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My Eternal Mate

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Chapter Two


"God, you are so beautiful, Lyra," Alexander murmured, his thumb grazing against my cheek, lighting a fire beneath his touch.

We were still in the empty room on the first floor in the pack venue. This seemed to have become our usual spot at gatherings. Alexander couldn't contain himself, but I also couldn't blame him alone. I had it for him just as bad.

"You're not too bad yourself," I replied to my mate after straightening my dress, smiling up at him.

Alexander's eyes scanned my face, his thumb moving slowly against my skin. He was admiring me completely. I could feel my cheeks starting to burn up with how intense his blue ocean eyes were boring in to mine.

"I love you," he told me, his voice husky and hard. "I will love you in every life time that exists out there. Baby, it will always be you."

My heart melted at his words, and I could feel tears prickle at my eyes.

"You're going to make me cry," I cried, fanning my face quickly in hope that the cold breeze would frighten the tears away.

Alexander chuckled, before he pecked at my forehead. "Now, that is not something I want you to do today," he stated, before rubbing at my cheeks lightly. "It is probably a good idea to head back to our wedding celebrations."

As if he had summoned one of the guests, a loud knock had me yelping in my mate's arms. Alexander growled, his eyes dark as he attended to the person at the door.

"I knew I would find you both here," Ava's voice echoed throughout the dark room. "You best not have messed her hair and make up up"

Alexander heaved a loud sigh before he held the door open widely for the auburn haired girl to get a glimpse of my state.

Giving her a weak smile, I glanced at my best friend in embarrassment. "Give us a few more minutes, will you?"

Ava arched a brow accusingly, before she crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at Alexander.

"Five minutes," she agreed, before she muttered something under her breath and evacuated.

Alexander closed the door shut before he leaned against it and raised a brow. "Remind me again why I allowed her in to this pack?"

I rolled my eyes and strutted until I was right before him. "Because Ava is amazing and she makes a great addition to our pack," I told him, sternly.

My mate grinned, and he snaked his arms around my waist to bring me insanely close to him. "I like it when you speak like that," he murmured, his lips incredibly close to mine.

"Like what?"

Alexander smirked, his eyes on my lips. "Like a true Luna."

And just like that, he had me turned and pinned up against the door. His hands roamed down my sides and his tongue licked at my lips. He kissed me for a good few minutes, almost making me want to beg for him all over again before he pulled back, panting loud.

"As much as I want to go for round two," Alexander huskily told me, his lips inches from mine. "I can already hear the red head making her way up here again."

I chuckled softly before I pecked his lips a couple of more time. "I love you," I told him between the kisses.

Alexander's grip on my waist tightened. "Don't worry, baby. We will finish this in style later."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "In style, you mean on the plane?"

My mate shrugged, a sly grin on his face. "Precisely," he replied, cockily. "How often do I get to fuck you whilst flying in the air?"

I gaped at his bluntness, before I burst out laughing. "Let's just handle the party first, okay?"

Alexander grinned but pulled me to him, placing a couple of kisses on my face before he tugged at my hand and guided me back to the party.

"Congratulations," Matteo said, the second we ran in to him after joining the party.

Embracing the boy quickly, I thanked him before my eyes turned to Ava.

"So, tell me everything," I screeched.

"Tell you what?"

I gaped at her. "I spoke to you yesterday, you said you were in Italy," I reminded her. "How the heck did you get the chance to fly back and arrive on time today?"

The girl shrugged, chewing on the starter that she had just shoved in her mouth. Licking at her finger, she grabbed a handkerchief before turning her gaze back on me.

"Matteo has a lot of connections," she commented, grinning at her mate. "That's how he hooked your mate up too. Top service. Not to mention how big the cabin crew area is, if you know what I mean."

My mate chuckled by my side, but I only narrowed my eyes at Ava. I had no clue what she was talking about and before I could ask her to elaborate, Jaxon and Evan joined us, with little Luca waddling behind them.

"Hello, my little man," I cooed to little Luca, crouching down to the floor, as I watched him stretch his arms out to embrace me.

I chuckled softly as I took him in my arms, smelling the coconut on his hair. He was just too adorable, and the thought of having my own pup suddenly caused my heart to sink.

My smile faded and tears flooded my eyes, but I remained completely still to try and get my emotions to subside. This was not the time to dwell on what happened a year ago.

Alexander must have sensed my sadness, because he tore Luca out of my arms and guided the boy away, playing with him.

He glanced back at me briefly, catching a glimpse of my state.

'It's okay. Baby, you're okay. Breathe.'

Smiling, I exhaled a sharp breath before I pulled myself back up. Jaxon tugged at my hand without warning and guided me to the dance floor.

"First dance has to be with me," he said, a smirk playing on his lips. "What do they call it again? Father and daughter dance?"

I raised a brow at him, crossing my arms. "Father? Seriously? You're doing too much now, Jax."

Jaxon chuckled loudly, before he wrapped his arms around me and began moving us to the beat playing in the background.

"Congratulations, Lyr," he said, after he had composed himself. "You've been through a lot, and I hope the honeymoon will be a time for you to completely relax."

I smiled up at him, meeting his emerald green eyes. "What would I do without you?"

Jaxon grinned sheepishly. "I must admit, I never get tired of hearing that even if I hear it all the time."

I rolled my eyes but continued to move with him. Jaxon was always so playful, he hardly took anything serious. I was so grateful for him, and extremely happy to know Evan made him very happy.

"Is this a decent time to steal my man back?" the devil in question beamed as he approached us.

I smiled at Evan, eyeing his arms around his mate that already told me he didn't care for my answer since he was already claiming his mate back.

"He's all yours," I told the boy, pulling away from Jaxon to attend back to my group of friends.

I was surprised to find my group of friends absent from their previous position. Ava and Matteo were nowhere in sight, making me narrow my eyes and question where they were.

Zynthéa and Dyami were on the dance floor, dancing intimately to the classical music in the background.

Alexander and Luca were nowhere in sight, that was until my wolf purred and I decided to let her lead me to our mate.

Holding my dress up to not trip on it, I slowly approached the glass doors leading out to the grass field that overlooked the river ahead. When my eyes caught the scene ahead of me, I felt my heart jump in my chest.

Alexander was holding Luca in his arms, pointing to the water in the distance as he explained something to the little pup.

Tears accumulated in my eyes at the sight before me. Alexander would have made such an amazing father that the thought alone was making me want to cry out in pain of what could have been.

Holding on to the door, I steadied myself as I could feel myself weaken from the thought. Even though, I had lost the pup a year ago, the thought still crossed my mind now and then, and I felt heartbroken all over again.

"Are you alright?" a husky, unfamiliar voice asked, making me turn back to glance at the stranger.

My eyes were met with a pair of very sea blue ones, currently glancing at me with full intensity. He stood a lot taller than me, probably same height or an inch shorter than Alexander. He was wearing a blue suit, with a couple of the top buttons of his shirt left open. He was slim built, but quite muscly.

His scent was masked, and I couldn't tell if he was from my pack or not. A smirk covered his face, that honestly, made me feel slightly uneasy.

One thing for sure; I had never met him before.
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