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One step ahead of you. Stay in motion, keep an open mind. I've studied. I'm ready. The pieces on the board keep moving. But I've practiced. I know what's required. I can be what you need. The game is constant, but I'll be one step ahead. How far are you willing to go? Because I'll sacrifice everything to win. I see you, but do you see me? <Split Enz - One Step Ahead (1980)" I do not own the words. But they are Isla>

Fantasy / Erotica
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Authors Notes


Welcome back, readers. If you have reached book three, I don’t need to tell you that my story will have dark themes and massive plot twists, which will frustrate you and keep you on your toes.


1. NOT A STANDALONE - this story will not make sense if you have not read books one & two - so do us all a favor and read THE CLAIMING & THE CONTRACT.

2. DONT SKIP - also like my other books, there will be things in each chapter, that may seem irrelevant and at times boring, but remember - THIS IS BOOK 3... and I promise you, there will be things revealed, that will be needed, to understand all books.

3. TIME OF POSTING - DON’T BITCH - previously I’ve tried to post every Saturday, but I’m traveling a lot for work and will NOT be regular. IF CAN’T COPE WITH WAITING LIKE THAT - THEN DON’T READ IT UNTIL IT’S COMPLETE - yes I wrote that in shouty caps because this book, like my others, for now, is FREE and is written between working a full-time job and having a family.

4. EDITING - okay, we still know this is NOT a strength of mine, so I will edit what I can and post, then re-edit several million times. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK...

Like THE CLAIMING & THE CONTRACT, things will not be as they seem in my stories, so do not get too attached to a certain mindset, the good guys or girls do not always get what they want – they get what they need...

Also, for all you grammar professors, I’m still new to writing and decided to do this to help keep me sane during the COVID lockdown. So be kind, to not only me but to other inspiring writers out there. Remember, we do this for the love of a good story, you are not paying to read this book, so unless your feedback is constructive, which IS NEEDED, keep it to yourself...

5. DARK THEMES - Lastly - as per the tags, this book contains dark themes, RAPE suggestions, non-con, and other subjects that may cause triggers. So please refrain from reading if this will make you feel uncomfortable...

REMEMBER - this is a supernatural genre, including shifters... There will be references made to the werewolf genre (e.g. heat, knotting, etc) some of these things you may not know if you are new to this style of writing, so feel free to PM me if you need more clarity - but I assure you, keep reading and MOST things will be explained.

ALSO, said shifters’ behavior will not always follow conventional or ethical practices. I would like to note that I do not condone this behavior in the REAL WORLD. But I will assure you, any bad behavior will have consequences...




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