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The Lost Quest

By Saru Pokharel All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 1: The Tunnel

(In a pitch dark tunnel, three men were holding hands. Three candles were lit in between them with a spirit recorder buzzing.)

“Tiara! You’re hearing me? Tiara! Are you with us? Tiara!”

“It’s so spooky in here. I’m freezing. Where’s the foul smell coming from? I don’t think, I can stand this anymore.”

“No matter what lords, don’t leave the hands. Aiden! Don’t let go. We’ve reached this far. She is the only one who can help us get through it. We’re trying to communicate,” said Zohar, the wizard.

“Tiara! We need your help. You’re here? Please give a sign.”

“Tiara!” repeated Yannic.

(The recorder started buzzing like being tuned to any local station. Some weird music began to play. In the broken and unclear sound, they heard someone sobbing.)

“I! I warned you!”

“Tiara, is that you?”

“I warned you,” Female sobbing voice, they could hear. I warned something’s wrong you can’t fight him. He is going to kill you. He killed me. He’ll kill you all. Save your life! Run away Yannic!”

“Run away!”

“Who killed you Tiara? Who’s going to kill us?”

“Run for your life! Ru..”


(The sobbing was gone. Random station was tuned. The recorder started rattling weirdly. Heavy manly voice started crackling through the recorder)

“It ain’t thy wish when thou arrived, ain’t that be the way thou go,

None have ever defeated the demon, see the power he owe,

The dawn thou want to see is far far away,

The elegy of death song has just begun to play,

Now until the game is over thou have to stay… So Stay!”

“My lord! That’s not Tiara. He has arrived.”

“It’s scary brother! Feels like somethings climbing my back,” said Aiden.

(The recorder crackled and made rattling noise. The gentle breeze turned into howling wind. Wind growled harder swinging the men. Rattling grew noisier. The foul smell like that of rotten corpse grew stronger.)

“Don’t leave the hands! Don’t let go! We need to be together. It’s a trick no matter what, DON’T LET GO!!”

The swirling wind blew off the candles, leaving the men in pitch darkness, feeling the tight grip of each other’s hand.

“I’m scared! It’s all dark now.”

(The boy beside them started shaking vigorously.)

“Aiden’s trembling, Zohar can you feel his hands getting colder?”

“Aiden! You’re okay?”

“Lords! Don’t let go. We need to hold on. She’s going to help us.”

(Storm grew wilder! Men started swinging with wind)


“SAVE ME!” (Painful scream they could hear)

“Who’s yelling?” asked Yannic.

“Aaaahhh!” the scream was heard to be

fading away.

“Sounds like someone’s dragged out of the tunnel.”

“Help! Brother! Save me! He’s taking me away! Zohar!”

The scream grew bitter.

“Holy god, Zohar! That’s Aiden!”

“How’s that possible? Whom are we holding on?”

The sound slowly vanished along with the rattling of recorder. The trembling was all gone. All that left was heavy breaths, bumping hearts in dead silence of the pitch dark tunnel and unknown pair of cold hands that they were still holding on.

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