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The kingdom of exiled fae

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The weather was gloomy while the clouds clashed & thundered wildly. It was raining in heavy showers mostly, in between it sometimes came to an unexpected halt, when the sun peeked through the sky behind clouds & went back inside as darker clouds began to loom. Shadowing the sky further as the atmosphere became stormy & it started to rain once more, this time with stronger wind force taking & bending the trees making them curve from their stems.

I reached out to shut all windows of my house. It's something natural that comes with the arrivals of rain. Now you may ask why am I shutting out the world only when it's raining?

Well, I live in the forest. Yes, an actual rain forest. There are wooden panels all around the house & inside to section the rooms. It's not humongous, there is my room & one more which is mom and dads'. We have a chimney made out of bricks of reddish-brown shades. A dining table amidst the lounge. It is single floored & the front side is like a heightened triangle placed on top on a square. Our cottage extends to somewhat more than what half of a football pitch is.

I went outside to lay on the hammock dad made for me in the backyard when I was younger, I'm not quite sure when that was. I forgot to mention I have a novel with me to spend my time outside, being an introvert doesn't help in 'socializing' so I think I'd rather be friends with fictional characters more than with people in real life.

The genre of this novel is fantasy. I don't know about others but I am definitely a simp for males written by female writers. Now don't debate with me on that, it's not always like that however mostly the idea of gentleman originally it described the best by authors that are women. Anyways, this is absolutely my point of view, we don't need to settle over any specific thinking to be honest. The wind blew, wrestling with my hammock, in failed attempts to swing & throw me over the ground in a face-front fall.

Time skip

It felt insane to try & cook. Being a 20 year old & still I know nothing about it, even if it's simply about making a soup amidst this winter season. Now, I stand in the kitchen with a bowl in my hand. Probably re-reading the same recipe for the 100th time. I can't manage remembering all of the ingredients at once. So, when it's time to quickly add all of them I have to look at the list snapshot again which ultimately leads to the getting food burnt & zero chances of 'not wasting products' while I learn the art of making food.

This keeps on going & is totally getting on my nerves now. Nearby is a marketplace where mom & dad went to pick groceries for this week. We can't rely on chances of a good weather & risk us dying because of no food.

I put everything on the counter, sighing in defeat.

"I guess I'll have to wait for mum, until then let's get cleaning the kitchen, even if it'll take the longest while & I will rant to myself of how I should now independently do kitchen chores & learn how to cook so I can survive if I ever get stranded here somewhere", I talked to myself.

Our house is a part of a literal neighborhood. The forest starts a little far from our backyard so you can say we're not living in a forest like red-indians or some migrating tribal people. We have all the technology you find in 21st century if that makes you understand that we're also not some nature obsessed people who might be against any form of evolution in the field of automation.

While I wait for my parents I feel like I miss the only childhood friend I have, who is also my best friend. I was quite young & since then I was adopted by my aunt's daughter as she says. I'm not adopted, no. It's just what she likes to tell when people ask of our back story:"We're best friends, more like sisters. She's an introvert & I am a social bee. So I took her in when I understood that she'll die lonely if I don't accompany her through her boring & hard life." Sarcastic, firstly she says life is boring since as per her idea, no fictional characters can befriend you. Well, I don't care. Lily & Atlas are my friends just as Feyre & Rhys are.

There so many more, I can't count them on my fingers, toes included. Genevieve can think all she wants. She's a darling to me, we're the same age but we're like opposites.

She has a boyfriend, I do not. She has friends she does visit, I do not. She likes to attend parties & go to clubs, I do not. The amount of people I share the same room with for a gathering leads to an immeasurable amount of anxiety I face.

The bell dings & I know who's there without even looking at the door. Mama & papa.

I spend the evening learning all the techniques & beginning to absorb how I can possibly learn to cook, if mama continues to help me out. Tonight, I & Genevieve are planning to head in the mountains for a bonfire to celebrate our 17th of friendship together.

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