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Two aliens from two different tribes meet each other after one of the aliens (Neoma) climbs the fence even though she isn't supposed to. They become friends. read more to find out.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Jumping the fence

Hi my name is Neoma. In the past we were at war with another alien species. The reason this whole stupid war started was because they were fighting over land. Now it’s not because “ooo I want land and power”, that wasn’t it.

It was the spring of 2009, April 17th. I was wandering around, in the woods. Since we were at war there was a fence. I decided to jump the fence. It was beautiful, rocky and it hurt my feet, but beautiful. I started walking the trails and stepped on a stick. I screamed so loud. I wasn’t on my side of the fence anymore. I headed towards the fence, and noticed a trail of blood. “I can’t leave this place” I thought “it would surely cause more conflict.” I walked away from the fence and saw a young boy, I hid behind a tree hoping that he didn’t see me.

I heard him say “Are you alright?” I had been talking to myself quietly. I whispered “Yeah I am fine” The person said “Why were you talking to yourself?” I responded “What are you talking about?” the person whispered “Ah, well I heard someone talk, anyways, I am Gio.” I responded “Oh that’s nice I am Neoma.” He said “Where are you from?” I blurted, “I would rather not say.” he chuckled and said “Would you like to come on an adventure?” which to him was climbing a hill. “Sure I guess.” I thought “finally a friend!”

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