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File 309: The Three High Ones

The Legend folk had the gods split into different categories, which is surprising to me. I never would have thought that the Legend Folk would organize their gods, which makes me wonder if the Gods themselves organized themselves like that. Due to the organization, I have decided to separate the gods according to the Legend Folk.

The Gods are rather interesting in the mythology of the Legend folk. Though it is nothing compared to the gods of the Inca or Greek religions, they do have a lot of unique gods and goddesses. I have not fully discovered every single one, but the most I have found was the Underworld gods, which could be a clue to the culture of the Legend folk.

For now, I will start with the most renowned gods or the first three gods that make up the “Three High Ones”

The Three High Ones: Aka; The Three Siblings

Cosmos, God of Creation, the Universe, and the ruler of the gods

Cosmos is the Ruler of the gods, and renowned as the god of Creation. He was the first that appeared in the world before time even began. He was the one who created everything, from the stars to the Earth we walk on.” (Priest Monkoken, Unknown Date)

Cosmos is possibly the most referenced god in the Legend texts, but it is also extremely scattered in each text. The main stories of how he created the universe are very unclear. Some stories say that there was another being, long forgotten from what I have read. Others say he was the first of all created beings, that the universe itself created him.

Despite being referenced, there is little information about him in general. His description varies depending on what story you read; Some texts say that he is a humanoid made out of the stars, dust, and blackness found in space, only white eyes can be seen. Other texts describe him as a black-skinned man, with galaxies in his hair and dark gray clothing. The white eyes are still prevalent, in fact, the white eyes seem to be the only identifiable part of Cosmos.

Cosmos has two siblings, both sisters, that came after he had created the underworld. The first one, and the most worshiped, is Luna, the Goddess of the Moon.

Luna, Goddess of the Moon, Redemption, and the Creator of the Legend Folk

“Luna was the one who gave us life, gave us the ultimate chance at life. We answer to Luna as the servants answer their king or queen. She watches us through the Moon. We respect what she has made, and she will respect us.” (Queen Tamia, unknown date)

Luna is possibly the most talked about, as well as one of the most well-known gods in the Legend texts. Despite Cosmos being the god of all creation, Luna was the one that created the Legend Folk. This could explain the reason why the Moon is considered relatively good while the Sun is considered relatively evil. Luna tends to lean towards giving others a second chance, which possibly comes from a myth I have read about Luna. Luna is considered to be wiser than most gods but still has made mistakes.

Luna is often described as a pale, silver-haired woman that wears a long, simple, white dress. She often was depicted as having a steel shield and sword enchanted with the pale, reflected light of the moon. Her eyes are a soft gray-blue color, which could be a reference to the ocean. Many worshiped her in the early years of the Legend folk, though most of these documents were destroyed quite recently.

Luna is one of the few gods which did not have enemies. The only goddess she had trouble with was her own sister, which makes sense, for her sister was known to betray others.

Karla, Goddess of the Sun, Betrayal, and all Bad Things

“Karla wasn’t evil at first; it was when we, the first of the legend folk, were created, that she turned. Karla hated us, and we suffer from her wrath to this day. Karla has tried to destroy us many times, but we, as a race, will prevail.” (Unknown)

Karla, at first, was a respectable Goddess and was considered the kindest of the goddesses, but something changed. Most common texts state that it was the jealousy from the legend creation by her sister, Luna, that changed her. But recently, I have found an unknown text. It states that it was not the outright creation of the legend folk, but the doings of another god. Which version is true, I do not know. What I do know is that Karla herself is someone you should never cross.

Karla is often described as a tall, dark-skinned woman with black hair with golden yellow strands. She wore a long, golden dress with streaks of silver. Her eyes are a bright, angry yellow, and often carry a pitch-black sword. Not a lot is known about her otherwise, her description is rather vague and I couldn’t find anything on her features. She is the only goddess not fully described, but she isn’t the only god that isn’t fully described. There is another one in the mix, but I don’t know much about him.

Karla is someone that could possess the ability to change given the right circumstances, but to trust her wouldn’t be the wisest decision at any point in time. Given that wars were mostly started because of Karla, It would be wise not to play along.

The Three Highs Ones, surprisingly, aren’t the most important gods. The most important gods in the Legend culture are the Underworld gods. From the ones that I have gathered, there are about six known underworld gods, but there could be more.

I would know if the incident didn’t happen.

I have run out of time for this file. Perhaps the next file will have the basic information about the underworld gods, at least, I hope so. This has been hectic lately in my town, and strange things have been happening. I promised to look into it soon, so the next file might have to wait.

What do you think, dear reader? Are things going on in the world that no one else can see? Because it feels like something big is happening at the time I am writing this. Strange things are happening and I do not have a clue what is happening.

I will get the next file out soon after I check out the strange things happening in my town.

Stay safe, and remember, don’t share any of this with anyone.


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