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Falls Kingdom

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"If mother was protecting us why hasn't she been back in over a decade." 15-year-old Auburn Falls felt lost in the world after the disappearance of her mother, Queen Tiana Falls. No one knew what happened that night of her disappearance, some assume she was dead, but Auburn felt something pulling her away from her consciousness. 10 years when it happened Princess Auburn's father, King Naveen Falls is losing his throne her sister, Princess Aaliyah is now suffering from depression. Auburn couldn't watch her family and her people suffer she had to find the truth about what happened to her mother - To their Queen. She and her friends travel on a different path in a fairytale. She learns how to fight, learns how to control things, learn to help people from dark magic that struck on every kingdom. But, all around her is a lie because Auburn feels she doesn't know the truth about herself and wants to find herself. How will Auburn learn how to endear the truth? Will her mother be the same she once knew? Will she save people from odd dark magic?

Fantasy / Mystery
River Day
Age Rating:


Zion stepped on the dead leaves of the Blood Forest wearing a cloak over her head as the witches bowed to her knowing she was the most egregious queen. Around Zion were hundreds of witches who were the Venation Sisters and hundreds of male warlocks who were the Chilgrim Brothers. There stood in the middle was an African American woman rubbing her pregnant belly as a mischievous grin grew upon her face. Behind her was one of the witches who stood stiff as she looked around.

A warlock who came up to Zion. "Queen Zion she's here." The Warlock said.

Zion nodded. "Thank you, Brother Kai." Her eyes began to turn red as she smiled. Everyone around her became stiff as her veins were supple black when one of the trees turn to ashes. Then her eyes turn hazel. Zion darted towards the witch with sharp teeth. "Ah, Sister Maeve, where is she?"

Sister Maeve pointed over at Zion's shoulder, Zion then turned. "No no, please! Don't do this! Leave me alone!" Zion smiled as a witch and warlock both came up to Zion with a young woman. The young woman squirms as the witch and warlock hold onto her tightly.

"You guys can let go now, Sister Nova and Brother Luca." They both let go of the young woman as she fell to the ground.

"Mother, what is the meaning of this?" The young woman said.

Zion came up to her daughter and touched her face. The young woman screamed as Zion burned her with her fingertip. Zion released her hand and left burn marks while the young woman shuddered. The girl cried hysterically. Zion looked at the African American woman and told her to come here and the woman did what she was told.

Zion leaned closer to her daughter's face. "Don't fret, Mia." She smirked. "Your children and husband won't ever remember you once I'm done."

The African American woman looked at Mia and examined her. Her glowing skin, light green eyes, and jet-black hair made her look lovely. "Now, Mia, I know you've been through a lot and we need to make some sacrifices," Zion said.

Mia looked awestruck and then hissed. "You're evil! I am your daughter, you can't do this!"

Zion cackled. "Well, yes I can. I'm your mother." Her eyes suddenly darkened as she took out a yellow gem from her locket and held onto it tightly. "This won't hurt much darling, it will be like falling asleep knowing that you won't wake up anymore." Mia tried to pull back but Brother Lucas punched her in the stomach she groaned in pain. Mia saw on Zion's hands that the yellow gem broke into small pieces and floated over to Mia. The gem was now on Mia's face as if it burned her when she screamed in agony.

The small pieces of gem glowed so brightly that they suddenly pulled away bringing a spirit with them. Mia fell hard to the ground, Zion smiled at the spirit. The spirit looked around and saw her lifeless body on the ground, as she heard Zion cackling.

"It worked." Zion held out her hand and the gen floated to her palm and was placed back in its place - being a none broken gem. She looked over the woman. "Come!" She demanded.

The woman did what she was told. And went over to Zion. "Bend your head, Tiana." Tiana lowered her head as Zion put something around her neck. Tiana raised her head and then down, she saw a necklace wrapped around her neck was a white gem. Tiana then rubbed her pregnant belly as she felt a kick coming. Tiana saw Zion turn to spirit Mia as the white gem on Tiana's neck started to shake and Mia started to shake as well. Xion chanted words in Latin that Tiana couldn't understand. But, of course, she knew what was happening when the gem started to pull upbringing Tiana standing two feet away from the ground. The gem started to jerk back and forth as Mia came closer to Tiana. Zion was still chanting, of course, and the witches and warlocks joined in, as Mia got closer to Tiana. Zion's chants grew louder as Mia moved much closer to the African American their noses touched. Tiana's emerald eyes grew large as Zion chanted those final words, Mia went inside the gem and it went still, but Tiana then glowed as bright as the sun as the gem exploded into dust getting into Tiana's eyes as she screamed, but it wasn't her scream it was Mia's then Tiana fell to the ground. The scream stopped.

Tiana then stood and looked at Zion. "What now?"

"Now, is that you leave, transform and come back. We have so much more to plan." Zion said.


Tiana nodded and left the witches and warlocks. Tiana a caught glimpse of the gate out of the Blood Forest and walked over to her kingdom. The knights bowed to her and went back to their position. Tiana walked up the stairs and opened the door - The Queen heard quiet.

Everyone must be asleep. She thought. Tiana rubbed her belly and went upstairs. The Queen went to a room and found her 3-year-old daughter playing with her dolls. Tiana sighed. "Aaliyah, sweetie why aren't you in bed."

Liya looked up and frowned. "Sorry, Mama. Mila wanted to play." Tiana knew she was talking about her inner wolf Mila. She put her dolls on the side of her pillow and lay down. Tiana went up to her daughter and kissed her forehead. "Good night Liya and Mila." She turned off the lights and closed the door. Tiana went to her chamber and opened the door and found her husband asleep Tiana smiled. She went up to her closet and took out a white nightgown and gently placed it on the bed. She took off all her clothes and before she could put on her nightgown, her husband yawned and then opened his eyes. His eyes were wide and Tiana quickly put on her nightgown.

