Otherworldly Ability-Possessors Are What We Are (Romantic Breaker Effervescence)

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Whilst concocting tales, a writer's sudden awakening of afflatuses mesh around the group’s activities as they complete their midterms project on that weeklong holiday.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

-All alone-

’Sometimes I find it strange. I’m suppose to quit writing but something is pulling me back. A brute online where I used to post my fictional works once told me this: ‘If it doesn’t earn you any money nor fame then why do you do it?’ I see what she is trying to bluntly tell me. I get no recognition at all, not a single person even click on my work to even view a single word of it. I can see it in the hosting site’s statistics. Considering not just that but the many indirect but apparent forms of cyber-bullying, I ask myself lots of times - Is it really worthwhile to write again? Write about things I like and love and not about the things that only interest the masses (which are about things I clearly don’t really give a damn about). I do want to write again but about what I want to write just because! Clearly, this person wanted to say that no one wants my work. Sadly because of what that insensitive brute and all her mean cohorts had said to me before, I almost never write afterwards. I tried to convince myself many times, that she may be right. Writing alone isn’t helping me in terms of earning a living, it was a hobby, well it used to be, but sadly it isn’t anymore since I almost never do it nor have I written anything lately. After having read that harsh commentator’s review of my work, I lost the will and drive to write. It’s been such a long time. Could it be that this brute made me realise that I lack something in my writings? The love of writing or be it anything that you cherish as a passion, love all by itself, doesn’t put food on the table, it doesn’t pay the bills, it doesn’t guarantee of your survival in the most realistic sense, it doesn’t acquire you good grades since it never has anything to do with your studies. So what is it? A horrible pull from something evil to divert you from ‘what really matters’ to do to survive in this harsh world just for acceptance? If doing what is in accordance to what is acceptable to society is something that I don’t care about and want nothing to do with, does that mean I’m the bad one?′

“Kuoey! Guys! Let’s try this one!”

Miku’s writing halts the moment she overhears her neighbor holler to her older brother at a distance. Glancing out of the window in front of the desk she is scribbling on views a vast sea of green. Needless to say, it was a splendid sight with a quantity of scenes of either fields of flowers, of fruit bearing trees or clusters of grass clumps scattered on their own designated area. She took her time off away from the group for an hour for her own choice of activity. Since everyone decided to spend the weeklong holiday together whilst doing their project, it is an understandable necessity for each and every one of them. So earlier when the urge to be alone came to her, she requested her time-off from the group and delegated the activity’s decision-making to the rest.

“I think our day would be spent much more enjoyably if we choose this one! So this one! This one!”

Her sightseeing and daydreaming were interrupted one again when she overhears the loud shorthaired blonde assert to her brawny elder sibling and their friends what she may have considered an acceptable choice. Looking at the them makes her feel a reflecting tad of envy. She envies Rin for being all out on her choices and how she presses them on others. There are numerous times she was proven wrong but she doesn’t hesitate to continually encourage them to be open and give her decisions a shot –of course with now amended adjustments and angles because there are times she crosses the line.

’I sometimes envy Rin but not with her for being so pushy but by the fact that her forcefulness seem rather commendable at times. There is a huge difference between Rin and me. Rin nearly never hesitates and always acts impulsively once something has caught her interest whilst I… am I such an overly wary thinker or am I just addicted to over-thinking? Yes, it is trivial but what is it that makes me so affected?′ She contemplates over the trivial matter.

“Rubbish, Rin! Why not we all make a vote to determine the one we all wanted for today as majority’s pick?”

Hearing this makes Miku suddenly grin. Glancing to the next girl near Rin, she obviously recognises the proud and confident manner of conversing. The classy strawberry blonde girl next to Rin used to be extremely forceful herself to the point that there was a time the people around her gave up on hoping that she will ever become a considerate person. But look at her now, taking note that she actually suggested everyone to select a choice and not compel them to settle on hers alone clearly stated otherwise. It is all thanks to the lively shorthaired blonde’s statuesque cousin why Neru turn over a new leaf.

‘Before, I don’t really envy Neru at all. But now I somewhat do. Could it be because her remarkable positive change made an impact on me to reconsider my standings to myself? I am not prominently as self-absorbed as her but oh dear what is this now? Could I actually be obsessed with myself as well?’

Shaking her head whilst looking back at the paper she is scribbling on, she couldn’t help but take a few shy glimpses at the boy beside her with the towering stature. He has an arm wrapped around the girl’s shoulder whilst he listens to the group’s discussion during their meeting. Finally she chuckles as she recalls actually having a deep crush on that very lad. As it turns out, it was truly deep admiration that she felt before because he is known to be the most helpful young man in town and despite that he is aware of everyone’s impression on him, he never actually wanted the attention from doing the impulsive complimentary favors. Rinto is busy caring for the resting little tyke tucked calmly in his other arm which his partner strokes carefully before he takes him to the playpen nearby with the other slumbering little ones.

