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Our Fates are Sealed Our Souls are Sold

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Miriam, a feared assassin is just living her life when she gets captured. Luckily for her the king offers her a job "Infiltrate the enemy castle or be sentenced to death." She accepts, but what will happen when she comes across unexpected acquaintances?

Fantasy / Romance
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Caught in the spiders disgusting web (prolouge)

In hindsight, Stealing from the Hellfield Castle was a stupid thing to do, really; They're called the 'scariest' kingdom for a reason. The heist had started off well. I got over the gates and climbed in from a second story window, from there I snuck down the hall and walked straight into the gem room. It was, luckily, unguarded because of the ball happening right beneath my feet.
The gem room was beautiful. It was basically the size of my house and filled to the brim with polished and precious metals. The floor was ancient Stargrow wood which, according to legends, had went extinct when the kingdom of Skyfall had been wiped of the map. NO! Shake it off! Be a history nerd later!
I stepped into the gem room and things immediately went wrong. The floor board immediately split from pressure and upset the entire balance of the room off. Thus millions of gems suddenly rushed out of the room burying me beneath them. FRICKING FAIRY STICKS! I immediately tried to get up when I was struck on the head by a diamond. I crumbled to the floor. The last thing I saw before passing out was guards in their ruby and obsidian Armour that looked honestly ridiculous.
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