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Unknown Darkness (2)

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Chapter 1

Looking out the long window by my bed, watching the leaves rustle in the wind. The season was autmun and it was beautiful, the colours expressing themselves in red, orange, yellow, a dying age but a new revival to be born. I saw sometimes a few leaves fall from the branches but it wasn’t much.

This season is the only thing I found joy in, considering all the dark stuff I had to encounter so far.

I couldn’t believe it was a few months ago Kieran had kidnapped me and now I was trapped here unknowing how to escape. All I have become to Kieran was a toy to play with and manipulate.

I looked back at the room. It was huge, was practically more than a couple paces just to get arrive at the door and back to the bed. To my left there was a wall with just a dresser door that leads to a walk-in closet. Next to it was an armchair that was near another long window it faced my bed. It is where I stood gazing outside.

The armchair was mainly for Kieran because he enjoyed watching me sleep. He doesn’t know I don’t truly go to sleep, but rather sleep half the time and just to be aware of what was going on around me. In that itself was exhausting.

To be honest, I haven’t really slept more than four hours a day since I have been here. I just will never be truly rested knowing where I am and wondering why I am here. If I am even more truthful, tiredness is taking control more than I like to admit.Not even sure how I am getting my energy up every day as it feels like I am drowning in darkness.

I surveyed the room again. To the back end of the room where I was standing, to my right was a king size four poster bed, that held a canopy. It had this antique type of style to it which made it seem unique I suppose. Engraving telling how dangerous or enticing the bed was, smooth but rough.

Lastly to the far-right side was a window that reached side to side and ceiling to floor. The window was the wall. Almost felt like there was no wall there because it was so clear as if the outside was part of the room.

At times it was nice when the sun came out from the clouds it shone in the room making it seem so much more lighter and felt like I was practically outside. When you look out the window you see the valley of the mountains and a streams that flows through it and blossoming with the leaves. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it at times because it enchanted me.

The long window where I stood now showed the courtyard and the lake that reached out to a few more mountains. They were giant covered with trees.

Biting my lip and sighing, how could I ever get away from this mad man and survive knowing he was such a insane person.

Though as time passed by since I looked out this window I felt lost, I would almost lose hope because I have been here for too long and didn’t want to be here any longer.

I wanted to cry or something that would make me feel again, not always sorrow and pain. Knowing now what is happening to me. I wanted to make myself numb. With the powers that I have, I’ve been experimenting with them.

I can now make, heat and water numb my body and not let me feel anything that Kieran is doing to me.

Though I have not yet found yet how to use earth or air. I have tried earth on the trees outside but it doesn’t seem to affect them. It only seems that I can use the powers on myself and not on anyone or anything.

It has some of its perks because means I can protect myself but on the other hand, I can’t really do any damage to someone else unless they touch me.

I turned away from the window and gathered my things such as training clothes and made my way to the home gym that Kieran has placed in the basement. It was mainly for dueling and training purposes for us. In particular as once in a while he would duel with me and I had to fight more like practice to keep him off. He was teaching me how to fight but not that way it was intended to be.

I reached the gym and took from tape from one of cabinets and wrapped the material around my hand as I made my way to the punching bag that hung lonely in the room. It was right next to the duelling matt that I did my best to avoid. I kept my focus attention on the bag as I need to get some anger out that apparently has been dwelling in me for awhile.

I finished with the wrap fixed my stance and starting punching imagining it was Kieran who getting the light beaten out of him.

That allowed me to punch harder causing some pain to start throbbing in my knuckles. I slightly winced but somehow it was worth it knowing that someday this would be him.

“I see that you are already making your rounds,” A dark voice spoke in the distance.

I didn’t turn around to know who was talking but I paused for a moment studying the air below me and returned to punching the bag.

“Oh, come on now” I heard his feet shift as they were coming closer to me. “Don’t be like that.”

I wanted to spit at him in anger but I know I couldn’t especially with my behaviour or he would hurt me. It sickened me that I had to be a good girl in order to keep myself safe. And have less time Kieran harming me and making me do things I do not like.

His form came into view by the corner of my eye as he watched me intently seeing how I executed my attack. I kept punching and throbbing my knuckles were pulsing with pain but that was better than Kieran touching me.

“Stop,” he commanded, to which I listened, holding the bag to stop moving. But I kept staring at it was pretending it was only me here in the gym.

“What?” I demanded knowing I was already on thin ice. “What do you want now?”

He smirked, and I slowly brought my eyes to him instantly studying him, his face of a fox with looks of charms but the red blood eyes that show only darkness.

