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Queen Alpha

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Chapter 2

Mystery Guy POV

I was across seas helping another pack rebuild after a rogue attack burnt almost everything down. I was set to start college this fall but this was taking more time than originally planned. I had a full ride scholarship for football and had to turn it down due to having to leave the country. I had helped get their combat training up and going again. They were living so far in the past that only males who had shifted were allowed to train at the time. If they had allowed females and unshifted males to train, they probably wouldn’t have suffered such a great loss. I negotiated with the pack’s alpha into letting females and unshifted males start training at the age of 13. Least this way, the kids would have the basics, and human form combat down by the time they would shift.

Most werewolves would shift around the age of 18. Then it was all about finding your mate. Me, personally, I had no desire to find a mate. I first shifted shortly after my 17th birthday, and it was the last thing on my mind. I had plans and a mate would only make me weak and slow me down. I didn’t have time for that right now.

My mother was killed by rouges when I was only a child, and my father, being the beta of the Blood Moon pack, pushed me in training. I vowed to get revenge for my mother’s death. It about killed my father, losing his mate. He lost his mind, and his wolf took over going back to those primal instincts of killing everything. He was locked up and was given a choice of death by the Alpha, his life-long best friend, or pulling his shit together for my sake, to put it bluntly. I couldn’t have that burden of a mate. Not right now. I had a mission, and I wasn’t going to stop for anybody until it was completed.

I got back state side mid-September. School had already started, and I didn’t even have my classes scheduled. It took me a couple of days to get back to my pack and update my alpha on what had happened and what was now going on with the Ice Mountain pack. I did keep a few details to myself that I know if I shared, he wouldn’t be happy, and it would screw up all my plans. All I can say is it’s truly a small world and seems to just keep getting smaller the older I get.

I was on my way to my first day of classes at the local college. It was in a human town, so there were students from other packs as well as humans. I was waiting at a crosswalk when someone runs right into me from behind. I stiffen up and slowly turn around with my guard up, to see who the asshat was that wasn’t watching where they were going. As I turn around, I see her. A tiny little shit. Her brown hair with blonde highlights ending just above her belt line. Her eyes as green as emeralds. They almost looked like they were sparkling in the morning sunlight. She tried to apologize but a low growl vibrated in my chest. I couldn’t smell her wolf, so I knew she hadn’t shift yet, so more than likely she’s still a minor. Damn kids these days. My wolf, Maddox, was pacing back and forth and it was starting to give me a headache. He was acting weird, rambling off in his own little world it seemed. I turned to walk away without saying a word when I heard the runt mumble something and call me an ass-monkey.

“Ass-monkey? Who calls someone an ass-monkey? Is that the best she can do?” Maddox laughing in my head.

“Just shut it already. You’re going to give me a headache.” I tell him.

“You really going to let her talk to us like that?!” Before I could respond, I felt him pushing forward trying to take control. Maddox likes a challenge, but he won’t let anyone make a fool out of us either. He turns around and grabs the runt’s arm and that’s all it took. Sparks.

“Shit!” I think to myself. Maddox’s mood suddenly changes and he’s now prancing and jumping around. Almost like he was trying to jump right out of my head.

“Not possible! I can’t…No! I can’t do this. I have a mission to complete.” My thoughts going 90 mile per hour in my head. Maddox start whining so loudly I feel like my head is going to explode.

“Fuck off and get the hell off of me!” This little runt had quite the mouth on her.

“Feisty little shit, isn’t she? Me likey!” Maddox plops his fuzzy ass down and his tail is wagging 100 mile per hour with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. Holy hell, my wolf is gone plum fuck retarded. Great! Suddenly Maddox perks his ears up and is sniffing around. “Unmated males!”

Just then I hear 2 guys running in our direction. I was so lost in her eyes that I hadn’t noticed anybody else around. I force back control over Maddox just as the bigger of the 2 guys gets up in face. The smaller guy puts his hands on the runts shoulders making her look at him and Maddox starts freaking out. I have to smoother a growl that was about to erupt out of me.

“Another male is touching her!” He’s growling in my head so loud. He’s furious.

“Calm down. She doesn’t even have her wolf yet so nothing we can do…yet.” I remind him.

“Just a misunderstanding. Sorry miss.” I say and start to walk away. I’m still within hearing distancing when I hear the little runt call the guys by their names and I make a mental note of them to look them up later. I head into the advisor’s office to get my classes scheduled. Of course, coming in a couple months late I’m left with slim pickings, so I take what I can get. I also go to talk to the football coach about possibly still being able to play this season. It didn’t take much for him to agree; I did take my high school to win the state championship after all.

After that I had to my first class, Psych 101. It wasn’t required for my major but coming in late I didn’t have a choice. I walk into class to find it was somewhat of a regular classroom. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. I had my schedule to the professor who nods and welcomes me and tells me to take a seat. I look around for an empty seat and see one in the back corner. I start to make my way when this scent hits me, cinnamon and apples. It reminded me of my mom’s homecooked apple pies. I look around and there she is. The runt that started my day off great this morning. She’s sunk down in her seat staring at the ceiling and the blonde next to her is staring me down like chopped liver. I take my seat which is a few rows over from them when I catch her glance my way out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t think it was possible, but it seemed like she sunk even further into her seat. I hide my grin and chuckle in my head.

“What’s so funny?” Maddox growling at me. I ignore him just trying to get through the rest of my classes without him making my head explode.

I had football practice after school today, so I was home a lot later than I expected to be. I quickly ran up to my room and changed into shorts and jogged my way to the training center. Dad was already there sparring with some other kid who just started training while I was gone. I see one of my friends, Ben, standing off to the side and jog up next to him.

“Hey what’s going on here?” I asked as I pointed towards my dad and the newbie.

“Kid thought he was going to be a smart-ass and ended up breaking someone’s arm. They’re fine though. Doc came and reset it and sent them home to heal. Said they should be good to go by tomorrow.” He replied with his arms crossed over his chest. I could tell he wasn’t happy.

“Dumbass. By the way, your dad still has access to the records of neighboring packs and their members?”

“Yeah, I believe so. Why you ask?”

“Need a favor. Can you look up 2 guys for me? I only have first names. One is Damon and the other is Ty. They’re both at school so that should help narrow down the list.”

“Ok no problem. But again why? You know I’m not trying to get on your dad’s bad side here.”

“Just curious. Met them today and just need to know what I might be getting into.”

“Ok yeah. I can work on that tomorrow.”

“Great thanks. Why don’t you be my sparring partner tonight? Work off some of that pissiness you got going on.” I chuckle as I slapped his arm and jogged onto the mats. We started training and to be honest, I was kicking his ass. We went on for about 3 hours when Dad shouted that he was closing up and we needed to get out.

I met up with dad outside and we started walking home. He started asking how the first day of classes went and blah blah blah. I really didn’t care in all honesty; I was only going to school because he wanted me to. When we got home, I ran straight to the shower while dad went to the kitchen to get us something to eat. I came back down after a quick shower, and he started asking me about the Ice Mountain pack. I knew I couldn’t tell him what I had found out about the rogues and mom. If he knew what I was doing, he would lose his shit again. Yeah, he pushed me in training and I’m one of the best warriors in our pack, but he also didn’t want me going and looking for trouble. After rounds of dodging questions, I headed back to my room. I plopped down on my bed and started drifting off to sleep when I saw them again. Those green eyes.

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