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Chapter 1

The morning of June 12th had begun like any other day for Alyssa. She was going to meet Kyle, her boyfriend, and her best friend, Julia.
The three of them had spent weeks at Kyle's parents' cafe, raising money for tickets to their biggest music festival in town.
Alyssa picked up her phone and noticed a message from Kyle.
He had met Kyle in high school, and since then the two have been inseparable. They quickly became very good friends, and then their friendship turned into a two-year love affair. He decided to answer immediately, even though he had to prepare for the next day.

Kyle: Good morning, sun! Are you ready for a new day's work?

Alyssa: Morning! I'm ready, but the question is ... Is Julia?
Kyle: He's probably still sleeping! :))
Alyssa: I'll stop by and see you at the cafe <3

After getting dressed and having breakfast, Alyssa went straight to Julia's house, but something was wrong. The front door was open, one of the broken windows, and the living room looked as if someone had devastated it.
Julia's house was usually nicely arranged. She always had a vase of seasonal flowers on the coffee table, the books were arranged in alphabetical order, the walls were decorated with paintings painted by her.

- Julia?

Alyssa climbs the stairs and enters Julia's room. When she entered, the room was empty, but she was not as disturbed as the living room, a sign that whoever was there had not reached her room, then suddenly she heard the sound of footsteps and avoided herself just before Julia hit her with something. what looks like a mess.

- God, Alyssa! I'm glad it's you!

- Julia, what the hell is going on? Are you ok?

"I can't tell you what's going on, because I don't know either." Last night after you left me, I went straight to my room and around two in the morning I heard the front door. I went downstairs to see what was going on and woke up with a strange guy who attacked me. He kept saying a name ... but I forgot which ...

- How weird ... But are you okay? Why does your living room look like a tornado passed through it?

- Because that guy attacked me. He kept saying that name and I told him I didn't know anyone by that name. A..Ama..Amaya! This was. Look for someone named Amaya.

Alyssa sat on Julia's bedside and looked at her frightened friend. She remembered that her parents used to tell her a story about a princess named Amaya who was also a fighter. Fight to save his kingdom and family. It was as if life was unfolding before his eyes, or rather, in his mind.

- Julia, I think ... she's looking for me.

Julia set her down and sat down next to Alyssa.

- Here you go? But why?

- I do not know. But do you remember that I told you that my mother always told me a story about a knight princess? Her name was Amaya. It's too much of a coincidence.

- Because then they told you you were adopted?

- Exactly. They told me they changed my name from birth to protect me. Looks like someone found out the truth.

"It means you're not safe, Alyssa." We need to tell your people. They will know what to do.

Alyssa's heart began to pound. Something inside her was coming to life, but she didn't know what.
Her parents had adopted her since she was a baby. She did not know why her natural parents abandoned her or whether they gave her up for adoption because they knew she would be safe with another family, but she wanted to know the truth. It was time to find out if her life was a lie.


- Mom, we need to talk. It's important.

- What happens? Why are you so upset?

- Someone attacked Julia last night. And it looks like that person is looking for Amaya.

"Looks like I have a lot to explain, doesn't it?" I'll start with the beginning. Your parents were the rulers of a kingdom called Alderon. Vampires live there. I know it sounds out of the ordinary, but yes, there is. They are hidden from ordinary people because a thousand years ago people hated vampires.

"Does that mean my parents were vampires, too?"

- No, they were not. But they had other powers that you inherited. I'll explain this to you after I tell you about them. When your biological mother found out she was pregnant, the kingdom was under attack by a rival kingdom. Your mother decided to send you far away, that is, here in our world, and to find you an adoptive family. Your father and I were in the house when a little girl with a baby in her arms appeared out of nowhere and asked for our help.

"So you met my biological mother?"

- Yes. He told me that your name was Amaya and that I had to take good care of you because you were Alderon's only heiress. I changed your name to fit into the world of people. Now that you're twenty, you could officially become a leader.

- Me? Not! This can not be. What about the one who attacked Julia? Why was he looking for me?

"Your natural parents' rivals may have found out you're here, but they don't know who adopted you all these years." They are looking for you as I said, you are the only heiress and you have a power that they do not have.

After all the information she received, Alyssa didn't know what to think. To become the ruler of a kingdom she had never heard of? She could barely drive. However, someone was following in her footsteps and had to learn as much as she could about her family and the power she possessed.

- Mom, you have to tell me everything you know!
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