I love you! But to be clear, for being an inspiration to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for unsuspectingly doing the wonderful favor, Rinto,′ muses the tealette dreamily at recalling such a refreshing nostalgia. She starts giggling whilst lifting the notebook to cover her face for a while, hiding her crimsoned visage whilst her hand twitches to go on writing. So she sets the notebook back steady on the desk’s surface to scribble.

“Oh I think it’s nothing to debate about really, so just pick any excursion venue. They all look wonderful anyway. I don’t mind selecting any of them for today’s activities. If Neru hadn’t suggested on voting, I’d say toss a twenty-sided dice,” incites the tall lad’s voluptuous twin sister. The shapely blonde takes a couple of the pictures off her cousin’s hand and look at them with her partner, Nero. The boy beside her has his own mobile device that he uses to take snapshots of the materialised photographs of designations, deciding which is the most viable pick.

And of course who wouldn’t envy Lenka, she is clearly a jack of all trades in relation to her family’s business. Her parents and so does her cousin’s parents think that she’ll be the next successor to their clan’s vast lands and horticultural heritage. Len, of course, is the second choice, followed by Rinto, then comes last is Rin. They all understand their parents didn’t mean to compare one from the other. It is just crystal clear that it is she who is most interested in caring for their family’s fields and its operations so it makes sense. Also she has all the support of her cousins and sibling which goes with it.′ She commends her for her well-roundedness in their family’s affairs.

Everyone wanted to go somewhere isolated just like the realm they have recently stopover the other day. That realm was vast and pretty similar to an arctic tundra, even though it was extremely violent, it gave them all the most thrilling mystical adventure in their life.

This time, the group is selecting an island realm with all the tropical pleasures they can find possible, preferably a secluded one. The snapshot pictures of warm and picturesque spots from various tropical areas are of course materialised by none other but Len, the group’s otherworldly entity who generously offered the rest with extraordinary journeys to different realms.

“Actually I wouldn’t mind selecting this place as our excursion spot. However, this picture somewhat shows how blaringly scorching it is here, will that be ok guys?” wonders the youngest girl of the group.

Upon overhearing her mellifluous voice, this once again made her look up from her notebook. Miku peers through the window seeing Olivia staring at Nero’s gadget which Lenka just passed to her as she studies the photograph of the excursion spot of their liking.

Last but not the least, Olivia. She’s thoughtful, friendly, selfless but also a smart and strong person, clearly praiseworthy traits I somehow acknowledge enviable. She not only has a cherishing demeanor but her determination to live life to the fullest as harmoniously as possible with others is also something I hope I have in me. Do I or don’t I?′ She wonders in the depths of her thoughts.

The goldenette is enveloped between two boys whom couldn’t leave her side for they find each other a threat as they crave solely for her attention. Piko is glaring murderously at Len whilst Len retaliates the darting of daggers at Piko.

Aha!′ An afflatus just suddenly transpires to her. Giggling, ′I’m going to write something about them. Thank you for being my divine inspiration for writing. I love you guys.′ Miku grins and giggles uncontrollably before she is able to carry on.

Glimpsing out the window at the catchy, intriguing scene once again, she feels so inspired whilst looking down at the notebook’s page, scrutinising. As soon as she grabs her pen and steady her hand on the notebook, which she prefers to write on first before moving over to a laptop, the words appear abundantly. Moments pass whilst she scribbles and giggles from time to time, writing and editing, slashing out words and paraphrasing and so on until her weapon is out of ammo. Selecting another pen, she continues to write on despite the grammatical errors for she can always revise it later.

She finishes a short literary work. “E Moon… umh…” She whispers the incomplete title when she begins writing the draft of its sequel.

After some time, she looks back at the scene that her window enticingly displays but then it occurred to her that someone over there is missing.

“We respect and discern that this is your alone-time hour for your hobby…” Interrupting her room’s silence, Miku turns around from her desk to face him, “but I couldn’t help but notice you were glancing at us jovially during your moment of solitude.”

Sauntering across the room towards her, Oliver deadpans but his charming smirk otherwise recoils the stolid verbal communication manner quite amusingly. He points at the notebook and this cues Miku to look back at her work.

Lo! Her writings are glowing! In fact, all the pages that she has written on are gleaming and then after a couple of seconds marveling at them the gleam dissipates.

“I’m just so pleased at how much the people and surroundings around me give me so much ideas for my hankering on writing my own creative works again. You remember I told you I quit this pastime of mine, right? Because I thought it was a waste of time and effort. Well, it was really insincere. I never really wanted to quit... I was really just driven by inconsiderate circumstances pointing out that I must.” She pauses to reconsider her words.

“It was strange though, I just asked for an hour’s time off to think about our project’s progress but then the next thing I noticed, my hand automatically scribbled stories on my old notebook where I used to write my previous fictional works. This rare point of rapture makes me find myself writing tirelessly.” She adjourns her alone time closing her notebook and reaches for his hand as she stands up.

Tucking the notebook by her other arm, ′I’m not really sure why but despite all the hesitations and obstacles that my over-thinking ceaselessly tries to make me reconsider just so I can make it work out with what is about to come to my life even though others’ expectations might collide with my own,… I am happy. And I couldn’t think of a better way of spending or overcoming it but with the people I love and care about.′ Miku beams at the happy thought, and with that, her worries of others’ good or bad concerns about her works instantly depletes.

