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Could it be reality...or am hallucinating 🤔

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Chapter 1 i

You could feel the pain in every word uttered from my mouth ,But tears and ache in my heart blocked my lips ,I couldn't bring myself to say anything just like a fool , //: I chose silence //.

I was willingly ready to be with him , even if it meant to have teary days for the rest of my life , ''I was ready " .

My friends warned me several times but all their advice fell underneath my feet . # As it flew away as if it never existed_or mattered / .



...But all in veins , nothing seemed to matter or bother me .

Even if everything disappeared, Jemario would still stay at my heart , "he had accepted my flaws, the same way he embraced my strengths".

Anticipatedly !?

Things turned upside down and I started praying he could stop being a cold tear in my heart , it was freakingly hurting and killing me softly ,hardly and lingeringstically at ago .

I was perturbed at head...

It was hard to be more of opinion that ,I was enduring the slow death at heart ,but " I won't lie I knew drastically he had creepily changed "

[= I shouldn't have listened. ""[] screaming in my ind []"".

I shouldn't have joined the app. I should have ignored like it wouldn't be heard or seen ,I don't think I should have fallen for you ,I should have ran away and pretend not to see Nor hear your love ... Because of you I became transparent like a fool .

I tear down every time I take a look at your pics ,You tend to be everywhere in my world . I think now I have come to realise ""<> that have been loking like a stupid unwise person to you right from the start<>"" .

I used to be Nervous around people , I didn't know .

Unwisely !! like a huk hasty ,you're the only I could tell everything because I TRUSTED YOU.

I guess, my eyes had fallen for you , before my heart agnized it .

when I recognised and chose to embrace <>"" you treat me differently and recklessly<>""

When you pass me and call out my Love again , I will have courage and look ?!

Over frozen petals I will place you because .....Simply my Pholics belong Only to you <>"//

^* Those were the words engraved in me I wished to say But failed and he left me efortlessly ^*💔

Around mid July ,I reunited with "Nisha" my long time missed girlfriend . We chated for almost fifty minutes but saying nonsensical gibberishly .

...nothing important

][ *you know* ][

Shared watssp numbers , Facebook accounts and parted to our original designated destinations .


... ^^ Nisha added you to this whatsp group ^^ that was the notification that awake me up .

Charming beautiful attention taking faces of people in the watssp group ...

" oh wow " I murmered underneath my breath ^!

They were women and cutie babes .... .


Enjoying the company though sometime I seemed off topic and no one bothered to correct me ...."^ I didn't care much since I didn't realise right away .

They left me naive ,Juvenile .

Everything seemed to move smoothly, soothly and softly with the group chat.

Untill ?! .....

Sharing pics.....

""^ this one babe ""^

//: OH gosh!! ...so humble , brownish flawless skin , fine ,innocent face and cute. ,

Not forgetting the soothing breathtaking voice.

The glossy eyes that left me wondering how God gave all the beauty we would shared like a tun to one person.

It became hard to believe But for the first time in my life . I was chermed and falling for a fellow girl .

"No this can't be true" . Anticipatedly kept convincing myself. But all in veins

Ended up deciding to exit the group chat "< it was hard to believe i was being a dickstrand😞" ...

Next morning

"Why did quit the chat ? "A sms from Nisha approached and it kept bothering me that whole since I had no accurate convincing answer for her.

" it was a mistake " please re add me . // I lied ,great it worked ,she believed me ?!


Suddenly 💀?!

Cyndie, //_ "did I scare you ?"

..."Why had you decided to leave us ?" ...don't worry I won't bother your inbox anymore as long as you don't approve" Joey rapped nonstop but sounded disappointed and annoyed as she dropped the audio"

...so I went in her inbox to prove her wrong so we became Friends... uhuh....

"You said it yourself"

She kept reminding me excitedly , I agreed but was freaking nervous at the same time blissful,

Everytime she talked me ,...my face could burn up.

At first I didn't know why ? Was I getting fever ?

Took me time to realise "it was because we had talked on phone for longer hours"


Even the texts started turning me on and make me burn up ..... It freaking me out and losing me wahalla ,

I can't take it anymore.....Joey ?! " can we meet "* .....bluntly I asked for a date with her and she agreed .

By the way ,"my boyfriend just said ,hw will join me " she told me

Uhmmm! I replied

So "how about you bring yours too ''....sh suggested "indirect command"

TWIST 😑!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!



Your comment, like and share means a lot ,please don't hestate to drop it 🙏💜.

Tell me " how do you see my first work

Point out ..I promise to keep improving till I can show greatness

><>2 .....Guess ...what shocked me 🤌🤧

Thanks ....


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