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The Twins

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Two sisters who used to love eachother now became enemies due to the circumstances and behaviour of their surroundings. A simple yet fascinating journey of BELLA and BIANCA.

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1


"Congratulations! Two girls" says the doctor.

"Oh my god...Thankyou so much doctor. How's Siera?"

"She is fine but weak..She'll be better in a week".

"Can i meet her".

"Yes sure"..

Jack opens the door and moves forward. He gently Kisses on siera's forehead.

"Thankyou for everything siera".

Jacks holds one baby in one arm and second in the other arm. Smiling and playing with them. Siera smirks seeing his family happy and complete.

"Please drink this soup. You are very weak you need nourishment and this soup is good for you" says Jack..

"Okay sure" says siera.

"Have you thought any names for our kids", asks jack.

"Yes i have but first you tell", says siera.

"I love name Bella...What say?", says jack.

"Its a lovely name and what about Bianca"

"Wow thats an adorable name. Welcome to the world Bella and Bianca",says jack.

Jack takes his phone and they take a happy family photograph.

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