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Shadow's Turnt to light

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Shadow's turnt to light is about Izzy living in the shadows of her pack due to being abused by the Alpha heir and her brother the beta. Upon finding out her mate is one of her abusers she knew her life would be hell, the Alpha heir humiliates and rejects her to later have her locked away while her torments and mates another. upon the Alpha heirs ceremony of marking his Luna he marks another which allows harsh truths and possibly another mate for little Izzy to step in.

Fantasy / Romance
karenann gray
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Izzy only has her brother Paul after loosing their parents in a rouge attack, at the time she was 5 years old and her brother was 15 years old, he had made a promise to always look out for her and protect her. Izzy looked up to Paul greatly when she turnt 13 years old and she met her wolf snow things changed for her, the ever so loving brother became the monster of nightmares overnight, poor Izzy left clueless as to why he had changed.

As the years went by her brother hurting her everytime he had a bad day, Izzy started to distance herself from her friends at school and other pack members. Poor Izzy started living in the shadow’s of all those around her praying to the moon goddess it will stay that way.

Two days before her 18th birthday Izzy had felt a feeling of foreboding, she knew her brother had Malcom on his side as it was the young alpha heir that ordered her to never shift into her wolf snow unless training or rouge attacks. She is painfully aware though that the current alpha and Luna know none of what is going on, she wished to tell them but felt it would be safest to remain silent not wanting to anger the Luna or alpha.

On her 18th birthday Malcom scents her as his true mate, and poor Izzy knew he would be disappointed. So when he cruelly rejects her and humiliates her in front of the whole school it did not come as a surprise. What did surprise her was when her brother and Malcom in the middle of the night grabbing her cruelly and taking her to the cells, they didn’t say what she had done or why, she was sat with a gag in her mouth, silver chains attached to the middle of the floor, foul smells filling the air, she lost count how long she stayed here and could feel everytime he was with another she-wolf.

Her sobs would fill the air but no one seemed to care, the alpha heir brought food every 3 days just to keep her alive. Her brother would visit to in act his torture, leaving Izzy to slowly start wasting away in her grief, darkness tormenting her, she often wondered if the alpha and Luna had sanctioned this and decided they most of or she wouldn’t be here.

Just as Izzy had given up hope of a better life away from her tormenters, in walked the alpha and Luna with a tall handsome alpha from another pack, terrified still feeling the agony of her mate Mark another she curled up in a ball whimpering and apologizing over and over again. Hearing how baffled the alpha and Luna were with what was going on, they looked upon the sweet Izzy horrified and even more baffled when she couldn’t tell them why she was in the cells and who her mate was. It was the visiting alpha who quickly realized she was ordered to not tell anyone, leaving him to tell the alpha and Luna it was a command keeping her from tell them further surprising them.

The alpha and Luna told Izzy to accept the rejection to save herself from the pain, which lead to further shock when she does and it is their sons name she spoke out. Breaking the Luna and alphas hearts seeing their son had been so cruel to such a kind hearted young girl.

Shortly after their further stunned when Dominic claims Izzy but poor Izzy became more terrified. Dominic was furious at the treatment his mate had to endure, he vowed to help her and stand by her side to bring her into the light once more. To show how proud he was to be her mate, and would do anything to make her smile and see her happy but is it even Possible, after all she has spent so long living in the shadows in fear of what fresh hell will be rained down on her...........

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