My Appsalootly Batty Life

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I'm Violet, and my life is absolutely batty! Violet Batt tells the story of how she came to love a man named David.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Hello world, my name is Violet, of course. You may not know me so I think I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I am ten years old and a 5th grader at SunnyVille Elementary in SunnyVille California.
I’ve always been interested in how writing a story works. Even when I was learning to read I always wanted to know how the smallest change could change the course of a story. I found that every little bit of information is important. Because of my interest in writing, I’ve decided to write my own story about my own life.

My story begins here and now, at school. It is Tuesday and tomorrow is Halloween. My classmates and I are all so very excited because today we get to go on a field trip! You don’t know my classmates so I’ll tell you who they are. First, there is my twin brother named Voice; he doesn’t really talk that much. Then there are Ashley and Austie, Becky and Boston, and Cassy and Christafur. There really aren’t very many of us in the class, but I think it is better that way.

The second bell rings and our teacher Mrs. Smills, who we call Mrs. Smiles, goes to the front of the room.

“Good morning, students! How are all of you?” Mrs. Smiles asks.

The majority of us say we are doing well. Christafur, however, freaks out and falls out of his chair. He is afraid of pretty much everything. Even the classroom door scares him!

“So, you all know we are going on a field trip, right? We are going to go to the woods after dark to learn more about bats!” Mrs. Smiles says.

Becky raises her hand and wiggles it about as though she is on fire.

“Yes, Becky?” Mrs. Smiles asks.

“Won’t there be vampires in the woods?” Becky asks.

Mrs. Smiles opens her mouth to say something, but before she can, Christafur freaks out and runs crying out the classroom door. Cassy goes and retrieves her brother and returns in time to hear the teacher’s response.

“No, there are no vampires in the woods. Just bats. Vampires do not exist,” Mrs. Smiles says, smiling reassuringly.

Christafur calms down a bit, that is, until Boston has input.

“I’m pretty sure there are vampires in those woods. What else could be the cause of the sudden disappearance of that David Batt boy?” Boston asks.

David Batt is the name of my best friend. I can’t believe he’s gone missing. Worse, Boston believes a vampire got him. No one can replace David, he’s really special. Christafur’s shrill squeak of fear shakes me back to reality.

“Boston, I’d appreciate it if you could stop making up stories to scare Christafur. We all know what happens when he gets scared,” Mrs. Smiles says.

“I’m only telling the truth...” Boston mumbles.

Mrs. Smiles shakes her head and smiles at us again repeating, “Just bats.”

Mrs. Smiles then proceeds to teaching us. She really is a great teacher; however, I can’t help thinking, ‘What if vampires are real?’

We finish school and later (around sunset) we head to the woods with our teacher. Christafur is carrying a lot of different things with him; A few cloves of garlic, a wooden stake he took from the tents, a cross necklace, and a little spray bottle that probably won’t do him any good.

“Christafur, please put that crazy stuff away in your tent... There is nothing to be afraid of, vampires don’t exist!” Mrs. Smiles says.

Christafur clings onto his stuff harder, especially the little squirt bottle. Cassy takes the stuff from him and he accidentally pees on himself.

“’S’okay, I brought extra. Go change,” Voice says quietly.

Christafur blushes in embarrassment and goes to change. He returns a few minutes later.

“Kids, I’m a bit tired... Take my camera. It can take good pictures even in the dark,” Mrs. Smiles says.

She hands the fancy camera to Christafur just to give him something to hold onto rather than his garlic cloves. She smiles and retreats to her tent. With that, my class and I venture into the woods. It is now twilight and so the sun is mostly gone.

We don’t find anything at first. We just wander about aimlessly. Whenever Christafur snaps a picture, I know it is just because he is frightened.

“Hey, Christafur... Do you mind if I borrow that camera real quick?” I whisper to him.

His already wide eyes widen more, but he allows me to take the camera. I aim it at a tree where I think I see something. In fact, I know something is there. There is a dandelion gold bat in the tree. I snap the picture, but it does not show up. I quickly try to hide the picture, but it is too late. Christafur bursts out screaming really loud which freaks the whole group out. Then out from the tree flies the vampire bat. It goes after Christafur first so I try to rescue him. However, I feel a sharp pain and collapse onto the ground. Everything goes black.

