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Mind Games

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Mother has invited Mei to her home for fun challenges! Red Light Green Light, Tag, and Hide & Seek are all included! Playing with her friends Luca, Lily, Michael, Mason, and Ray has never been so fun! Until, of course, it’s not.

Fantasy / Horror
X's and 0h's
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Chapter 1

When Mei stepped onto on the D train, the cab was entirely empty. She casually walked in, sat in the corner seat, and plugged earbuds into her phone. Playing “Hermit the Frog” by MARINA, the simple yet meaningful lyrics lulled Mei to sleep…

Mei was startled awake as the train jumped. Her music was no longer playing, and she had no bars. She looked out the window, but all she could see was black. The train rumbled noisily on, and she stood up. Looking at the electronic map, she realized that there was only one stop. It was placed as the next stop, which was called “Mothers Home”. She had never been to a “mothers home” before, but she knew she probably wouldn’t be home in time for dinner.

The train began to jump more aggressively at this point, as though it had legs to leap. Mei held on to the pole for dear life. The train had bounced her multiple times throughout the trip, making her fall on the floor. The train was beginning to get more hot, and it stank in the car. She removed her sweater, rolled up her jeans, and began fanning herself with her hand. Her sunglasses slid down her face constantly and she continually had to push them up her face. The sweat on her palms made it harder and harder to hold onto the poles, and the damp stench of the train was getting unbearable. She wondered if anyone else was on the train, only in a different car. She held her breath as long as she could before she had to exhale and inhale again. Her chest was beginning to hurt from the compression and she was getting nauseous and dizzy. The lunging of the train hurt her chest, and she barely notices when light shone through the muddy windows (once clean) and the jumping slowed. Her eyes were squeezed tight until the train came to a complete stopped and the trains robotic voice stated, “Stay clear from the open doors please.”

Opening her eyes, she walked to the doors of the train (bag still in the train) onto the muddy grass floor. A large ‘squelch’ interrupted her bewilderment. “Shit,” she thought, looking at on her brand new white Converses, now dirtied. She looked to her right and saw a large pine forest. To her left was a huge black mansion, like the ones you see in horror films. Forgetting all better judgement, she began walking towards the house, as though she was drawn there. The doors were a dark shade of maroon, with silver doorknobs and a large brass lion head for a door knocker. She arrived to the door and no later that a minute she arrived.

She was around 6 ft, slightly taller than Mei, who was 5’5. She had long black hair and a beautifully made up face. Though what immediately caught Mei’s eyes were her voluptuous.. ahem… breasts. Never mind that, however. The Woman wore a long, wine red silk dress. On her feet were elegant black velvet heels. “I’ve been expecting you my dear!” The Woman cried out. Her voice was delightful, and it soothes Mei’s pounding brain to hear. “Come in, my love, come in~ Come meet the others!”

The Woman escorted Mei into the long hall. The shorter girl mumbled an apology about the mess her shoes were making on her floor, but The Woman interrupted her. “Now now,” she said “We won’t have any sorrow in this house! I have hands to clean the rugs, you know? And besides, it’s not like they haven’t been dirtied before.” The Woman showed Mei the palms of her hands, shaking them slightly. The two soon came to a large door alike the front door, except the door was black and there was no lion head. Thinking back at it now, the head looked less like a lion, and more like a…

“Children!~” The Woman said, clapping her hands and interrupting Mei’s thoughts. “We finally have everyone together, time to eat!” To the girls surprise, 5 other people around her age came up to The Woman, addressing her as Mother. “So this was Mothers Home” Mei thought, remembering the traumatizing experience in the D train, looking back to the black door as trying to get back to see where she came from. Mother again disrupted her thoughts, grabbing Mei somewhat roughly by the shoulder.

“Come, my dear, meet the others!~”

The first person she met was Luca, an Italian boy with pale skin and freckles galore. He must have had an anxiety problem, however, with his messed up nails and constant glances around the room. What seemed off, however, were his black fingertips.

Next was a girl named Lily. She had long blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and black glasses frames. All in all, she seemed very kind. The only thing was she kept making gagging noises, as though she was trying to… vomit?

After Lily was a tall Puerto Rican boy named Michael. He had dark brown hair and eyes, and tanned skin. He was attractive in multiple different ways to Mei, and had toned muscles. He seemed alright as well, yet something seemed off about the pink marks on his arm to her.

Following Micheal was a short white boy named Mason, who seemed sweet enough. He had hair so black it seemed blue and soft grey eyes with long eyelashes. His demeaning appearance distracted the slightly pink saliva running down his the side of his lips.

Finally, there was a non binary person named Ray. They had bleach blonde hair and light green eyes, and sat in a wheelchair (due to a missing foot). They wore a yellow jumper and black shorts, with Converses identical to Meis, just red instead.

“Alright~!” Mother said cheerfully, clapping her hands together, “Now that you know everyone, let’s eat!” And just like that, the six walked to the dining room, Mother leading the way, as Mei was told to push Ray out.

End of Chapter One:

Word Count: 1014

Character Count: 7

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