-Outside the house-

“Hey Miku, we decided to go here.” Rin hands her the photograph of the excursion spot.

“The place looks spectacular. Wow, are those skies really that colourful? How I want to see them in actual. This pick is awesome, guys.” She compliments their chosen excursion spot cheerfully.


The group readies their necessary items and carefully lift their assigned SP progeny for a day of excursion. Writing a report in their homework logbook will be tricky but they believe their homeroom teacher, Professor Kamui has an open mind to read about their extraordinary journey elucidations of the day’s event. After preparations, “Is everybody ready? If all is set then let’s go guys.” Len says as he materialises a warp portal and then each individual pass through it.

-Over there-

Whilst most of them are playing along the waves of the beach, Miku settles down under an umbrella on her mat and types the draft in the notebook to her laptop, completely ensnared with her work once again.

“Let’s see…” She mutters beginning a new story prior to her first ones.

-Starting her story-

Chapter 0 - Prelude: We don’t want to be pussified! - said the boys.

At the wintry party venue (…) ...

At the girls’ corner...

“HUUURRRRAAAYYY!” All the girls jump in joy and squeal in triumph.

“Good job! That was really amazing!” Olivia claps and squeals excitedly.

“Now you can make the boys do whatever you want!” Lenka chimes in, half chuckling.

“Oh I’ll say! So surprised she did it. A win’s a win after all. Ohohohoho!” Neru remarks cynically but cheers for her as well, though not believing that it is truly a matter of luck kind of thing. (+1) Her eyes search every angle at their representative for a trace of trickery for her mistrustful achievement.

“I knew you’re the best representative for this, Rin!” Miku cheers with a wink.

“Yey! Yeah!
’lil bro!” Proudly, Rin taunts him whilst twerking at the beat of the lively background music where she dances with the other rejoicing girls.

At the same time on the boys’ corner…

. . . . . . . . . Their sweats drop.

“NO DARN FREAKING WAY! ! !” All the boys shrill in sheer incomprehension.

“WTH Len! We chose you to represent us because you have past-reading abilities(+) and you were out-read!? SHAME!” Piko rants in sheer disappointment.

“How can someone like you(+) lose to Rin?” rages Nero in utmost disbelief.

“Oh crap! I really hated doing girly activities with the girls. And since it is Rin’s call, she’ll pick the worst kind!” Mikuo gasps in displeasure at what’s about to come to them.

“She is your twin sister and you just allowed her to outsmart you? WHAT A LAME-ASS ENTITY!(+) SHAME ON YOU!” Oliver glares fiercely and then jerks his head to the side and groans exasperatedly at the tedious activity that they now have to go through.

“I guess you win some, you lose some… even if you are an almighty Entity of Glaciers,” says Rinto as his sweat drops in sympathy as he pats his stupefied cousin on the shoulder.

Wide-eyed and open-mouthed, Len himself couldn’t believe in his blasted streak of rotten luck.




He also screams with the other boys.


The group of eleven 16-15 year olds are having an argument concerning on their next party activity as a whole. With that being debated, they decided to compete for the privilege of who will be decider. After narrowing the candidates down to two and along with their apparent allies, Len and Rin are the representatives of each opposing sides.

What did they need to do?
Draw lots.

Rules and mechanics?

The two representatives will pull out a stick in a bundle of 50 sticks which were inserted in two opaque vases.

For the boys,
If the representative draws the pink-tipped stick first, their side is compelled to do whatever activity the girls suggest.

For the girls,
If the representative draws the blue-tipped stick first, they will do whatever the boys please.

For both,
Whoever gets a white-tipped stick, doesn’t get to do anything for the opposing side.

If both of them get white-tipped sticks, they have to draw again until one gets a coloured-tipped stick.

There is only 1 pink and 1 blue-tipped stick inserted separately in each of the 2 bundles of 50 white-tipped sticks.

Nearly disoriented...

‘Shit! Shit! SSSSSSSSHIT!’ In his mind, Len cusses in disbelief whilst his twitching fingers lift up a thin stick with a metallic pink-coloured tip in front of them.

Could his conniving pranks queen sibling pulled a fast one on him? (+1)

Then Rin temporarily heads into the right tent and comes out with her hefty orange duffel bag. The six male members of the group gulp at what they thought is a huge container full of cosmetics, hair styling equipment and beauty products.

In front of the group, she unzips it, clutches inside and flops on the table her favorite comics collection, novels, tapes and gadgets. Next, she researches on her iPad the latest update on it online and places it on the table.

Upon recognition, “Shit! Not that again! Argh! No!” Mikuo, her boyfriend, screams frenetically. He is the oldest of the eleven friends but even he gets so de-brained from boredom with Rin’s forcing whenever she wants him to watch and read it with her over and over again.

