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My Orphan Mate

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Chapter Two


Two years after being left with no other option than to accept Alpha Gabriel's offer, I found myself huffing as I was wiping the dirty cloth against the window. In the distance, I had a clear view of the popular three sisters that also resided in the Alpha residency.

With every cell in my body, I remained composed and fought the urge to roll my eyes when I witnessed Jasmine's arm slide up Gabriel's arm slowly. A grin morphed across the red head as her head dipped in my direction, an evil gaze sweeping across her face. Despite the distance and window shielding me from the eldest sister, I felt a shiver surge through my body, causing me to wipe the already-clean window much harder.

Just like that, Jasmine's gaze was back on Gabriel whom was showing the girls how to swing a golf stick. Every Tuesday afternoon, Gabriel would take the girls to show off his golf skills, which did not interest me in the slightest. He had quickly came to the realisation, and decided that I could stay at the pack house during this time.

According to the Alpha, living in the pack house was being at the front line of the pack and the girls living there were going to help me navigate my way around. The only thing that I had learned whilst living in the pack house was how sly and unfair the girls could be.

They grew up working for Gabriel and his family. And, for me to suddenly appear, it must have been a shock to them. I was under the impression that they thought Gabriel would make one of them the Luna. They thought it was unfair when I was not destined for him, and I didn't particularly disagree but it was my only token to remain in the pack.

For some reason, I was under the impression that I could find a way out of this mess before I had to be claimed as the Luna. It didn't feel right and after living under Gabriel's wing for two years, I had come to the realisation that this was not right. Perhaps, leaving the pack was not as terrifying as I was telling myself.

Then I remembered Gabriel filling my head with the dangers of Rogues being attacked on the outskirts of our lands because of our neighbouring pack that quite literally hated our guts. They were the enemy. Leaving this pack meant death for me. The option wasn't much better than the one I had chosen.

I must have been lost in thoughts, because a loud commotion downstairs brought me back to reality, and the golf course in the distance was now abandoned. Much to my disappointment, Gabriel's voice calling my name confirmed that he was back inside, ready to churn my stomach.

When I heard Gabriel call for my name, I thought I had just imagined it. But when his voice boomed through the entire house for a second time, I quickly scurried away from the window towards the stairs.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, my eyes immediately zoned in on the tall male. He was dressed in a black suit. Gabriel was a very good looking man, and I was sure any woman felt lucky to be near him. I just wished he had found his mate, so he could stop bothering me.

Frankly, I didn't understand why he had given me that ultimatum two years ago. It hardly made sense since he wasn't that lenient with other orphans in the pack.

"Ah, Lyra," his voice brought me back to reality when he noticed me. "There you are, my love."

He stalked towards me in a hurry and roughly pulled me in to him.

"I missed you," he muttered, making me cringe inwardly. "You never let my show you my skills."

Being around Gabriel made me nervous, and not in a good way. He intimidated me and had made his authority clear when I first moved here two years ago. He wanted me to be his under every circumstance.

Lucky for me, he had given me enough freedom until I had turned eighteen. Now that I was eighteen, I knew things would be different. I wanted to avoid him at all costs. The other girls called me ungrateful, but it was wrong. I no longer wanted to be his Luna. I wanted to leave the pack.

We weren't mates. Gabriel refused to accept that, and fought with anyone who told him otherwise.

"My Luna?"

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I forced myself to speak. "You know I don't do sports."

Gabriel's laughter echoed through the entire room as his grip on me tightened, pulling me towards him further.

"You never give me a chance," he complained in between his fake laughter.

I pressed my lips together, not wanting to say something to upset him as recently everything that exited my mouth seemed to hit a nerve on this man. For once in my life, I sighed in relief when Jasmine's voice broke our embrace apart. Gabriel was never affectionate around the girl, which I always found slightly odd. If he was interested in her, why did he have to force me to be with him?

"Lyra, your room," Jasmine ordered, making me roll my eyes.

"She is not going anywhere," Gabriel challenged, cocking a brow at the female standing opposite us.

"Is that so, Gabe?"

Gabriel squinted his eyes at her, before clenching his jaw. His head dipped in my direction, before he ushered, "Now, Lyra. Head upstairs, I will be expecting you tomorrow. Prepared and ready."

