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The Five Wise Foxes of Thalassa

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Names, characters, locations, events, and incidents in this work of fiction are either the product of the author's imagination. Any similarities to real people or locations are entirely coincidental.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 : Daisy

Once upon a time there was a caring girl called Thalassa Vial. She was on the way to see her mother Amanda Vial, when she decided to take a short cut through Wyre Forest.

It wasn't long before Thalassa got lost. She looked around, but all she could see were trees. Nervously, she felt into her bag for her favourite toy, Daisy, but Daisy was nowhere to be found! Thalassa began to panic. She felt sure she had packed Daisy. To make matters worse, she was starting to feel hungry.

Unexpectedly, she saw a wise fox dressed in a purple Dress disappearing into the trees.

"How odd!" thought Thalassa.

For the want of anything better to do, she decided to follow the peculiarly dressed fox. Perhaps it could tell him the way out of the forest.

Eventually, Thalassa reached a clearing. She found herself surrounded by houses made from different sorts of food. There was a house made from sweet potatoes, a house made from doughnuts, a house made from lollipops, a house made from macarons, a house made from biscuits and a house made from chocolates.

Thalassa could feel her tummy rumbling. Looking at the houses did nothing to ease her hunger.

"Hello!" she called. "Is anybody there?"

Nobody replied.

Thalassa looked at the roof on the closest house and wondered if it would be rude to eat somebody else's chimney. Obviously it would be impolite to eat a whole house, but perhaps it would be considered acceptable to nibble the odd fixture or lick the odd fitting, in a time of need.

A cackle broke through the air, giving Thalassa a fright. A witch jumped into the space in front of the houses. She was carrying a cage. In that cage was Daisy!

"Daisy!" shouted Thalassa. She turned to the witch. "That's my toy!"

The witch just shrugged.

"Give Daisy back!" cried Thalassa.

"Not on your nelly!" said the witch.

"At least let Daisy out of that cage!"

Before she could reply, five wise foxes rushed in from a footpath on the other side of the clearing. Thalassa recognised the one in the purple Dress that she'd seen earlier. The witch seemed to recognise him too.

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