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Unknown Darkness (2)

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Just barely understanding her life, everything again is taken from her. Decisions and life of people. All because of the obsession of the outcast heir of Equitem-Draco. Who only been wanting power since he was young. Hidden in his mansion, Asema starts learning more about herself in a way she wish she didn’t. Time will come to choices that she wishes to make or force to do. [In order to understand this book please read Unknown Life.]

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Hi there, thanks for your patience for the second book in the Unknown series. Life has been busy.

Trigger Warnings: I am not sure about some triggers, but everyone is different. There are some parts that can get intense as indicating rape and control. Mainly how one can feel in the situation.

I will put a warning on each chapter, so one can be aware.

I am not sure if the book is intense for some, but again everyone is different.

Also some chapters are a bit long I tried my best cutting them down in half but some just flow better together.

Again thank of you patience.

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