Okay, so the weirdest thing happened and it took me awhile to find my journal so I couldn’t write this as it happened. So I found myself to be buried underneath a layer of leaves and when I pulled myself out, everybody was gone. My neck was hurting a lot and I couldn’t figure out why. Being all alone, I wandered back to the campsite where I found everything to be gone.

“The police took the tents, but I didn’t let them find you,” a voice called out.

So I turned to see who it was and found myself looking at a dandelion gold bat. He smiled a bit and I was nervous. I mean, how often does one encounter a talking animal?

“H-hi...?” I said.

“I’ve been waiting for you... Ten years I’ve waited...” the bat said.

“Ten years...? What do you mean...? I am only ten years old...” I said.

He shook his head and said, “No... You were ten years old ten years ago. That makes you twenty...”

“And how would you know? You’re a bat,” I answered.

“I know you... Violet...” the bat said.

“I don’t know you... I’ve never met a talking bat before,” I said.

“Well, you have now,” the bat said.

“Have you seen a journal lying about...? I seem to have lost it...” I said.

“Journal... Yes! I have seen one!” he said.

“Can you please take me to it?” I asked.

“If that is what you wish... Follow me!” he said before flying into the woods.

I followed him as quickly as I could and he led me to a tree stump with my journal resting on top of it.

“Hope you don’t mind... I’ve been reading your journal,” the bat said.

“Okay, I was going to turn it into a story anyways,” I said.

“Very nice. You must love that David Batt person,” the bat said with a wink.

And that is how I got my journal back. I am sitting on the tree stump writing out what happened. The bat I mentioned is flying near me. I honestly don’t know how I am so good at writing in the dark.

“So...” I hear the bat say after awhile of silence, “I bet you wonder who I am.”

“Yeah, to be honest... You seem to know so much about me,” I answer.

“If I transform, I’m sure you will recognize me right away,” the bat said.

“Transform? What do you mean?” I ask.

“I am a vampire, I have two forms. The one you see now, and the one you are about to see,” the bat explains.

In a glittering flash, the bat transforms into a human. A young man with a cape drapes over his shoulders that has been tied in the front. He has perfect dark skin, skinny aside from his muscles, and short curly dark hair. I take one look into his perfect brown eyes and I remember.

“David!” I squeal.

I get up and hug him tightly. He hugs me back and allows me to cry all over his shoulder.

“Violet... I missed you so much...” David whispers.

“I missed you too, David! But... If you’re a vampire... Does that mean that Brandon’s story is true...?” I ask.

“Yeah... I got attacked... Just like you,” David said.

“What do you mean?” I ask. A sharp pain hits my neck again.

“You are a vampire now, too,” David says.

“Oh dear...” I say.

“It’s alright though... We’ll be fine...” David said.

“We’re dead...” I whisper.

“Undead. Kind of like a zombie, but not,” David says.

“Do I get a cape like you?” I ask.

“Yep, I made you one while you were sleeping. I didn’t want to watch you sleep the whole ten years, that’d be creepy and weird,” David says.

“Thanks,” I say.

He transforms into a bat and flies off. He returns moments later holding a cape. He attaches it to me and smiles.

“You look good in a cape,” he says.

“You do too!” I say.

“So... Now that you are a vampire, what would you like to do?” David asks.

“Find my friends... Where are they anyways?” I ask.

“Your friends? They are down in a clearing. The quickest way to get there is to fly. I can teach you how to fly like a bat,” David says.

“Okay,” I say and the training begins.

The first few times I tried, I hit the ground right away. After a bit of help from David, I got better. I started flying and hitting into the trees before hitting the ground. Honestly, though, I got better. We kept practicing until the break of dawn. At that point, we flew and hid in a very small cave to get out of the sun.

The next night comes and we finally make our way to the clearing my friends are at.

“Here’s a tip, Violet, try flapping your wings faster than you fly. It will help keep you balanced,” David says as we are flying.

It feels a little weird at first to be flapping my wings so quickly, but I get used to it. David winks and we swoop down to the clearing. In the trees, there are a few other bats playing around. The fern green bat noticed us first and soon they are all watching us.

“I’m back, guys!” I say.

“Violet, I’m glad to see you are alright... But what are you doing with him?” Brandon asks.

“What do you mean? There is nothing wrong with him!” I say.

“Isn’t he the bat that killed us all?” Brandon asks.

The rest of the group gasps and David flinches.

“Why would you want to hang around someone so dangerous?” Becky asks. She looks horrified.

I open my mouth to reply, but they all fly away, except for David. I turn slowly to face him. He looks very sad.

