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Echoes From The past

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when Beautiful Amelia is snatched from Marcus the vampire prince in death he knows his life can never be the same again,he became cold and ruthless but after Three centuries his hope is reborn and he finds the soul of his lover in another,it's a different kind of love but love doesn't come in only shades of black and white,he finally saw light and he embraced it without second thoughts.

Fantasy / Romance
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"you're a useless piece of trash,you should have died along your parents,I feel like I've been cursed with you evil child"Amelia stood at the corner her head hung low as bitter tears flows down her face,her Aunt Linda had been so cruel to her since her parents died,it was still a shock to her,feels so much like yesterday,she had gone to the field to show her parents the dress she'd made,she loved hearing them praise her and comment on her skill of sewing perfectly even without learning"

my bright golden child, you'll make a fine seamstress and make a lot of money"her mom would say,but on that very day she had gone to the field and had saw traces of blood right from the wooden gate,her heart had flown into her throat as she raced towards the direction her parents were supposed to see but what she saw had been a horrible scene,she had stood rooted to the ground for a very long time,her eyes wide as saucers,it took a while for her to find her voice and she let out an ear piercing scream as she ran the rest of the way to fall down beside her parents,her father was brutally butchered but her mother was alive or rather barely alive,she was saying something to her but her voice was too weak and her own scream of pain didn't let her heart process any of her mother's words untill she had finally given up,she had ran to her uncle's house who immediately followed her to the field to retrieve her parents corpse,the scene was still so fresh in her memory even though it's been more than five years ago,a resounding slap pulled her out of her reverie

"have you gone deaf or dumb,or are you defying me not answering my questions?"she held her cheeks and cried helplessly her face was swollen,she apologized and the woman hissed at her"get the hell out of my face,I don't like seeing you and I don't ever want to associate myself with you,be thankful because you're lucky to be my husband's niece because that is why you're still here"she kicked her in the stomach and didn't even bother to look back at her as she fell hitting her back on the edge of the wardrobe, Amelia stood up and went back to her room,it's been three days already and she hadn't had any food to eat,she was weak,tired and hungry,as she got into her room she looked around the shabby place and couldn't help the tears that gushed out of her eyes as she wailed

"Mama,why did you and Dad leave me here,you promised to keep me save mum,you promised, I'll suffering and I don't think I can keep going, come and take me I don't like it here anymore"she crumpled on the dirty floor and wept,she was only allowed a thin wrapper for blanket and nothing like a mattress,she sleeps on the cold floor,she was only permitted a bath twice in a week and her clothes were shredded,it was practically rag,it was dirty and the filth made it cling to her bony skin like grease,she lay down on the floor and exhaustion took over her entire being she slept immediately her body touched the cold floor,she was in a very beautiful garden and she saw her mother in a flowery dress,she looked beautiful,she called for her and when she turned she smiled and beckoned on her to come, Amelia was so happy her picked up her skirt and ran but when she was about to get to her mother a strong wind started to blow and her mother started backing away from her,she screamed and stretched her arm to grab her mother's outstretched hand but the distance was much,she could see the tears in her mother's eyes,she screamed and shouted but she was gone,she sat on the floor and cried,a vivid pain in her side woke her up,her cousin sister Courtney had stepped on her,she felt the pain to her bones

"you lazy,good for nothing slave,you have the nerve to sleep when your work is not done"she stood up holding her painful side"Courtney I've not had anything to eat for three days, I've also not slept for a long while,please can you be considerate to allow me some food I'm begging you"immediately she finished speaking the reply to her plea was a sound smack on her face"how dare you,how dare you Amelia,you don't deserve anything from us,you owe us your life for saving you and taking you in,that alone you should be grateful for"

she pulled her roughly towards the door"get your lazy ass out of here and go wash my clothes,my mum also have laundries to do, the whole house stink and the maid think she has to sleep"she pushed her down glaring at her"do your job and maybe,just maybe I could pity you and let you have our leftovers"she sashayed out of there swinging her hips as she left, Amelia wiped her tears and went back to doing the laundry but she was so weak it made her progress very slow. It was already late,the cloud had started gathering,she looked to the sky as a heavy wind blew past her,she almost fell,her flimsy excuse of a cloth couldn't protect her against the harsh weather,her stomach growled and she patted it as if to soothe it,she had since let go of the little hope she had about eating for that day when she noticed a hurried movement towards her,it was her uncle's last child,the kid was the only one that cared for her amongst everybody,she was just thirteen but was smart, intelligent and beautiful plus a good heart,she had a small bag with her,she gently pulled at Amelia's hand and took her behind the house"sorry I'm late,I couldn't get it in time and I didn't want them to notice, quickly eat this and replenish your strength"

