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Crimson Dawn

By dill2498 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Horror

Crimson Dawn

“Crimson Dawn”

In a small city called Bredon a girl named scarlet was celebrating her seventeenth birthday but the only thing on her mind was the violent memory of her mothers death on her tenth birthday. Scarlet lives with her father who was preparing a small cake for her special day knowing that all she could think about was how she watched her mother and his wife get ripped apart by a mysterious black figure. As scarlet walked downstairs into the kitchen her father greeted her with a cake yelling “Happy Birthday”. After scarlet and her father shared the cake for breakfast scarlet left for school. Scarlet was walking around the corner and was hit by a strange feeling that there was a sinister presence following behind her. Scared by the feeling scarlet ran around the corner where she came to a dead end. Scarlet looked for a way to get out but froze in fear after she turned round and met the eyes of a tall pale man. Scarlet could see the bloodlust in the man’s glowing red eyes. Scarlet felt the air around her get heavy as the man drew closer. Scarlet laid there on the ground helpless and afraid, she could see the mans deranged look as he got closer, with each step the man took scarlet wondered if he would the one to reunite her with her mother. All of a sudden a small black flame appeared on the ground in between her and the man. Scarlet watched as the flame grew bigger with each breath she took. A boy emerged from the now roaring fire. Scarlet could see that the boy had short gray hair and he looked to be about the same age as her. Scarlet noticed that the boy wore was wearing a red cloak with short sleeves and on his arm she saw a strange mark. Without having been there for longer than a minute scarlet watched as the gray haired boy charged toward the man with great speed, he moved faster than she had ever seen someone move before. In an instant the boy had ripped the man’s head off without any effort. Scarlet found the boys actions to be gruesome but there was a beauty to how he moved so gracefully. Quickly gaining her strength back scarlet tried to get up, but before she had a chance to move in the blink of an eye the boy was standing over her. Scarlet did not feel the same way she did when she looked into the boys eyes as when she did with the man. Scarlet knew that she was safe and could tell the boy had kind eyes. To scarlet’s surprise the boy had picked her up in his arms and carried her off with the same great speed she had seen before. By the time they had stopped moving and the boy had placed scarlet into a bed she realized that she was in her own bedroom. The boy placed his hand on scarlet’s head saying, “ I am sorry for what you have been through on this day but you will not have to worry about being in danger ever again”. The boy then burst into black flames and vanished. The next morning scarlet woke up feeling a way she had never felt before, for once in her life she felt like there was hope for her and that life was worth living. Scarlet went along with her morning like it was any other day. She went downstairs and her father had cooker her usual blueberry pancakes and bacon. After eating her breakfast scarlet said goodbye to her father and left to go to the park so she could be alone to process the previous days events. Once scarlet had arrived at the park she found a bench under a large tree that was secluded from the rest of the park. While getting deep into thought about yesterdays events scarlet felt a burning feeling on her wrist and when she lifted her sleeve she saw the same strange mark that the gray haired boy had on his arm had began to carve itself into her skin. With a burst of black flames the gray haired boy had appeared in front of her. Excitedly scarlet ran over to him with her heart beating fast. “Hello he said it is good to see that you are doing well”. Scarlet began to blush as the words he spoke left his lips and pierced her heart. The boy then spoke saying “ I am sorry I could not properly introduce myself before but the circumstances were not well, anyways my name is Tristan I am a vampire from another world called Alclein and I was sent to the world of the living to be your loyal guardian”. Confused by what Tristan had told her scarlet asked him why the strange mark had appeared on her wrist. Tristan explained that the mark was used to connect a guardian to a human through a process called soul link so a guardian can feel when their human is in danger. Tristan then began to tell scarlet about a personal matter having to do with the death of her mother. He told her that her mother was killed by her own guardian who had gone rogue. Still confused by everything Tristan was saying scarlet asked him where she could find the rogue guardian. Tristan quickly responded to her question saying, “When a guardian drinks the blood of someone they have been soul linked to they destroy the connection between them and their human. Once the connection between a guardian and a human has been broken the guardian then becomes an emotionless killing machine called a desolate and that is why I cannot allow you to try and seek out your mothers killer”. Scarlet became enraged by Tristan’s response and started to question him on why he couldn’t turn her into a vampire so she could become strong enough to the desolate herself. Tristan told her that he could never do such a thing because in his world it is a crime to turn a human who has not been chosen by the elder guardians into a vampire. Scarlet accepted the fact that becoming a vampire was impossible but then asked Tristan if he would take her to his world so they could hunt down and kill the desolate together. Tristan nodded in agreement but warned scarlet that their journey would be dangerous and that if the elders found out that a human had entered Alclein with the help of a guardian that the both of them would be captured and sent to an execution ceremony. Scarlet knew the risks of the journey but knew that her mother needed to be avenged even if it meant giving up her own life. As night fell and the moon began to rise Tristan told scarlet to go home and be with her father for one last night because by the time the sun comes up the next day he will come for her. Scarlet watched as Tristan’s eyes began to glow bright red and in a burst of the same black flames she had seen before he was gone. Scarlet giggled a bit at the thought of why out of everyone on earth she was chosen for all of this to happen to. Quickly dismissing her thoughts scarlet started walking home. When scarlet got home her father rushed down the stairs and took her in his arms telling her to never leave and not let him know where she was going again. Tears started rolling down scarlet’s face as she thought about how this could possibly be the last time she would see her father again. Scarlet’s father asked her why she was crying and scarlet told him that she was sorry for worrying him and that everything was going to be okay. After talking to her father scarlet went to her room and crawled into bed falling asleep instantly. The next morning scarlet woke up feeling confident about her upcoming journey. While getting dressed scarlet started wondering what she was going to tell her father about where she was going. Scarlet was deep in thought when a noise outside her window frightened her and was shocked to see Tristan climbing through it. Tristan stood up and greeted scarlet telling her he was glad to see that she was ready. Trying to lighten the mood scarlet smiled at Tristan and said, “how come you came through the window are you all out of fireworks?” Not amused by scarlet’s comment Tristan gave her a dour look and told her that this is no time for foolish witticisms, we must figure out how to protect your father from being traced back to you and killed by the elder’s orders. After a while of thinking about a plan Tristan explained to scarlet that he could use his guardian power called haze which is a type of enchantment used to put the victim into a sort of dream state. Scarlet agreed to let Tristan use the enchantment once he had reassured her that it could not hurt her father. Scarlet and Tristan made their way down the hall and into scarlet’s father’s bedroom where they found him in bed still asleep. Tristan made his way over to the side of the bed placing his hand over scarlet’s father’s head and with a flash of purple light her father’s body became engulfed in the purple light. Tristan looked up at scarlet and told her that the enchantment was done and that it was time to move out. Tristan walked over to scarlet and told her to take his hand, scarlet grabbed is hand and black flames immediately surrounded them. Once the flames had swallowed them scarlet wrapped her arms around Tristan’s waist in fear of being burned. But before she even noticed that the fire had disappeared they had been transported to Tristan’s home world of Alclein. Scarlet was shocked by how beautiful Alclein was but she knew that this world was dangerous and that the countless number of elegant castles could not cover up the evil that was in Alclein.

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