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Addison West is a babe. She probably gets the most enjoyment out of her life simply by looking back at herself in the mirror, or at least I’m assuming. I wish I was like that, but I’m ugly. I’m a freak of nature to the other kids at the Little Rock high school. If I was a girl that looked even similar to Addison West, I would be set to be a fashion model or even better - an actress in a movie.

Sometimes, I put on my mother’s make-up, and try to style my hair to be the most girly it can be. I steal her clothes and put them on. Mainly her underwear because honestly there are only so many pieces to dress up with that fit me. I like to mimic the Buffalo Bill scene in the movie ‘Kill Bill’ where the actor Ted Levine says the line “I’d fuck me.” as he stares back into the mirror of his bedroom.

I must admit that I am a very strange individual. I must also admit something else. I’m not sick in the head like Buffalo Bill or any other serial killer for that matter. I would never hurt anyone, and that’s the truth. Simply, I’m just ugly and misunderstood. My whole life flashes before my eyes each and every time I transform into Addison West.

Her ass is like fresh eye candy and her boobs are as perky as hills of gold. Her rainy blonde hair sparkles like a waterfall shimmering behind her back. I just want to walk down the hallway at school being admired by all of the boys. Everyone wants to see my big, beautiful ass as I walk over to Carter Bailey and tell him that I’ll be finding somebody else.

That’s the high school quarterback. Everybody on his team calls him ‘Quick Shot’, but as for the rest of us in class, most of us just call him Carter Bailey. That kid is totally undeserving of everything that has ever been handed to him. Carter and his longtime girlfriend are bullies to the other kids at Little Rock even though they never come out and actually do something about it. They’re just a couple of show offs.

Honestly, if I was to tell the truth then I would have to say that I love Addison West by her looks alone. If I was the one who actually hated the girl then you would be shocked by now. I hate how she chooses her friends and especially her boyfriend, Carter Bailey. That damn jock has showed off in front of me for way too long!

Addison West is a pretty girl, but that beauty won’t last as an antagonist for very long. Every time that I dress up, I feel incredible. No one could ever take down Addison West, or at least the Addison West that I portray myself to be. The personality that I manifest each time is unstoppable.

Pretty please, don’t call me a homosexual. That’s not what this is about. I’ve been a sexist my entire life after hearing stories of my grandfather’s suicide. He went to war; World War 2 that is. When he came back he found his disloyal wife cheating on him. Never have I had the chance to meet the man who birthed my mother. Shit like that I hate.

If I was Addison West for even a day, I would be a totally different girl. I would spoil myself with thanksgiving from others with every favor I help them with. If I had a boyfriend, someone like Chester, my best friend, then maybe I would be a better girl. I’m not necessarily saying that Addison West is a whore but if I was her I would dress more appropriately.

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