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Anjulina Cornacchia: Attack of the Banshees

By Belle Risoni All Rights Reserved ©



While I was dangling there waiting for my friends to run upstairs and pull me up, I heard whispering. I couldn’t tell if they were a man or a woman. The first voice was calm and soothing. It told me to not give up because my destiny was too great. The other voice was pretty disturbing. It was an old raspy voice telling me to let go. It said no one would miss me and that it was my destiny to die at this very moment. At first I figured they were my “shoulder angels”. But when I thought about it, my shoulder angel’s voices weren’t that vivid. It was like I could feel their warm breath on my ear as they whispered. Of course I was going to listen to the first voice, there was no doubt about that. While waiting for Taylor, I could feel the strap of my purse slipping. Only, it felt like something was pulling it, opposed to it just slipping on its own. Just as my purse gave way, Taylor grabbed for it. “Just in time!” She said. “Told you, you wouldn’t get hurt!” We both laughed. “Yeah you’re lucky!” I jokingly warned her. She started to pull me up. “Grab my hand!” My fingertips were just barely touching hers when the purse strap broke! It looked as if someone took scissors and cut it.


Forever. I never gave it any real thought. Sure it happened in fairy tales, but never in reality. I wish I could’ve had a choice. Some people would’ve loved the chance to live forever and never die. The only thing I find pleasant about this is never getting sick.

Honestly, who could stand out living their loved ones? Watching them grow old, while you remain the same age. Having to make new relations that’ll only last a few years until it is time to skip town to ensure they won’t notice that you remain the same, whilst everything changes.

This is my story. My name is Anjulina Cornacchia. My Great Grandmother was Maria Cornacchia, later turned to Cornett. In the mid 1800s she moved to the United States from Italy. Stumbling upon some unexpected fortunes, made her well known. But you will learn more about her later on.

You will follow me throughout my journey of self discovery. To follow me though, there are a few people you must get to know first. Sure there will be others who I will describe to you later but these are the people who begin my journey with me. With our mixed personalities, you can imagine how well this journey will go.

Taylor Griffith: With her long dark brown hair and porcelain skin, this 16 year old is the one everyone wants to be friends with. She has a unique style about her that makes her stand out from the crowd. It is hard to tell her ‘no’ when she bats her chocolate brown, puppy dog, eyes. She’s very independent and likes to do things in her own style. Every week her hair has some kind of funky color in it. She gets bored with the same old routine very easily. Although she can be too nice at times, she rarely lets anyone push her around. Though she never gets in to physical fights, everyone knows not to mess with her. She is the tallest of us standing at a slender five foot eight.

Marah Martin: A touch of freckles on her lightly tanned skin make her hazel-nut eyes glow. Her long straight brown hair shimmers in the light. She is laid back but don’t let that fool you, because she doesn’t take anyone’s crap. She is outspoken when she wants to be, but can be a bit quiet when you first meet her. Always wanting the best for her friends puts her in a rut at times. Especially when she wants to speak up but she knows they need to make their own mistakes; and learn from them. While being smart is by far her strong trait, caring too much is sometimes her downfall. She is the most dependable 16 year old friend anyone could ask for. Any time someone has a problem, she is always there to listen and give advice. She is the second tallest standing at a lean five foot three.

Brooke Basil: Her blonde hair and blue eyes get her out of trouble almost every time. As well as her “blonde moments”. While some blonde moments are genuine, others are flat out fake, just for attention. Her snowy skin almost glows in the dark, so you can spot her a mile away. She always looks for new ways to have fun and is definitely the partier out of the four of us. Her downfall is her strive to fit in. Sometimes she strives to fit in so much that she becomes a follower in different social groups. This means when her “popular” friends are around, we don’t exist to her. But I guess sometimes she can be a good friend. She is 16 years old, a little on the heavy side and one step above me in height at an average five foot two.

Anjulina Cornacchia (ME): My sun-kissed dark tan skin just makes my blue-green eyes glow. Depending on what I am wearing, my eyes will shift between bright blue or bright green. I have long brown curly hair, which I do straighten a lot. Although I am very social, I tend to keep to myself most of the time. I have a tendency to over think things a lot which comes to my disadvantage. But I can be very good at analyzing situations. I do strive to fit in which, once in a while, can lead to me being a follower. But overall I have leadership qualities. I get stressed easily which triggers my anxiety. When I am in one of my anxiety modes, everyone knows to watch out. I am a vegetarian and would do anything to save an animal. I am 16 years old and the shortest of my friends at a slim, curvy five foot build.

All of us share the traits of sarcasm and being stubborn. Oh and did I mention we all have curiosity as a trait? Yeah, that sometimes can be a bad thing! Anyways, we all have grown up in this little village called Messina. It is surrounded by the Forbidden Forest. No one has ever been outside of the forest wall, or even in the forest for that matter. At least, as far as we know.

I bet you are wondering how we get merchandise such as food and retail. Well, about once or twice a month there is a plane that brings everything we could ever need to survive. Maybe you’d get a little better understanding of the town if I showed you what it looks like. The population is roughly ten thousand people.

Our town is fairly organized. Almost all the houses are similar to each other in one way, shape or form.

I’m going to take you back 3 years ago. It was Tuesday, August 26th 2009 when all this began…

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