“David... Is it true...? You killed us...?” I ask.

“Uh... Well... You see... I just wanted my friends back... I didn’t want to live forever without you...” David says, “But... Your friends are right... You’ll be safer away from me...”

With that, David Batt flies away into the darkness. Now I am all alone. Even Voice left me. I honestly didn’t mean to upset David. I need to get him back some how... How though...? I sigh and fly away.

I searched many nights for my David, only stopping when the sun was out. I couldn’t find him no matter how hard I tried. I perch on a rock on top of a cliff and relax my wings a bit. My ears twitch a little and I remember something very important. Bats have very great sense of hearing.

“David! Where are you?!” I cry out.

“Why does it matter?” David replies.

“Because, I need you!” I reply back.

“Why do you need me?” David asks.

“Because... I love you so much...” I reply.

I got a reply back, but it wasn’t from David. It was from my brother.

“Violet? Who are you talking to?” Voice asks.

“Not you,” I reply.

Everything falls silent. I sit on the rock all by myself. Minutes pass and I sense a presence behind me. I turn and see the dandelion gold bat perched on my rock directly behind me.

“You love me?” David asks.

“I do! I love you so much!” I cry out.

“I love you too, Violet... I never wanted to hurt you... I just want to be with you...” David says.

He kisses me on the lips and I faint, he catches me. Awhile later, I regain consciousness and find Ashley fluttering about over me.

“Violet! Did he hurt you?! Did he kill you?! Did he suck all the blood out of you?! Are you dead?!” Ashley asks.

“Ashley, give her some space...” Austie says, gently pushing his sister out of the way.

“Where’s David?” I ask.

“Over there, with your brother,” Austie says, pointing a wing in the direction they are at.

I look over and see David has a black eye and Voice looks very angry.

“Voice, I didn’t hurt your sister... She fainted, that’s all,” David says.

“Oh...” Voice says.

“Please forgive me...” David says.

“I’m sorry for giving you a black eye...” Voice says.

“That’s alright,” David says.

I fly over there and Voice backs away.

“What happened...?” I ask.

“Nothing... Say, Violet, I have somewhere I want to take you. Will you fly with me?” David asks.

“Of course I will!” I say.

David smiles and transforms into a bat. I fly with him. He takes me to a tree far away and we sit on a branch that hangs out over a valley. Within the valley, as far as I can see, there are tons of violets in bloom. Even though violets usually don’t have very much scent, these ones smelled so good.

“This, is Violet Valley... The most beautiful place on Earth,” David says.

“Woah!” I say.

“And look, the moon is full... And the stars are very bright,” David says.

“What’s that near the moon?” I ask, pointing up at the moon.

Next to the moon was a line of five spheres like planets. However, planets don’t orbit moons; they orbit suns...

“I have no idea... Don’t worry about it,” David says.

“David, I hear you are very good at singing. Can you sing me a song?” I ask.

“Of course, Violet. I can sing very well. Listen. Fly like a bat underneath the full moon,
fly like a bat through the glistening stars,
fly like a bat for me my dear,
fly like a bat tonight,
fly like a bat tomorrow too,
fly like a bat through the midnight air,
fly like a bat until the moon sets,
fly like a bat until the sun rises,
fly like a bat until the night time ends,
fly like a bat until the morning begins,
fly like a bat forevermore,
fly like a bat,
fly like a bat,
fly like a bat always,
always,” David sings.

The wind blows gently, guiding the floral scent to our noses. There is only one word that can describe my current feelings, love.

“Violet, will you marry me?” David asks, breaking the silence.

“Yes, David! I will marry you!” I say.

I hug him and kiss him on the lips. Love.

The rest of the group finally arrives and finds us in the tree together.

“You guys are absolutely batty!” Brandon says.

“That’s a good thing,” I whisper.

“V-Violet... Where are we going to live...? Our parents know we died...” Christafur says.

I look at him and then look at David.

“I say we live here in Violet Valley. It’s perfect. There is a beautiful waterfall that provides fresh water when we need it, and a large cave we can sleep in, and I hear there is a lot of fruit trees down there too so we’ll never go hungry! Ah, if only they had chocolate pudding... That would be wonderful...” David says.

“We’ll find a way,” I say.

“Thank you, Violet,” David says.

We all fly down to Violet Valley and it is just as wonderful as we expected. So we move in and live happily ever after.

The End

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