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The Twins

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Chapter 2


Dr.Ramen enters the room and greets jack and me. Enquiring about my health from he says.

"Hello Mrs. Jack hope you are doing well."

"Yes doctor i am absolutely fine now."

"Sounds great so i am going to discharge you today but keep in mind you need to take care of yourself and come on Saturday for a follow up i have to examine your stitches. Jack bring her on time and take good care of her".

"Sure doctor"

"Lets go home babies." Says jack in a soothing tone.

Jack take me towards the car. He opens the back door and seats Bella and Bianca. And we are off to our own houses.

Its feels surreal. It feels relaxing. being back after almost a month. Yes a month. I have been in the hospital for a month now. My health was not so good in the past month and doctors were sure i am either gonna lose my life or my children. But 'what God wills is always the best'. And thats specially true in my case.


Siera have seen a very tough month. At one point i was so tensed that i even decided to kill myself but these people around me are the real reason behind my life. I dont know how siera managed to be so positive in this situation. Anyway we are home now finally.

"Mr and Mrs Chipring are coming to see us tonight",tells siera.

"Oh thats great, should we order something for dinner"

"Yeah! Could You please change Bianca's diaper i'll feed Bella she is hungry after that i'll order somthing."

"Ofcourse! Come Bianca my baby lets get you changed."

"Siera...Siera it leaked help me."

"Oh God Jack how silly you are you cant even put on a diaper properly. See its done like this".

"Lol. Thats tough i'll learn it'll take time"

"Yeah right".

The bell rang I ran to open the order. To no surprise its was Mr and Mrs chipring.

"Welcome! Welcome! Please come".

"Where is siera". Asks Mrs chipring.

"Hello Mrs Chipring, How are you"

"I am absolutely fine how about you. And how are my little cuties where are baby girls, get them i am so excited to meet the babies"

"Jack would you mind bring BELLA AND BIANCA".

"Yeah i'll bring them".

"Oh my God! She is so beautiful whats her name".

"This is Bella".

"Thats a lovely name".

"Oh thankyou!".

Siera and Jack stands and move towards the kitchen to get some refreshment.

"Mr. Chipring dont you think that Bella is prettier than Bianca". Mrs chipring says as if she is murmuring.

"Yeah but dont say to Siera and Jack they might mind it". He replies in low tone.

They sat for an hour than left Jack dropped them to the door. Siera was still sitting on the couch looking at the girls thinking is Bella really more prettier when jack enters and breaks her thought saying that he loves both the girls and whatever the world says we will love both the girls equally.

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