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Her family line can be traced back to ancient Greece when Zeus turned a mortal King into the first werewolf. Everything has a price, and Anabeth finds herself paying for it. When her wolf finally emerges, Anabeth finds herself hiding more than one secret. Broken-hearted and betrayed, she finds her salvation in the mountains of Tuscany. The feral beast set on killing her discovers she is so much more, but can she reach beyond the violence and rage to save them both? Born an Alpha with elemental gifts, she will stop at nothing to have what she finally deserves. But first... she must deal with the line of Alphas who want her dead, earning her the infamous title of "Alpha Gravedigger."

Fantasy / Other
Paulina Vasquez
5.0 43 reviews
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8/12/2022 This book has been moved from this platform and is signed with Amazon/Kindle/KindleUnlimited.

(You do not need a kindle to read kindle books. They have an app for your smartphone.)


It’s great to be back with you! Please read the below, before you continue.

I post on this platform because I consider you my BETA readers. I am here for your engagement and I want your feedback. Based on reactions and comments, I can usually craft and change things as every chapter is written as we move along together.

I also tend to use some of my readers names as characters and enjoy twisting some of your fun comments or thoughts into the story. If you see a typo, grammatical error, or something just doesn’t read right, please please please comment and tell me. I promise you will not offend me. I’m here for your feedback.

The story will move fast 5-6 weeks and it will be removed once it’s complete. My work is contracted through Amazon/Kindle/KindleUnlimited and will be removed from this platform once completed.

I have a roadmap planned out for the book, and typically write a chapter each night. If I’m unable to complete the chapter, I will post a “skip day” message.

I’m a published author and my work is copyrighted.

Under no circumstances do I allow anyone to copy or use any of my hard work in anyway. If you’re one of those shady people from one those ebook platforms that steal the work of other authors, just know that I’ve had several apps shut down through apple, google play, and more for stealing my work. I have and will continue to take legal action against apps and people who have stolen my work.

Finally, if you’re on TiKTok or Facebook, feel free to follow or friend request me - AuthorPaulinaVasquez

Happy reading, and please leave comments and feedback, I read them all and love them.

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