Oliver’s right eyebrow lifts up upon recognition too. “These again? I fell asleep right after a few episodes when you forced me, big brother, Len and Rinto to watch it last yuletide season.” By mentioning big brother, he meant Mikuo since he was taken in by Mikuo and Miku’s parents and grew up with them for almost six years.

“I never get to reach even one-tenth of that series, it knocks me out too… after... oh I lost count how many episodes it was.” Rinto says whilst chuckling awkwardly at the tedious experience.

“Ugh!” Len facepalms in utter annoyance for even he falls asleep in just a few episodes of it.

Nero and Piko look at them uncomfortably due to their inexperience. Being the youngest boys in the group, they are apparently unaware of their inevitable fate.

“Since the four of you lived closely to Rin, it must have been one heck of a girly activity that a guy cannot stomach watching it very long.” Piko assumes judging from their reactions.

“What the… Are these a bunch of Betamax tapes? How ancient! What are we going to watch, something like an entire Bible condensed on film?” Nero asks skeptically, picking a couple of tapes up.

Being the richest male who always has the latest gadgetries within his reach, he couldn’t believe anybody still owns any Betamaxes. His eyes pop even wider when he sees Rin pull out from the bag the Betamax unit itself and a… ‘a rewinder’!? He gasps in his thoughts, open-mouthed.

“You are talking about ‘Rin’, Nero. You know her tastes.” Miku reminds him.

Lifting one, Piko reads the title, “Episode 104 – A clinic that doesn’t need angels” then his jaw drops.

Quivering, “Are…Are t…these ancient n-naughty videos for girls from your grandmother’s heirloom!?” Nero wheezes whilst dropping the tapes.

He and Piko turn white in shock glancing to the other boys who were all groaning in complete misery and not looking their way.

His guess and the two boys’ faces make Rin grin quite broadly that it made them both shudder.

Impulsively, Nero clings and clutches Lenka whilst Piko enclasps Olivia. “I-I… I don’t want anything to do with your grandmother’s stash of p-p…” Piko stammers in apprehension.

In his grip, Olivia blinks innocently as she appears puzzled about the conversation.

Believing that it is what they think it is too, “I am not watching those, Rin! How classless can you get? And you’re going to lower us to your level? Grouse! Come on little brother, Piko and Olivia, I won’t allow you three to lose your innocence and be traumatized on her behalf.” Neru, Nero’s older sister, remarks in disgust as she takes the three youngest members of the group away from the picnic table.

“What do you mean by ′naughty videos for girls’, Nero?” Olivia queries him unknowingly with a pestering curiosity that wouldn’t let her rest her mind.

Jumping because the query was inquired on him, “It.. it’s… g...y p….n” Nero stutters nervously whilst censoring the phrase, taking into consideration that she is the most innocent member of the group.

Hurriedly covering her ears behind her, “Don’t tell her! Lots of girls get addicted to those gut-churning comics, novels or animations. I don’t want my Olivia to become a dirty-minded, g*y po*n-addicted wench like them!” Piko alerts Nero in full alarm whilst also censoring the phrase.

“Don’t be silly, Nero my love. It isn’t.” Lenka says whilst giggling at their expressive reactions.

Miku giggles too at the two innocent boys’ jittery response. “That’s right. No need to be alarmed.”

“Are you sure, Lenka and Miku? Rin may be pulling another prank on us again. I rather have the boys be our fashion models or makeover test subjects than let them be traumatized with ancient lubricity.” Neru queries suspiciously.

After hearing the words models and test subjects, Nero and Piko aren’t the only boys whose faces turn white. Len cusses, Mikuo grimaces, Oliver facepalms and Rinto gulps nervously at the prospect of being photographed in feminine ensembles with embarrassing poses, all of them thanking that Neru wasn’t the girl’s decider. They huddle up and think of a strategy to outmaneuver them.

When they have decided, “Girls, isn’t there a way for you to let Olivia be the pastime decider instead?” Rinto persuades them nicely.

“We will even make it up to 3 activities of her choice as penalty if you only let her decide.” Piko chimes in immediately to be more enticing.

Completely taking the bait, “Three activities? That deal is quite a catch, guys. Sure!” Lenka agrees ecstatically.

“I’m fine with it too.” Miku consents willingly too, smiling kindly at figuring out their harmless scheme.

“I don’t mind letting Olivia decide, her suggestions earlier sound fun, dreamy and magnetic.” Neru also concurs with interest.

“WTF!? NO! We all agreed that I will decide!” Rin flatly refuses and protests in outrage.

Surprised, Olivia glances at them for the sudden appeal. “Why would you want to swap Rin as decider for me, boys?”

“We voted on it and you won unanimously.” Mikuo says cordially.

“For the obvious reason that you are kind, considerate and wouldn’t compel us on a tedious, embarrassing or time-consuming pastime, dear sweet sister.” Oliver muses frankly, recalling earlier that she just suggested for them all to play her favorite online game or to practice flight/hovering skills in the night’s skies together for only 15 minutes.

“Oh crap! Dude, shut up!” Nero whispers whilst covering his mouth right away.

