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Secret's in the shadow

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There's a helpful new boy in Covington,ga and he has everybody talking. Stunningly pale and devastatingly sexy, all the girls want him. However, Damien Salvatroz has a secret - he's a brutal vampire. Layla Jones is a sympathetic, petite girl who enjoys boxing. She becomes fascinated by Damien who can stop a car with his bare hands. She doesn't understand why he's so standoffish. Her best friend, a hilarious witch called Sierra, helps Layla begin to piece together the puzzle. Together, they discover the ultimate weapon - the pink, silver knife. When bodies start turning up all over Covington,ga, Layla begins to fear the worst. The witch urges her to report Damien to the police and she knows she should, so what's stopping her? She may resist Damien's bite, but can she resist his charms? Will she be caught walking with the vampire?

Fantasy / Romance
Amy Kirby
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

As I stood there and realized my life was changing right before I knew what was happening. It all came all flooding at me so fast, I didn’t have time to react. I felt so conflicted that I was incapable of thinking correctly. I was just trying to get out of here. It’s what I was

always looking for. All the work I did, I knew there was a reason that all this happened so quickly.

I knew that someday it would make me the Woman I want to be. But there was still gossip about what the school didn’t want anyone to find out. I always had enough support, not to need it and I showed it to all who were around me. All I needed was a warm shower to freshen up and

relax. She thought only of her nerves, which always took over. Her hands were always shaking as she became nervous. Hannah has always had the hardest work day of her life. She never cared, she was always in casual clothes. I put on my jeans and I noticed in the mirror

that there was a hole in the bottom. I have always been impatient, but my father was always more daunting than I was.I remember the one boyfriend I had when I was twenty. My hair was a shiny ruby red placed in a messed-up bun. I Looked in the mirror before I left

and thought I might have to fix it, but I didn’t have time. Perhaps I should have brushed it, I said. Before I left my old apartment, I picked up the rest of my belongings and went home after I left school. The closer I got to campus, the more my nerves settled in. I never

imagined that going to college would be so overwhelming. I knew I was excited about meeting new people. Oh, I had a feeling it was going to be fun. So 20 minutes later, with more nerves than I can put up with, I was at least on campus. Before I knew where I was going, I

seemed so confused; I didn’t know where I was going. Andrew approached me and apologized, mademoiselle, are you new? Hannah just said yes. He said that I could see it, obviously. What about you, anyway? He said no, miss, I’m not new, it’s my second term. And

you are, she said Andrew; he said in return. And you are he asked in return.She grinned and said Hannah. He shook her hand and told her it was a pleasure meeting you, Hannah. He had blue eyes that were quite athletic. And it made him even more attractive. Well, I assume

so. He was a good-looking guy. It was nice meeting you; they thought. Are you looking for the front desk? Do I look that obvious? He said you looked like you were dizzy for a minute or two. She kind of laughed. As they were on their way to the front office, he showed her where

some places were. Then he stared at her and said, I’m sure I’ll see you around, Miss Hannah. She grinned and went to the office to get her schedule to get to her first class before it was too late. She came to her first motor repair course and before she even made it all the way

inside. She looked in the rear window and there was Andrew she met earlier. All she could see was how ironic it was that they at least had a class together that she was familiar with. Just before she sat down, she noticed Andrew had noticed her before she even noticed

him. She didn’t know exactly what drew her automatically towards Andrew. She had seen the films and heard about them, but she never experienced them. She couldn’t think of any reason that Andrew would be interested in someone like her. Nothing but the thought of him

with her gave him massive butterflies in places she did not know existed. She couldn’t get the image of Andrew standing in front of her, completely naked. I could not explain how or why I felt the same way. I had only met him once until I saw him in the engine repair class.

How can she not think of him every minute of every day now that I know he’s in this classroom? She thought to herself. He was the hottest guy she’s seen on campus since I got here. He must have another woman on the side to have them chasing him. And I get the impression that’s

what he did to me. I can’t understand why he would even think of me if he had other women. I’m not the woman that guys like. I always hoped that one day someone would see me as I see myself confident, pretty, very independent. I just don’t understand why men can’t

see it. After my first course, I was on my way to the campus cafe. I stopped right after I heard somebody say, Hannah. As I swiftly turned around, I learned it was Andrew who had shouted my name. While I was waiting for him to approach, all I could think about

was how sexy it was when my name emerged from his mouth. And just when my thoughts were on the verge of going where they shouldn’t, Andrew had done next to me. I did not know you were in the mechanical business; he said. I know more than I appear to know.

I’m sure he told her. My father was a mechanic. He’s the one who showed me what I know, and that’s why I’m here. I always knew when you met this special person, it would come when you least expected it. Hannah always made her morning run through the park every morning

and every afternoon. I remember my father bringing me to my first day on campus. I never thought I would have done this step without my mom here, but it deprived me of that. Nothing will ever replace that feeling. The feeling that my mom was never lucky enough to see me

grow up and become the woman I am today. But I never thought I could be where I am without my father. Everything I’ve been through has led me to that moment. All she could do was watch the school. She was getting ready to go for the next four years. Nothing will ever look

the same from here on out. She knew that every moment happened for a reason. However, she tried to understand what the reason was.

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