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Spirit {Book One}

By nogitsune_anime_chey All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Fire. Water. Earth. Air. These four elements are the basis of life as we know it, but there is not just these four. There is a more volatile element. It is the essence of our very being and has untold powers. There is nothing it cannot do. Spirit.

Fire {Segment One}

Eighteen year old Zoe Mason is the Fire Elemental. She can control fire, but some of the time the fire is controlling her. The fire at her friend’s has shown four other people and she runs away from her home town of Bradford, England to find them.

What happens when she almost gets drowned by the Water Elemental? Almost gets blown into a rift in the ground by the Air Elemental? Almost gets broken bones by the Earth Elemental? What happens when they find the mystery element and the mystery element almost kills two people?

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