“What was that? Repeat that again, Omiku! I obligate you to say it to my face. WHY!?” Rin demands with a pout, frowning intensely for their desire to swap her.

Irritably pointing to her face, “Because we don’t like you OR your utterly dumb, notoriously inconsiderate and, most of all, absolutely lengthy ‘suggestions’! We want Olivia to decide so that everyone will be fine and happy with it!” Len says with all his patience drained.

“I WON THE HONOR OF SELECTING OUR NEXT PARTY ACTIVITY SO DEAL WITH IT, LOSER!” Rin retorts but still grins at his expense. Then Rin compels them once more to pay attention on the items on the table.

After distributing each member a comic book, novel volume and directing an update link on their smartphones, Rin makes them sit around the center of the party venue on their respective sofas and sets up the unit to the large screen TV for viewing.

“Great! An entire evening reading and watching a marathon of old cartoons whilst browsing about it in both ancient published works and online.” Len remarks sarcastically with Mikuo, Oliver and Rinto groaning at their hard luck.

“Is it really that horrible, guys?” Nero and Piko ask them.

“No, it isn’t guys. It is a coming-of-age, romance novel, comics, animation and other collective prose. All have different adaptations but have the same admirable main character. It’s old but it’s really good.” Lenka assures them again.

Lifting her iPad and smartphone, “On contraire, not all of these are old! There are new adaptations or variations regularly. Let’s watch it while skimming through the books and new stories online.” Rin informs them about the latest news on the novel, comics, animation and various written prose.

Taking a seat and lifting a book, “Candy Candy?” Olivia reads the novel’s title whilst Piko, Neru and Nero glance at the distributed items handed to them.

Eying the book handed to her, “By the title itself, it sounds so suspiciously naughty. If there’s anything about ZYXXX or whatever dirty in here, I swear I am going to beat the crap out of you, Rin! We are with our SP children(-) for God’s sake!” Neru warns her threateningly.

“Since Lenka said that it isn’t, maybe it’s a confectioneries or cooking based novel.” Nero tries to be less suspicious, taking into account that Lenka likes it and is talented in both baking and cooking.

“Well, it seems like it’s wholesome enough to read and watch with our SP progenies(-). There are suggestive hints in the modern updates of the reading compartment and new videos but it’s nothing drastic. If it comes to those scenes, we just skip those parts the story. The first edition of the animation has been tapered for children’s viewing, other revised promotional works and videos however have a bit of fade-to-black to sensitive adult scenes.

Hmm… I see. Wow Rin, I guess you’re interested in something educational after all. According to this, it is both a factual and fictional collection of various prose and literary works. It is more on romance but has a few accurate, positive historical and religious content. Some works even teaches from introduction to intermediate lessons about varied sorts of management, medicine and good public relations that helps readers develop good interpretative skills.” Piko informs them after he skims an information on his iPad and flips through the pages of an old book’s volume.

“Wow, what a commendable review! Don’t you think so Athrylith(-) honey?” Olivia remarks in admiration whilst she cradles their spherical bundle of joy and pet blizzard leash creature.

“It sure is, Mommy. This is kind of interesting.” Athrylith agrees in accordance whilst flipping the pages of the comic book that Rin handed him.

“I’ll give it a shot since it impresses Olivia and Athrylith for as long as we skip the inappropriate, mature scenes for our SP offsprings’ sake. ” Piko smiles and kisses her after he sees Olivia seemingly interested. Then he presses her, their SP child and pet against him in a cuddle.

“Let’s give it a shot too then. Since it’s for girls, Veilchenblau might appreciate it. Won’t you, precious? ” Nero caves in as well whilst he tickles his thrilled SP daughter in his SP partner’s embrace.

“Ok Papa, let’s give it a shot too because the heroine is pretty. I wish I’ll be as pretty as her.” Veilchenblau replies as she happily shows the page of the comic book she’s skimming.

Thinking carefully whilst looking at his own SP daughter who is interestedly reading a comic book volume, “You’re right, guys. I guess we can just get it over with. At least, reading the latest literary works doesn’t induce sleep compared to watching the ancient animation.” Mikuo decides to just deal with it as he remembers that he never did pay much attention to the informative side of the pastime.

“We shall be watching something utterly unfit for men so I hope you won’t become too effeminate after this.” Oliver remarks whilst he grins at his SP son who is hovering beside him, his belle and sibling SP child.

“F-F-Father! What are you saying!? I like girls not boys! In fact, I think I’ll admire this pretty heroine, but, I do wish I can draw as good as this remarkable artistic style.” James stammers as his sweat drops whilst showing the comics handed to him.

Giggling, “Don’t worry James, your father is just teasing you. I hope you wouldn’t be too bored, Joyance dear.” Miku says as she smooches and embraces him and his brother.

“I’ll just watch it silently and be good, mother.” Joyance answers very uninterestedly, not even touching the comics.

“I’ll make us some coffee and energy drinks then.” Rinto says with a smile after handing his SP child Prince to his partner Neru.

