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Galaxy Of Hope

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Book Two Fantasy/Romance/Erotica/Syfy The lead character will have multiple partners. With her dream connection lost to Ethan, Lux needs to find another way to reach him. She struggles with newfound realizations about her life and her mates. With her second year at Rivellin College coming up, she comes across new powers and new enemies.

Fantasy / Romance
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Terra Anniversary

One year after earth’s demise, the end of August was when I suddenly found myself. I had been here one full year. My mind was whirling with that realization. Because for all that’s worth, it felt a whole lot longer. I couldn’t imagine spending my life without my mates now. Without Skylark, Olive, Dexar, Nexxar, and Dean.

I was at Skylar’s estate today. Waking up in my old bedroom with a long stretched jawn. I hadn’t been here in months but Maddox had a birthday party yesterday for the twins and both him and Jax had wanted me here.

Since my relationship had just started mending with Jax I needed to do this. I was hoping that after a while him and I would find that friendship again. After all that has happened between us, I hope it was still possible to find a little bit of solace between us. At least I understood him now, why he had to push me away. At least I understood for about half of it, I still have the opinion that he could have used a different method to push me away. A method that didn’t involve breaking my heart and scattering the pieces so far apart, that I could never have a whole one ever again.

My Telvice ringed, startling me and I reached for it across my bed. Sebastian. I answered quickly.

‘Little bird, happy one year on Terra day!’ His posh English accent sounds so cheery. I loved his voice.

‘You remembered the worst day of my life, how nice.’ I joked.

‘Always. I remember everything about you, love.’ He scraped his throat. ‘Anyway, before college starts again tomorrow let’s hang out okay?’

I laughed. ‘I promised Oak I would hang out today. I’m sorry Seb.’

He grunted. ‘Goddamnit, they are always one step ahead of me. I haven’t seen you all week!’

‘You get brownie points for remembering today, okay babe?’ I teased.

‘Do they come with you naked and me eating brownies of your body, or?’

‘Sebastian….’ I sighed. He was always horny. Like literally all the time. It was this mating bond thing.

‘I’m just saying. I miss you.’

‘Miss you too crazy pants.’

We laughed some more about college and about Bron and Olive getting engaged over the summer. Dexxar and Nexar, the two most silly guys I knew were also in a relationship apparently. I had been gone for two weeks and this happens. Ash, Oak, and I had taken a trip to their cabin to decompress. We hadn’t checked any messages at that time. We did explore each other in all ways possible and it had been the most incredible weeks of my life. My earthly mind still processing my polyamorous relationships but it didn’t mean it wasn’t nice. I dropped the Telvice and let my head prop down on my pillow again. Every day I was worried about what was to come. My mates didn’t know I had a big secret I was keeping from them. Ethan’s message had left me reeling. I had no idea how I was going to find him, but he hadn’t visited my dreams in over a month. He was in real trouble.

I knew it in my soul that Ethan had some kind of issue and I had no idea how I was going to fix it. I needed to find my way to faerie, which was apparent by the last dream we shared. I knew it was something special, considering he never could have said things like that earlier. He had actually said information, things were changing. But it had cost him his dream ability apparently. Yet, the message had been clear. I needed to find my way into another dimension, full of Fae who hated Rainers with a passion. That was not going to be easy. And I was going to do this alone.

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