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Finding a computer in an abandoned building was already strange enough, but to find a large folder of files with information that had never seen the light of day is the one thing you did not expect to find. Perhaps you can find some helpful information from these files. The only thing is to hack into the files. After that, the information in the files will be revealed. Loading files... Loading files Successful Granted xxxxxxxx access to Files 306 - 708. Files: Unknown Researcher: _(Redacted)_

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

If you are reading this, then you have found a way to get access to these files.

I am _(Redacted)_ and I work as a researcher for the POE Organization. I have spent many years looking into a strange, unknown civilization that existed millions of years ago. I don’t quite know why this civilization existed a long time ago, but I can say that the culture of this civilization is nothing like I have seen before.

The people, which were called Legend Folk, had a wide arrangement of gods, though not as many as other mythologies, such as Greek or Aztec mythologies. I have looked into the Legend folks gods, but I have not discovered all the gods quite yet. In fact, the gods of this civilization are something that I have recently, at the time I am writing this, looked into.

The history of civilization is long as well. Many events, wars, and important figures occurred throughout civilization’s history. I have spent most of my time reading and deciphering the different events that have occurred during the Legend Folk's time. I haven’t gotten through all the history, but there is a chance that the Legend Folk has survived to the present time.

There are also a lot of strange creatures in the Legend Folk mythology. Many of the creatures are mentioned in history, but others are mentioned in the old books I have found. I don’t have much, for most of the information on the creatures has been destroyed due to... recent events. I have managed to salvage as much as I could to put in the files, but I might have to make a new set of files for them... we will see.

I have decided to put these into high-profile files due to the possibility of the government using the information for their own gain. Though I believe they would think this research is completely pointless and fake, It doesn’t hurt to be too careful.

Reader, I trust you will keep this information a secret. These files are my life-long research that cannot, understand any circumstance, be compromised.

In the files, you will find everything is in some form of order, though I will not upload often. I’ll start the next file with the gods of mythology, and expand from there. I don’t know if the POE will still be around by the time you see this, but hopefully, they are.

I cannot say what the next file will be until I put more files in this folder. All I know is that I am running out of time to get the information in the correct files.

I have to leave now. Please keep the information a secret.

- _(Redacted)_

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