Tiana went up to her husband and kissed him firmly on the lips. They then departed and her husband rested his hands on her belly. "Are you feeling well?" He asked.

"Oh Naveen, you ask me that every single time we go to bed." Tiana looked over at Naveen who gave her a blank stare. "Yes, I am feeling well." She laughed. She went over to the side of the bed and before she could lay down, she felt something streaming down her legs and then let out a scream.

Tiana held her belly and screamed again her husband suddenly jerked his head up and a bright flash came as a young woman and young man appeared. The young woman had pale skin with dark brown eyes and chestnut-brown hair. The young man had dark skin with blue eyes, dark freckles around his face, and black tousled hair. Tiana and Naveen knew these two people - they were the Uncs.

"We heard a scream." The man said. The Uncs had very good hearing, they could hear from hundreds of miles away.

"Counsel Aurora, Counsel Quinn. What are you doing here? We wanted Counsel Ezra and Counsel Eliana."

"They had the stuff to do at the Magick Congress." Counsel Aurora said. "So they left us in charge. Unfortunately, Ivy Ambers has once again robbed over a dozen people." Ivy Ambers - a terrible thief who ran the Wares Territory.

Tiana screamed as Counsel Quinn came up to her and touched her forearm Tiana went silent. Naveen placed her on the bed as Counsel Aurora sat on the side of the bed and told Tiana to bend her knees upwards. "Oh my God! The baby's coming!" Naveen winced in pain as Tiana gripped his hand and Counsel Quinn was easing her pain.

"Okay, Tiana, this is the best time to push." Counsel Quinn said. Tiana pushed with all her might feeling sweat dripping down her forehead. "Come on, Tiana you can do it. I can see the head. "

Tiana pushed and pushed and pushed as she went silent and everyone went silent and then a cry came. Counsel Aurora came up to her and placed the baby in Tiana's arms as they all looked at the healthy baby girl. Tiana smiled and cried at the same time and examined her, glowing skin, small nose, all her fingers and toes, brown curly hair, and lastly her eyes. One eye was green and the other was hazel.

Counsel Quinn sighed. "Our job is done, now you must leave." Counsel Quinn and Counsel Aurora disappeared in a flash.

Tiana looked down at her baby and laughed. "Hi, Auburn, my precious baby." She said.

Naveen looked at his wife. "That's gonna be her name?"

Tiana nodded. "Yes, it's perfect. Hi Auburn Jayden Falls." Tiana raised from her bed and went out the door and down the hall. She passed the Trop Hall and saw a door at the end of the hall. Tiana opened the door and found a crib with stuffed animals. She placed Auburn in the crib and kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes.

Tiana then left the room and went to the Trop Hall passing several doors until she got to a huge door. She opened it and found a wooden chair and an open window, Tiana went up to the chair and sat down. Tiana sat up straight and changed into Mia. Glowing skin, light green eyes, and jet-black hair made her the perfect image. Tiana stood from her chair and screamed at top of her lungs until the walls started to crack. She went up to the open window and looked out into the world. Tiana then climbed out the window and fell into the night sky.


In a small room baby, Auburn cooed at the butterflies swarming around her. By the time her eyes became droopy Auburn slowly drifted to sleep.

When 5 years passed Auburn was showing off her wolf speed and she had her inner wolf name, Amara. She was only 5 years old but Aaliyah wanted to keep her safe. Aaliyah was in her room reading to her sister - Auburn always had a nightmares and Aaliyah read to her all the time. When Aaliyah and Auburn fell asleep a noise crashed through the hall.

Auburn was quickly awake when she heard the noise. Her inner wolf was scared as Auburn could smell danger. Auburn suddenly shook her sister and Liya groaned. "Liya! Liya, I and Amara heard someone in the hallway." Auburn whispered.

Liya sighed and stood from her bed. "Okay, I'll go check." Liya walked over to her door and opened and peeked out into the hall. She looked back and forth and even Mila sniffed the hallway, but there was no one. Liya's wolf Mila looked pissed because she woke up over nothing. Liya turns to Auburn and gave her a cold stare. "Nyx! There's no one there. Now let's go to sleep!"

Auburn froze as she saw a figure walking by the door, her eyes were wide and her mouth was open. She suddenly jumped and pointed out the hallway. "Liya! Liya! I saw it, I saw someone passing by!"


Before Liya could say anything Auburn ran out of the room using her wolf speed and dashed into the hall. Liya ran out to get her sister. She turned a corner and saw Auburn following the hooded cloak person as it walked fast.

Liya sensed something, but it wasn't on the tip of her tongue.

Liya stopped in her tracks and found herself in the Trop Hall, and saw Auburn looking right back at her - she found the hooded cloak person going inside a large door. Liya came up to her sister and rested her hands on her shoulders, Auburn looked back at her and slowly opened the door. Auburn and Liya saw only a wooden chair and an open window and the hooded cloak person.


The hooded cloak person removed its hood and Auburn saw that the person was a woman as she sat down on the chair and sat up straight. She glowed black as the woman transformed into someone else. Auburn screamed as the woman stood from her chair and looked toward the girls. Her eyes were wide as she ran out the window and fell into the night sky.

When they returned to their rooms, Auburn couldn't stop thinking about the hooded cloak woman. Her different color eyes darted from side to side. Amara whimpered as Auburn clenched the covers and fell asleep.

Throughout the years Auburn faces, she's about to tell you her own story.

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