Wanted Wolf - Book 2 - Delta [COMPLETE]

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Thea leaves the Lost Wolves to visit her cousin in the Black Craws Pack where another incident occurred. The more she'll look for answers, the more questions she'll find. Especially when working around the unmated sexy Alpha. When his plans come clashing against hers and her investigation, will Thea fall into his arms or will she fight for herself?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1 - Thea

I woke up to a pounding on my door.
"Go away!!!" I cried out.
I didn't even want to look at the time. If I wasn't awake it was because I needed more sleep. I'd deal with whatever this was once I slept.
"If I break another door Gray will kill me!" I heard Dane shout from behind the door.
I laughed but stayed in bed. No way was I going to--
Crack !
"Oops," whispered Dane still holding the handle while my door flew open.
My chuckle died when my eyes fell on the alarm clock on my bedside table.
"For Goddess' sake Dane!!!" I shouted, murdering him with my gaze. "What is that important you had to come at this hour??"
Dane's demeanour instantly changed and morphed into a more predatory one. His eyes traveled down my upper body, free from my sheets.
I've known him since forever it seemed, but when he licked his lower lip I could swear I felt something ignite within my core. His heated gaze only fueling it.
"Fuck, stop it Dane!" I snapped and covered my naked breasts.
I needed to get laid, yes, but not with this man whore! I didn't want to feel like another trophy on one's shelf.
I got out of bed and turned my back on him, looking for something comfortable to wear.
Once ready, I spinned and found Dane still looking at me, his hands in fists and his eyes cloudy with lust and something else. Was it envy? Hurt?
I knew he had been around for a long time. Longer than Gray. And still he hadn't found his mate. Was his sleeping around not enough anymore?
He closed his eyes, sighed and looked at his feet.
"Sorry." He started, taking a step back. "Gray got a call from the Black Craws Pack, he asked me to fetch you."
Black Craws Pack was my cousin's pack. That got me on edge. Why would Gray get a call from another pack in the middle of the night?
Following Dane, we walked fast through the Pack House to Gray's office. The Alpha wasn't happy to be working at this hour, his scowl was all that greeted us.
"What is it?" I rushed in. "Is Belle alright?"
After my parents' death, my cousin was my only sibling left on this part of the planet. Losing her would make my life even lonelier.
"Belle's fine." Gray grunted, still half asleep. "Alpha Alec called, they found a body on their land."
Why would Alpha Alec call us? He had been Alpha for nearly seven years now, it couldn't be the first murder he had to deal with.
Gray looked straight at us, his nostrils flaring.
"The body was found sucked out of blood. It's the second one on their territory."
For Goddess' sake! Not again!
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