Amelia was moved to tears,she quickly grabbed the bag and dug into the meal,she didn't realize how starved she was untill the food entered her stomach,she continued to eat and didn't stop until the plate was empty,she took a long drag from the water Roselle has gotten for her,she didn't realize the poor kid was observing her until she heard a small sniffle,she looked to see her crying"Roselle what's wrong why are you crying?"she wanted to wipe her face but then she glanced down at her dirty hands"stop crying you're making me feel bad,what happened did Courtney yell at you or anything?"she inquired looking into her eyes"I hate to see you like this Lia,why are my parents doing all these terrible things to you,why are they being cruel,I can't watch it anymore"

Amelia let out a sign and smiled,she was happy at least someone cares about her well-being,she was crying for her,she shook her head"it's okay rose,you don't have to watch,when they bully me and you can't stand it just go away from there so you don't have to see,thank you for caring about me rose"she smiled at her youngest cousin,the latter shook her head and wiped her tears"I wish I could help,I wish there was something I could do"-"you've done enough Rose,you know you made my hell here look like heaven I'm happy to have you by my side, you've always made me smile and made my burdens easy,don't cry ok"they were discussing and rose had forgotten to pack the plates back into the bag and hide it,her uncle came to find them and was enraged to find her daughter with Amelia and he was more furious when he learnt Amelia had eaten from the plate on the ground.

"How many times have I told you Roselle that we do not feed dog's with the family plate"his daughter hissed in distaste"Dad,I didn't feed a dog,I only brought food for Lia, she's starving,she hadn't eaten for three good days"her Father jerked her arm"and what is the difference between her and a dog,do you want me to treat you the same as her?"-"Father,this is not fair,it's injustice, why are you so cruel to her what has she done wrong"-"Enough Roselle"she screamed at her "her total existence was a mistake a huge mistake"as the argument went on the rest of the family came out to see the problem"you want to be nice right then blame yourself for what is about to happen"he jerked Amelia by the hair and she screamed in pain he proceeded to slap her for screaming and dragged her towards the gate,she cried and begged but it fell on deaf ears.

She was dragged to the gate and thrown outside like a rag, Roselle had tried running to her but was held in place by her mother,with a glare and a hiss she heard the thud of the gate meaning it had been shut,she looked around her and fear settled at the pit of her stomach,it's so dark,no soul was in sight and she was alone,she rose up on feet that felt like jelly and moved away from the gate to find shelter as the rain started beating down angrily,she felt lost and as if the universe was punishing her the rain became so heavy and she cursed her bad luck,she didn't see the ditch in front of her so she slipped and fell heavily scraping her knees on a stone,it was bleeding,she had her back against a tree,not that it stopped the rain from hammering on her but she was tired of running and she had nowhere to go,she cried with hurt and her eyes flew open at the rustling in front of her,a hooded figure jumped in front of her and her covered her mouth to stifle her scream,the man was drawn to the blood on her knees and she heard him growl as he approached her,she got a glimpse of his eyes when he pulled the hood down to stare at her,red eyes like fire stared into her soul and she cried harder,was this how she was going to die,she continued backing away even as he approached,he stretched a hand to touch her when she heard the shuffling of running feet,he retracted his hand quickly, pulled the hood back on and disappeared in a flash,that was all she knew before she slummed and her world went dark.

Hi lovelies,this is a new book, I hope you love it,please comment your thoughts and please don't forget to be nice,the book is not perfect so I'm ready for your opinions and suggestions
This book might contain grammatical errors please don't hate,my English might not be good too bear with me my language is not English so I try my best in writing it.if you love my book don't forget to vote,share and comment

I love you all

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