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Her Biggest Secrets

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Party Invitation Part Two


Today I got an invitation from my old frat brothers for a party that they are throwing for the last day of their college year. I haven’t decided if I will or will not go. I mean my cousin Isis and her mate Ethon go there which will be a great opportunity to see them before they go and start their jobs as the princess Betas, the only thing everybody knows about the princess is that she is going to public school but no one knows where or what she is studying. My mother and father have told me that I should go maybe I will meet my mate while being there which I don’t think will happen since I have been looking for her since I turned sixteen and I’m now twenty-three, maybe I am not meant to have a mate or maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right place.

“You have to go man” Leonardo said

“Yeah we will go with you” Marcelo said

“And who will stay here and take care of the pack while we are out” I asked

“Your dad has already told you that he will keep an eye on things while we are out” Fabricio said

“Besides you haven’t seen your cousin or her mate since they graduated from high school” Leo said

“I wonder if they still hang out with that geek girl that was always with them” Marcelo said

“You mean Gaby right” Fabricio asked

“Yeah I bet under that geeky clothing there’s a fine body just waiting to be discovered” Marcelo said

“You guys are crazy you know that” I said

“And yet you are part of this crazy crew” Leo said

“So are we going or not” Marcelo asked

“When is it again” I asked

“This Thursday the day before their graduation” Leo said

“Fine I was planning of going for the graduation anyways I heard rumors that the king and queen will be the ones give away the diplomas” I said

With that we started to make plans to leave everything settled so my dad wouldn’t have to do any paperwork while I was out, he would only have to focus on keeping everything in order and making sure that the members did their jobs as they have been while I am here. Mom like always would be on dad telling him what he needed to do like she always does, she sometimes tells me what to do and when I ask her why she dies it she says it’s because she wants me to be ready and prepared for when I find my mate I know what it will be like to have the Luna on my ass at every minute of the day, she makes me laugh all the time and that’s why I love her so much she is my everything although sometimes I wish they would have had more kids that way she would be more busy with them and not always on me twenty-four seven.

As I was finishing signing the last of the paperwork I had to do my father came in and I told him that I had decided to go to the party and stay there until after the graduation, that way my cousin would at least have some family there and not feel sad that nobody went to her graduation. We also talked about me already finishing the paperwork and the only things that he would have to do while I was out, I told him that I was taking Leo, Marcelo and Fabricio with me but I was leaving all the fighters here since if the rumors were true and the king and queen would be there the school will have extra security as well as the royal army would be there. Mom came in and told us that dinner was ready and we all walked to the kitchen and enjoyed our dinner while having small talk. Once we finished I went to my room and started to pack some clothing and some essentials for when we headed to Michigan for the party and the graduation. Only two more days and we will be at a party and in three day if the rumors are true we will be in front of the king and queen themselves.

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