“Father, may we eat some of Aunt Rin’s chocomango jelly-pudding(*) whilst we watch and browse, please?” Prince requests as he temporarily stops tinkering with his little high-tech gadget.

Asking their SP parents as well, “Oh I want some too please.” “Please Mommy, Daddy, may I?” the other SP children request to eat the scrumptious delicacy.

“Sure you may, kids. That’s the spirit everyone! But I’m warning you boys, whoever falls asleep first shall wake up with a lot of semi indelible make-up.” Rin chuckles as she helps Rinto and the others prepare the desert and drinks.

And so...

“ZZZZzzzZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz...” Nero and Piko are now far, far away in Snoozeland as they lean against their SP partners on separate chaise lounges near the middle of the party venue.

“Happens to first timers all the time. We voted for Nero to become knocked-out first. Pay up!” Mikuo says in triumph whilst Len and Oliver toss him and Rinto the cash.

“Grr! That lowly blader! I could have sworn he was about to drop on his face first... *yawn!” Oliver mumbles irritably whilst rubbing his glossy eyes from forcing them to remain open. He lounges on the divan beside his belle after kissing her and then closes his eyes.

Whispering as she checks on them, “James? Joyance? Hm… they fell asleep too.” Miku notices her two winged SP sons also snoozing on the fluffy carpet in front of them. She lifts them up each with one arm and decides to let them rest alongside her.

Turning around, she couldn’t help by gain a gentle smile at seeing her beau resting peacefully with a very angelic countenance. Tenderly, she kisses him on the lips, carefully leans him comfortably to nestle beside her and the SP offsprings and then she views the show in tranquility.

“Looks like male SP children aren’t exempted from catching this sleep inducing pastime.” Rinto says rubbing his eyes whilst gently stroking Prince on his lap who also fell asleep. Noticing an unfinished bowl of Rin’s jelly-pudding with him, he finishes the contents and places the bowl aside. Then he sits beside Neru who is preoccupied watching the show.

“You can say that again.” Mikuo replies as he gulps an entire bucket of coffee, munches on VREs, HSSes and jelly-pudding whilst nestling beside Rin and Winner on their seat.

“*Yawn!” Len yawns next after Oliver fell asleep and then groans from a slight headache.

He catches sight of Olivia who is now free from Piko’s loosened embrace so he takes the opportunity to squeeze next to her and enclasp her in his arms.

“Athrylith fell asleep right before Piko did and even Snakey too, see guys? If I’m suspicious, I’ll say this show has a hypnotic effect on boys.” Olivia says as she strokes the SP child and the glacial pet seated on Piko’s lap at the left side of the chaise lounge.

Looking to the right, “Looks like you’re about to fall asleep too. Does your head hurt, Len?” she queries upon noticing him falter out of balance.

“Huh? Ugh, sorry… Why does this keep happening every time we marathon this show? It is as if this is a….” He struggles to sit comfortably whilst holding his head to grasp any information.

Olivia wonders too. Looking around, she notices Mikuo and Rinto have now also reclined peacefully on their respective settees leaning beside their SP partners and children. Nero and Oliver are clearly asleep much earlier than they were.

Lenka, Miku, Neru, Rin and the two SP daughters are so deeply absorbed watching the show that they are not even blinking. It appears they are all mesmerized by it.

Abruptly, she overhears Len whisper one of his nullification skills. Weakly, he shifts her head to face him. Then with what is seemingly left of his fortitude, he presses his lips on hers. After a couple of seconds, a visible glint flickers and shrouds Olivia then it dissipates. Afterwards, he too crashes into her embrace and fell into a deep slumber.

“Len, what’s happening? Are you alright? Piko, wake up!” Olivia says touching his forehead in case he is ill. Then she tries to wake Piko up but he didn’t budge at the slightest.

She looks around in the party venue again. The girls are immobile staring at the screen catatonically. She calls for their attention but they didn’t respond. The boys are all slumbering beside them as if they have been so exhausted and required sleep desperately.

Upon impulse, she stands up from her seat, hurries in front of the TV and video unit and switches them off. She shrieks when the appliances eerily didn’t shut down after many tries.

She then grasps for the appliances’ cords and unplugs the entire connection. The sounds disperse but the brightness from the images blares intensely as if it wasn’t a standard entertainment set.

Stumbling back on her bottom, she scrambles back to the divan.

Out of inexplicable fear, she clutches on both boys at the opposite sides of her and hugs them by each arm tightly as the deafening soundlessness creeps around her.

Shuddering for feeling so left alone, ‘What’s happening? Piko… Len... please wake up. I’m scared. I feel something’s dreadfully ominous in the vicinity and I don’t know if I can defend you all by myself.’ Olivia panics in her thoughts whilst sensing the strangeness hidden and mixed within the surroundings intensify.

Whilst hoping that someone wakes up or snaps out from catatonic state, she glances at the bright light on the turned off flat screen and shudders when she sees it slowly blurs into a smoldering red haze. The eerie haze emits and rapidly propels numerous rays towards her.

