Jesus got up and walked out of the house. “You will see the Spirit of Christmas and the spirit of your Father in Heaven are one in the same. I must go, be ready when you are called Christian and maybe start spelling your name with a K instead of a Ch.” Jesus shut the door to the cabin leaving the two he’d been talking to standing in awe. Mary quickly ran to the door and opened it. No one was there. She walked out of the cabin and searched around for a couple minutes then came back inside. “He’s gone.”

“Of course, he is mama. He has to get back to Heaven.” Kristian said.

The rest of the day was full of mourning for their father and husband but also of searching for the Reindeer that he had left behind. That night they sat down together at the table and Kristian told the two older children about Jesus coming by.

“You really believe all this mama?” Elsa asked her.

“I do, Elsa.” She smiled. “Now kids it’s time for bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow.”

“Oh no!!! I’m so sorry everyone. Hold on let me fix it.” The dvd in the player had popped out and the tv went snowy.

“What happens next Bethany?”

“Do they get what Jesus told them?”

“Bethany, what happened to their papa?”

“Hush Newlings, all your questions will be answered as soon as I can get this thing to work again.” Bethany started trying to fix the dvd player and tv.

“Miss. Bethany. Is this all true?” Said a tall, tall for an elf that is, male in the back. “I mean, Jesus. Coming right down from Heaven and giving a kid something like that to do?”

Bethany was frustrated with the tv and she slammed the dvd down and stood up. “So, you don’t believe that God can give you a job and have it happen? You know maybe you guys are the needing to see it to believe it kind of elves.”

Bethany lead them out of the school again. This time they turned right at the bottom of the steps and walked for a while down another snow path. There was a large hill in front of them, that they weren’t allowed to cross over since they started at the school before they were even born. You see there was a nursery on the one side of the school where mama elves had their babies and they were watched over until they were old enough to be put into elf training. As an elf you were taught anything from dollmaking, to bell and ornament making, to sewing clothes, to baking, or becoming expert hot cocoa makers. They also learned math, English, and other things. An elf got to choose their job of choice after 2 years of school. They learned the beginning of all trades but when they chose their job they got more intense training. Not every elf continued with school though there was a lot to do at the north pole.

The class came to the hill and Bethany started climbing it. When they got to the top they all gasped in surprise at what they saw. There was a sea of color, elves, trees, reindeer, and houses. Houses were red, green, yellow, purple, white, each one their own color, each one their own size and shape. Decorations adorned all the houses and trees. They could see blues, greens, whites, golds, silvers, and reds for as far as they could see. When they couldn’t see any more they saw big warehouse buildings surrounding the big city. Then something caught their eyes. To the right of the hill and the amazing city was a much larger house. It was adorned with all the colors that were shown throughout the city. It was beautiful, elegant, not in any way gaudy or trashy.

“Come children. It’s time you meet him.” The class followed excitedly. They didn’t know who they were meeting. They’d heard rumors in the school.

They walked through the lovely streets of their newly found city, where they would be housed first together then finally buy their own houses or build them. Some would work in the small shops throughout the city some would work in the big warehouses and even a couple would work straight for him.

Finally, they came to the steps of the big house. They walked up the steps and Bethany nodded at the guards, dressed in green and white. They opened the high double doors for the class and they walked through into a huge foyer with a huge beautiful Christmas tree in front of them.

“This Christmas tree never dies, never needs water, and the ornaments never come off.” The class was in awe looking around the house. Soon they heard a faint, “Ho, Ho, Ho.” coming from upstairs.

They heard footsteps. A couple of minutes later a man with a long white beard stepped out from the one side of the stairs. “Oh Bethany, I see you’ve brought a new class today!” The man said joyfully.

“Hello Mr. Kringle.” Bethany curtseyed and eyed the class to do the same.

The jolly man nodded and smiled as he came down the steps.

“Hello Newlings. Welcome to my home.” A lovely looking woman came into the foyer from the other side of the house. “My name is Kris. Kris Kringle and this city is your home.”

“You’re Santa Claus! Saint Nick!” Said one of the excited newlings.

“Ho ho ho.” Kris laughed lovingly at the child. “No, my son.” He knelt in front of the young elf. “Saint Nick was my father. I am Kristian Kringle.” He hugged the young elf and stood up.

“Come let me show you the rest of the house and city!” He turned and the class followed him as they looked at each other and smiled.

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