Quake : Elementals Series Book Two

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Chapter Thirteen


I wake Ira only a few hours after he drifted off. Even though I haven’t slept, I have recuperated enough that I’ll be able to get us to the mainland…whichever mainland is closest. In this case, Argentina. Which is suspiciously convenient, but I’ll take it. I used earth magic to find the nearest island across the sea, which lead me to the southern-most tip of Argentina, or is it Chile? I don’t know, the border gets a little thin in that small area. The point is, I can get us there.
I shake Ira again, taking his grunt as a sign that he’s awake enough to listen.
“We’ve gotta go Ira, it’s been a few hours. I doubt they’re still out here searching, but the faster we move the better.”
“I do not feel them,” he says, sitting up like one of those coffin vamps in old vampire movies. “Where do you suggest we go?”
“I don’t have the strength to fly us, but that doesn’t matter now that we’re on the water. I can us on land in a day or so,” I tell him, holding back that I might not have even that much strength.
“Okay then,” he says, looking at me like he knows that I’m completely wiped out.
Without another word, I let my power run through me, lighting up my marks, and the iceberg we’re in begins to reshape.
I melt the excess ice, crafting a small boat, before letting my power touch the sea. The water churns beneath us, responding to my magic, and the icy canoe shoots forward.

We make landfall just over a day and a half later. I passed out a few times, but I had to keep going. Half the islands I passed were uninhabited and we had to keep going. This island, however, is viable. There is a rundown looking building a few hundred metres inland and the beach is smooth. The canoe glides easily up the beach and I let it melt into the sand, hiding all evidence that someone landed here at all. My legs won’t work, so I scrounge up just enough power to pick both Ira and myself up and fling us toward the warehouse. I manage to set Ira down kind of gently, but I don’t have the energy to do that for myself and I land with a thump, the air being shoved right out of my lungs.
“Come on, child. We must be strong for just a little while longer.”
I grips my forearm and, leaning on one another, we manage to stagger to our feet, wade through several inches of sludge, crawl up a set rotten stairs and down a hallway to a room hidden by the partially collapsed roof.
Ira flags, so I lower him to the floor and help him lean his back against the wall. I walk, well I stagger, around the perimeter, making sure the soggy floorboards aren’t going to fall out from under us.
I don’t make it around the whole room before I fall flat on my arse. I don’t even bother trying to get back up. Rolling over to my slightly less caved in side, I take the next step.
Conjuring an image of this warehouse and its location, I throw my mind out from myself and call out.

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