The Lycan's Little Witch

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Emily Davis is the daughter of a witch and the stepdaughter of a werewolf. Her mate rejected her, leaving her heartbroken, so she goes to her aunt's house for a while to brush up on her witch education. A year later, she attends a ceremony for her best friend and brother in spells Theo at his university. However, the guest of honor decides to wreak havoc with one simple word. "Amore."

Fantasy / Romance
Harmony S.
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Chapter 1


“I, Zeke Quill, reject you, Emily Davis, as my mate,” he announces.

I felt my heart shatter. Is this what it feels like to have your mate reject you?

“Well?” He asked, impatiently.

Taking a deep breath, I replied, “I, Emily Davis, accept your rejection.”

With that, he walked away. Leaving me to pick up the pieces of my heart.


“At least he had the decency to do it in private,” I mumbled into her pillow.

I was lying in bed, my red hair scattered all over my pillow. I was trying my hardest not to cry. I knew something like this would happen, but to actually experience it is a completely different story.

I live in the East Moon pack. My mother is a witch, and my stepfather is a werewolf. You see, when my mother was 18, she had a one-night stand, and that resulted in her getting pregnant. She didn’t have the heart to have an abortion because she wanted to take responsibility. Luckily, grandma and grandpa were understanding and helped her in taking care of me.

When I turned five, my powers started developing. As a witch, you are considered a late bloomer if your powers don’t shoe by the time you are eight years old. Thankfully, I got my mind early enough to start training and become accustomed to them.

My grandparents helped me with the training as well as understanding what I was. In a world of magic and the supernatural, we’re hidden from the human eyes. At least most of them. There are groups of humans that know we, the supernatural, exist. They’re called Hunters.

They’re like the police for magical beings that are made up of humans, who are aware of our world, along with vampires, nymphs, fairies, werewolves, and any others you can think of. They keep us in line and make sure that the rest of the world doesn’t know of our existence.

My stepfather, Ian, used to work for the Hunters before he retired. Surprisingly, the day he met my mom was the day he retired. He had been a part of the Hunters since he was 18. He wanted to make a difference, and, after nearly 20 years, he retired.

I was eight when Ian met my mom. To say he was nervous was an understatement. He couldn’t have kids, so he had given up on ever finding a mate. When he saw mom and me, his hope was brought back to life.

After my parents were mated, we moved to Ian’s old pack, the East Moon pack. He and my mom worried about the alpha and the pack’s reaction, but everybody was welcoming.

In this day and age, things were changing. A werewolf’s mate could be anyone or anything. They just had to accept that. Unfortunately, in my case, he didn’t accept it.

Zeke was a warrior in the pack, and when our eyes met, the world stopped. I never felt joy like that before. I had hoped for a fairytale ending, but, as we all know, life is never that easy.

We’d met on the training ground, and when he noticed me, he called me over to talk in private. I thought it was to express his happiness, but I was wrong.

“Look, I don’t want a witch as a mate,” he crossed his arms.

“W-why?” I stammered, not understanding him.

“Simple, I just don’t want you,” he replied.

At that moment, her heart shattered. It broke, even more, when he rejected me. I couldn’t help that I was a witch. I was born this way.

I cried myself to sleep. Not care whether I woke up super early or super late. Was being a witch that terrible?

I woke up to some knocking at my door. “Emily?” My mom’s voice called.

I didn’t move.

“Honey, what happened?” The sound of worry in my mom’s voice caused me to break down.

She rushed over and pulled me into her arms. There, I cried into her chest and told her everything. To say she was mad was an understatement. She was furious.

“How could he do that?” She hissed.

“Mom, it’s fine,” I sniffled releasing myself from her grasp.

“No, it’s not,” she barked back. “You should not be ashamed of who you are!”

“I’m not mom,” I shook my head. “Honest, in fact, I want to visit the coven.”

“You mean?”

“Yeah, I need to master my powers and take up my responsibilities. Besides, it’ll be good for me to go away for a while.”

Mom looked at me with pitiful eyes but nodded. “Alright, but I will have to tell your father. Understand?”

Again, I nodded.

She kissed my cheek and then exited my room. I was going to be leaving for a while. It was good. I needed it. My responsibilities would soon catch up with me anyway.

I reached up and stroked my choker. It was a black band with a small onyx stone in the center. This choker proved my birthright. It was proof that I would not shirk my responsibilities. But instead, embrace them as well as my destiny.

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