“AAAAAAaaaaahhhhh! ! ! !” She screams upon being hit harshly but the emissions were absorbed into her and barely harmed her. After what happened, she realises that a glinting luminescence enveloping her entire body protected her.

Telepathically sending her a message...
‘Olivia… No matter how much I try, I cannot open my eyes or even move any part of my body from this sleeping state. I think there is a scourge’s subordinate lurking around the area and has caused this. Kindly use your immunity from its curse to find and annihilate it. You can do it. You are strong! Don’t be afraid for I promise I will always be with you…’ Piko notifies her. His 14 blades in orb forms appear and hover around her in assistance to her mission.

Also telepathically sending her a message...
’Olivia... I’m in the same ordeal, I cannot awake no matter how much I persevere. What I just gave you with the kiss earlier is a curse-nullification barrier to protect you from being mesmerized like the other girls. The enemy will never be able to captivate you if it attempts to do so again. Don’t worry for I will always be with you, rest assured…. Len informs her. Afterwards, Cryfaf, his glistering blade in orb form comes forth to assist her.

The fifteen orbs expand, resume to their original forms and await her commands.

‘I love you!’ She hears Piko and Len’s fading message reverberate simultaneously.

‘I love you too and I vow that I will save everyone.’ She agrees after gaining courage from their words. She kisses them, then stands up and transforms into her battle armor.

She searches high and low around the area with the help of the 15 blades assisting her but she found no trace of the scourge’s subordinate or any clues on how to dispel the curse.

The last place she could think of where it is hiding is on the other side of the blurs and haze of the eerie screen.

Darting it with a fierce face and with a deep breath, she leaps into it fearlessly.

-Back on the otherworldly realm’s beach-

Miku ends her concocted prose for now.

“Aha! Why are you writing about us?” Someone remarks in a seemingly menacing and teasing manner.

“Eep!” Miku squeaks when she realises Rin has snuck up behind her who was skimming through the prose. She darts her a frown whilst grasping her laptop tightly, securing that Rin wouldn’t snatch it away to show her work to the others.

After doing so, she notices her looking away and quite distracted from her previous mischievous scheme. “Hey! Let me ride in one of those too,” Rin calls out towards Nero and Mikuo who were about to embark on mystically-materialised dune buggies with their SP progenies.

Breathing out a breath of relief as Rin leaves her alone, Miku resumes back to her own leisure activity.

Hm... I don’t have a title for this one. Oh well… I guess I’ll leave that as is for now.

Then she stands and heads towards where her winged SP progenies are frolicking to check on them.

Author’s Notes:

Romantic Breaker, a Vocaloid fiction Characters: Age (oldest to youngest) and relationships

Mikuo (16) – Miku and Omiku Angelus’ older brother; he is 10 months older than his siblings; Rin’s longtime boyfriend

Rinto (16) – Lenka’s older twin brother; Len and Rin’s first cousin; Neru’s chosen suitor/aspiring boyfriend

Lenka (16) – Rinto’s twin sister; Nero’s aspiring girlfriend; Len and Rin’s first cousin

Neru (16) – Nero’s older sister; Rinto’s aspiring girlfriend

Rin (16) – Len’s older twin sister; Mikuo’s longtime girlfriend; Rinto and Lenka’s first cousin

Len (16) – Rin’s twin brother; Olivia’s soi-disant boyfriend; Rinto and Lenka’s first cousin

Miku (16) – Mikuo and Omiku Angelus’ sister; she is 3 days older than Omiku; Oliver’s girlfriend

Oliver (16) – christened as Omiku Angelus being Mikuo and Miku’s younger foster brother; Miku’s boyfriend

Nero (15) – Neru’s younger brother; Lenka’s chosen suitor/aspiring boyfriend

Piko (15) – only single child in the group; Olivia’s acknowledged boyfriend

Olivia (15) – Oliver’s full-biological younger sister, she is 7 months younger than him; Piko’s acknowledged girlfriend; Len’s irrésolu girlfriend

Informative Romantic Breaker Footnotes:

(+1) Referred to Romantic Breaker (all Arcs) Rin is considered as the infamous pranks queen of the group of eleven. Her reputation is known not only throughout town but globally for she captures footage of her mischievous escapades and uploads it in her social media site accounts.

(…) Referred to Romantic Breaker (Arc2~Arc4) starting on chapters 13 & 14 After Arc 1, Len finally embraces his new self that he has been concealing for 3 years to which he then resolves to learn and utilize his abilities. (An Entity requires to use his abilities frequently as the same as a standard human Earthling requires to breathe, eat, etc.) He transformed their somewhat fun-lacking summery party venue in the middle of his family’s vast fields into an amazingly breathtaking wintry party venue.

(+) Referred to Romantic Breaker Arc 3 chapter 32 – Len discovered that he possessed ‘Vast-Entity Knowledge’ that enables him to gather information from his entity self’s wisdom which also comprises of detecting a person’s past experience.

Nero mentioned someone like you specifying that:

Len is an ‘Entity’, a godlike being who possesses vast abilities in his particular field of elemental attributes, usually glacier related but also possesses a wide range of various non-elemental abilities.