"Prepared and ready for what?" I questioned, feeling slightly concerned, as my gaze switched between the Alpha and his muse.

Jasmine ignored me completely, a serious look coating her face. She looked ready to jump on Gabriel as the man continued to instruct. She was not happy in the least, and I understood her stance as soon as Gabriel's words registered.

"You're mine," he spat, his eyes never leaving mine. "You made the decision to be my Luna, and that's what you will be."

A whimper escaped my lips. "But we aren't mates."

His brows furrowed in frustration. "I follow through with my decisions, and as my Luna, I expect you to as well."

I had fought this conversation many times and had convinced myself that Gabriel was not going to claim me as his, especially since he has Jasmine. But now, the fact that he is telling me this in front of her, that completely stunned me.

"Don't do this," I heard Jasmine whisper, her voice harsh and low.

"Stay out of this," Gabriel spat at her, his gaze never leaving mine. "Lyra, the girls here would die for your position. Do not be ungrateful. I will see you tomorrow."

"What's happening tomorrow?" I asked in utter shock.

He heaved a sigh. "As promised, you are eighteen now. The pack will officially meet their Luna."

At his words, panic took over. My eyes widened in shock. These were words that I had never heard from him. I had manage to delay this moment, but it was finally catching up to me.

"I'm not ready," I urged, shaking my head in his hands.

"I sure am," he argued. "I have everything prepared. Jas, here, will help you if you need anything in the meantime."

My brows knitted together at his words. I felt too shocked to even react to his words. They meant nothing to me. I felt sick. All I could do was stare at him, dumbfounded. My gaze travelled to Jasmine for a brief second, questioning their relationship. The red head's eyes were black, almost as if she was ready to shift and attack both the Alpha and me.

Before either of us could argue or react, the Alpha left with a smirk plastered on his face.

"You will pay for this," Jasmine threatened, before she growled loudly and left me abandoned on the staircase.

The sobs that I had held back for so many months finally escaped my mouth and I dropped to my knees. My dream of leaving the pack and finding my mate was completely shattered. I had only turned eighteen a few days ago, and yet to receive my Wolf.

She would be turning up at any point now. Marrying the Alpha that I was not mated to was defeating the whole purpose of mates.

I shouldn't have been shocked when I had entered the pack house knowing Alpha Gabriel wanted me to be his, but the sudden realisation and the reality of the situation frightened me.

It baffled me that Gabriel wanted me as his Luna. What about Jasmine? Everyone thought she was his actual mate.

I lost track of time and wasn't sure how long I stayed on the ground. But when my bones started to radiate pain throughout my body, I trudged towards my bedroom and dumped myself on the bed, not caring to change.

That night, I fell asleep quickly but my sleep was interrupted when I had a nightmare about my mother. The dream was disturbing and prevented me from being able to sleep again. I decided to go for a run in the early hours of the morning to calm myself down.

For some reason, I was more worked up than any other time. My body was hot and sweaty.

Despite my body temperature, I needed the run. The thought of the day ahead caused a surge of anxiety to run through my body. The feeling radiating through my body made me run harder and faster. I wanted to sweat all my problems away.

My legs were burning from the speed and power. But that didn't stop me. The more I ran, the worse I felt. Strong, painful electrical currents shot through my body. The currents made me scream out in pain as I slowed my pace. I couldn't comprehend what was happening until realisation hit me.

I cried out in pain as the burning sensation that I had felt multiplied, and soon enough the sounds of my bones breaking rang in my ears. Within a few minutes, I had turned in to a white furry Wolf, with brown streaks dispersed throughout the fur. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement. I was stunned as I took in the shredded pieces of fabric on the ground.

My Wolf was beautiful, and I was surprised at the way my ears perked up, and how much clearer my vision seemed. It felt odd at first to know I had someone else with me now constantly, but the thought was comforting since I had been alone for a while now.

After what seemed like hours, my Wolf urged for us to head back.

I let my Wolf carry us as we ran back to the house. It felt weird to run in my wolf form, with my bones aching from how weak they were, but with each stride they grew stronger. Now that I had received my Wolf, I was silently praying that I would find my mate before I became Gabriel's Luna.

But the chances of that were slim.

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