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The kingdom of exiled fae

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Clara & her best friend Vivi set on a journey to find a massive beast they saw the other day in the forest. Even if they saw only a glimpse, their urge to find answers is strong. They want to be sure if they were only hallucinating or the thing was actually a fae that crossed their sights. More astonishing is the fact that Clara gets to know the exiled prince fae is his mate. Read further to find out if he gets his kingdom back or fights to win Clara's heart.

Fantasy / Romance
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Mother Earth is not solely home to humans but rather a number of creatures live here with & without the knowledge of human beings. We are able to see things in nature & animals of different species, even able to do enhanced exploration through them. However, some portals are kept hidden since ancient times to maintain peace between worlds of different kinds. So that no harm could reach to either of them. A part of such hidden world are the faes.

Creatures with long pointed ears, lips plump and red. There faces well-structured. High cheekbones, flawless skin, big round eyes, a prominent jawline & thick lashes.

Faes are immortals with mates that are predestined & cannot be changed however if a mate dies they are granted another mate. It is upon themselves to choose if they want to wed their mate or someone else. Their mate can also be from another world, which is why moon goddess made portals. Portals because faes are a hundred times more powerful than any human. They have a keen sense of smell, taste as well as sight. Their height is 7ft or higher. They are gifted with mind-reading abilities, some can fly while some can shape-shift & there are also those who are bestowed with magical powers. It all depends on what is granted to them. Thus, to protect humans from a blind shield was created when the world came into being, which can only be crossed through portals. Being immortal made it rare for them to bear babies.

Some faes are known to be the moon goddesses favorite which is why they are extraordinarily handsome men & alluring women. Even when common faes are far more good-looking then any humans compared, these favorite’s tend to look breath-taking & irresistible. These faes are often referred to as blessed or chosen ones.

The certain liking by the goddess is independent of anything. However, there are different occasions mentioned in the history, which defies the above stated.

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