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Her Biggest Secrets

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Do you know what it is like to be royalty and be treated like a porcelain doll? Having to learn what you will be when you get older and find your mate to rule by your side, well let me tell you it is not easy. After convincing my parents to let me go to public school for my high school and college years because I wanted to be a regular person for a few years until I met my mate, well let me tell you my story of how I went from being a regular person to becoming a mom and ruler of the werewolves and kidnapped.

Fantasy / Thriller
Laura Correa
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Untitled chapter

The Party Invitation Part One


My name is Gabriela Florez Sanchez. I am the princess of the werewolves. My parents are Selena Florez and Flabio Sanchez. I love them to death but in my last year of middle school I begged them to let me go to public school which they did with the condition that my cousin Ethen go with me and I did, eight years later here we are studying for our final exams before graduating college. Yeah just Ethen, Isis and I in the library while everybody else is at some club or some random party like they always are. Isis is Ethen’s mate, they found out the second day of high school when she moved to live in her uncle’s pack. Here in college we all share a dorm Isis and I share one bedroom and Ethen has his own. I haven’t found my mate yet but it’s okay I don’t mind. I know the moon goddess knows why I haven’t met him yet and that’s okay with me.

Everyone here knows me as Gabriela Florez, your regular geeky, nerdy girl of the school but you know what I don’t mind at all. I am glad they don’t know who I really am, Isis knows because once we graduate she will be going back to the castle with us and be by my side at all times as my Beta Female since Ethen will be my Beta or my right hand man when I am not available for any major decisions. Her dad is the Beta of her uncles pack The Red Moon Pack so she already knows what her duty will be when we get there since she has seen her mother do it for so many years as well as Ethon since my uncle is my fathers Beta, they are preparing to come on our graduation day next week on Friday. When we finished studying we went to the coffee shop to get some coffee before heading to the dorm, when we got to the dorm there was an envelope taped to the door addressed to Isis.

“Well what is it?” I asked

“Give me a minute” Isis said

“Who is it from?” Ethon asked

“Its from my cousins old frat house in this campus, they are throwing him a party for taking over as alpha of our pack” Isis said

“When is it?” Ethon asked

“Tuesday” Isis said

“You guys can go if you want I still have a lot of studying to do” I said

“Oh no your not, you are going with us this time it’s the last party of our college year and you can miss it” Isis said

“I got nothing to wear and besides I won’t know anyone there” I said

“Not true we will be there and besides you need to get out there and learn how to communicate with your people since you are the future queen of the werewolves” Ethon said

“And we can go shopping for the perfect dress or outfit for the party” Isis said

“I will think about it” I said

With that I went into the kitchen and started to make something to eat for all of us. We take turns to cook but when it’s Ethon’s turn to cook he takes us out to eat because he doesn’t know how to cook even if his life depended on it. Isis and I always make fun of him but we still love him, he is a great friend and for me not only is he a great friend he is also like my brother always looking out for me, he has always had my back since we started high school. Isis is something like a sister. I can tell her anything I can’t tell Ethon, I sometimes tell her about how I feel like a third wheel when we go out together and that’s why I almost always stay in the form and make up excuses so I don’t have to go with them. She always tells me that I will soon meet my mate and know what Ethon and her feel every time they are together, sometimes I believe everything she tells me and sometimes I don’t. She has been saying this since we were in high school and to be honest I don’t know what to believe now, I mean she means well but I don’t want to keep my hopes up anymore and believe something that might never happen.

When I finished cooking I called out to let Ethon and Isis know that the food was ready, while we ate in silence I could tell they were having a conversation between them through mind link which is the reason that makes me feel like the third wheel. I finished eating and took my plate to the sink, after that I went into my room and finished what I had left of homework that our teacher had given us. Once I finished the homework I went and took a shower before going to eat dinner and then to bed where I read one of the mean stories in wattpad, Ethon and Isis tell me that I am stupid for reading these stories but what can I say I love romance and drama stories. Stories of how two people fall in love at first sight and then have to overcome obstacles to be able to be together. I just pray that the moon goddess doesn’t do something like that to me. I pray that when I meet my mate he will love me and be by my side while ruling with me as one person just like my parents have done since they became king and queen of the werewolf’s many many years ago when my grandfather and grandmother stepped down just like both my parents will step down and give me and my mate their place. If I don’t meet my mate I will take over as the first queen without a mate to take over in their place, it has happened before but it was centuries ago.

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