Nero also meant someone similar to Piko, Oliver or Olivia since the four of them are all top powerful otherworldly ability-possessors and are NOT standard human beings as revealed in Romantic Breaker Arc 1 (Len), Arc 2 (Piko), Arc 3 (Olivia) and Arc 4 (Oliver).

But unlike Len, the three of them are innate or are born with extraordinary abilities in relation to their specified race. (Piko being revealed as amongst the infamous Cosmic Blader race whilst Oliver and Olivia from his people’s longtime adversary, the Abysslan race. –In other words, people born from other realms) whilst Len was imbued by a dormant entity which now resides deep within his soul (refer to Arc1-c11 for Len; Arc2-c17.5 for Olivia; Arc2-c21 for Oliver and Arc4-c42/43 for Piko).

In addition and comparable to the three, Len also possesses an unlimited supply of MPs or mystical potency which is necessary for skill utilization. Piko, Olivia and Oliver however vaguely relies on their choice of supposed MP chargers: anything chocolate for Piko and Olivia; chunky cookie butter for Oliver.

(-) Referred to Romantic Breaker (all Arcs)

SP progenies/offsprings are the group’s allegorical and mysterious Science Project children in forms of spheres that were issued to them by their eccentric teacher advisor, Professor Kamui, who is also a top astrobiophysicist.

The SP children are as follows:

Athrylith – Piko and Olivia’s SP son (with flight ability – wingless, Arc4c46)
Joyance – Len and Miku’s SP son (with flight ability – glacial winged, Arc4c39)
Winner – Mikuo and Rin’s SP daughter
Prince – Rinto and Neru’s SP son
Veilchenblau – Nero and Lenka’s SP daughter
James – Omiku Angelus’ SP son; later became Oliver and Miku’s SP son (with flight ability – golden winged, Arc4c41)

They appear to be an extra large egg at first (Arc1) but then grows, becomes mobile (Arcs2&3) and then later can transform into full-size 15-16 year old human forms (Arc4).

The SP offsprings were issued to pairs with the exception of Omiku Angelus. In his former college, the scientists do not consider Professor Kamui’s coupling theory of progressing/raising the SP progenies therefore half of the specimens were issued to have only a single parent. In half a week, most of them with a single parent perished; and at the end of the week, all of them expired except for one.

To their surprise despite the fact that he is without a partner, Omiku Angelus is the only student with a live SP child after seven days.

Therefore as instructed by the theoretical analyzers in the university, he was immediately transferred to the university where Professor Kamui is working, who is also conducting the same research, believing that he is the most reputable scientist handling the study. (further clarified in Arc 5 Chapter 52)

In Arc 4, Omiku Angelus is revealed as really Abyssmal Prince Oliver, Olivia’s full-biological older sibling and a royal young knight from their true homeland, the Abyss Realm.

Later in Arc 4, he seduces Miku to be his lover and SP partner since she and Len have officially ended their relationship with the minor intention of James’ survival thus making Miku the SP mother to two winged SP children and ensuring James’ guaranteed extended lifespan.

(*) Referred to Romantic Breaker Arc2~4

Chocomango Jelly-turned-Pudding Rin’s homemade original recipe desert (Arc1c19) comprises of homegrown and handmade chocolates in mango jelly which is molded into a sculpture but later was reduced into a pudding for losing its gelling consistency.

As it became apparent to their SP parents, every SP child favors nourishing themselves with Rin’s bizarre, grotesquely disfigured handmade snack above all other food items or dessert prepared for them as meals (as mentioned by Lenka in Arc3c33).

In Arc5c52, the reason why it is so is discovered and elucidated by Oliver with his keen sense of observation.

It is revealed that SP children’s rapid advancement were provided for unintentionally because of the dessert’s ingredients: mango fruits planted, grown and harvested by Len and cacao fruits which trees were altogether selected, planted, harvested and then made into homemade/handmade chocolates by Len, Olivia and Piko.

Consuming the dessert guarantees an SP child’s sure extended existence.

Other Words / Phrases terminologies
HP means health percentage (tells a person’s health condition and willpower); ‘Life’
MP means mystical potency/ percentage (tells a person state of supernatural ability); ‘Soul’
VRE means vigor restoration edible orbs (restores a moderate to great amount of HP and minimal MP) It looks like a luminous light blue cookie and it tastes absolutely delectable. It is cold but it doesn’t give the consumer any ailments from eating chilled treats. It can heal minor cuts, wounds, injuries and illnesses.
HSS or heal spectrum sphere (These are similar to Len’s vigor-restoration edibles/ VREs, only that they are healing items materialised by Piko. VREs tastes like exceptionally luscious frozen cookie dough whilst HSSs are comparable to chewy candy coated chocolate. VREs are as big as regular size meat bun to as small as cookies whilst HSS are bite-size or candy-size small.)
EEWG simply means, Entity Enhanced War Games.

This is a sequel.

Read Romantic Breaker novel here for convenience: www . inkitt stories /34652

This is original fiction but the character names are based from vocaloids.

Thank you for reading.
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