“I was going to offer you a walk outside to get some fresh air” he replied, knowing that I would jump to the offer, but there was more to it. If I accepted I would have some privileges taken away. But fresh air sounded good I needed it.

“Fine, I accept,” I forced a nice calm voice unlike me wanting to sneer through my teeth and punch him in the nose right there. I kept control.

He smiled, but not friendly smile, and walked away from but not without his final words, “Meet me by the doors in ten minutes. I put a cloak in your room as its bit brisky out” and shut the door behind him.

I hung my head and somewhat leaning against the punching bag exhaling a breath of relief that he was gone.

Kieran and I were walking down the courtyard, my arm was in twined with his. We walked a decent paced of the mansion grounds while the leaves rustled and blew around us every so often. I paused for a moment watching as they danced in the wind and it was peaceful for the moment till I was dragged by Kieran to move on. Not realizing I have been dazed by the performance.

We walked for a little longer till Kieran brought himself and I to some approaching stairs that lead down to the lake. The stairway lead down a few flights till you were approaching a small beach that was drowned by the lake at times.

Kieran brought me to one of the railings, the wind suddenly picked up blowing a chill down my back so I reached back to grab my hood but Kieran beat me to it as he was already placing it on my head just as my hands reached my shoulders.

Soon then I felt instant warmth, both of us were now looking out upon the lake, seeing how the water looked as its ripples soon came to a calmness. Like it had barely been touched by the wind but did show life with a few waves here and there that ended at the shoreline.

“So,” Kieran spoke “Beauty is sometimes undefined wouldn’t you agree?” He asked.

I looked at him and he was looking out in the distance, I returned my view to the lake.

“Yes, I believe beauty like this cannot be defined but rather should be embraced” I said not knowing where he was going with this conversation.

He scoffs. Then turned and sat on the railing facing me cocking his head in amusement towards me.

“Well love, you are right about that, though how would you explain some beauty that was once there before but not now?” He asked again.

I met his gaze.

“I am not sure, sometimes beauty is hard to destroy or other times it’s just hidden.” I replied again.

“Hmmm” He hummed. Then leaned back a little bit then slouched little bit forward.

“Could you ever put aside what you see of me and love me?” he asked this time looking at me curiously wanting to know my answer.

I tore my gaze away at that moment, how could he ask such a question that the answer should be obvious to.

“No, I do not hold any affection for you and I don’t see why you are still trying” I replied, looked back at body of water trying to take my mind off things. Though he wasn’t sad or anything but rather looked curious about my answer as I saw in the corner of my eye.

“Well, Asema I am not sure about your answer but I do know one thing, that in time you will grow to love me whether that may be thousands years or more, but you will develop to care for me and to love me” he said showing his devilish smile.

My eyes went wide.

“You think I could ever love someone like you? A monster when you know very well what my feelings are towards you is much dislike?” I spat at him in frustration.

He stepped down and stood from his sitting position and then in a split second he turned me around and my back was against the cool railing with Kieran pinning me to it, caging me in.

“Oh, luv you will learn to love me but one thing is for sure, you are mine and you will bow down to my commands.” He sneered, placed his rough lips on me, he stopped and traced his lips to my ear with a whisper, his breath tickling my skin. “You will learn to love me and learn to let go of things in life that do not matter” he stated then brought his face back to face me. “and… you better be a your on good behaviour since we have a guest tonight who has been wanting to meet you since you got here.” He finished.

“Who in what hell, would be friends with you and wants to see me, that be would some universe to see Kieran” I made a remark.

He smirked at me, “Oh you would be surprised on how many people want to meet you and see you, you are after one of kind” He said, tilting his head to the side and admiring me this time.

I shook my head. “Why do you want me to so bad, I practically a little toy for you, so why don’t you just go buy other woman and have fun with them” I said, disgusted by him.

He leaned over me pinning me again to the railing.

“Those women are not you, and they don’t put up a fight like you do, it’s gets more exciting like that” he said in a dark tone, that put chills down my spine.

“Well, now that you established that beauty cannot be defined, would you say that about me” he asked opening his arms and embracing himself.

I laughed, then quickly recovered soon as possible. As he glared at my reaction to his question.

“I believe there are certain beauties that are indefinite, though other things can be called much because they cannot be described” I said trying to be careful with my wording this time hoping it would catch Kieran’s good sidded rather than his bad side.

He cocked his head again at me, looking at me like he studying what my answer was. Then sighed.

“Oh luv, you cannot not define everything especially that means your love for me will be true.” He replied. Then intwined his arm with mine and brought me back to the house.

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