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Second book in the Erebus Tribe Trilogy. I am Sasha Anna Morrison… I keep repeating my full name over and over again in my head, trying desperately to hold on to the girl I once was. The goal was simple, get in and get out, but I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. This world will do that to you if you let it, chew you up and spit you out if you're not careful.

Fantasy / Romance
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'I can remember my father being so angry, him telling me that there was something wrong with me. The first time I shifted into my wolf I was so happy, but when my father saw that I had a white wolf, he told me I would never be able to shift in front of anyone besides him or my brother.'


It's been a week, and even though I'm told I'm not a prisoner here, that I can leave whenever I want to, I still feel like in some way, I've become imprisoned here...

Let's take a step back to a week ago, back to before I became entrapped in this place, to the moment I ran into that portal, letting go of Wolf and ripping myself away from the only man my soul will ever love.

I knew deep down inside that if I didn't run, that I would never be able to walk into that portal any other way. My heart kept beating faster and faster, my wolf growling and howling in my head, willing me to turn around and go back to our mate. But I couldn't stop, couldn't turn back. I'm doing this for him, to free him from an entrapment placed there because of me.

My chest constricted in gut wrenching agony, so much so that I thought my soul would come crashing down in shards of glass all around me. I can't remember the moment I finally stepped through from our world into the witch's one, but I do remember the feeling I felt when I did.

I felt it so deeply embedded inside of me, all the way to the pit of my core. The feeling of falling into something I knew nothing about, yet strangely, the very thing I was falling into felt just like being called home.

I didn't realize it at the time, but from that very moment onward, my whole entire life would never be the same again...


I remember falling to my knees the moment I reached what I assumed to be the other side. I gasped for air as I grabbed hold of my chest.

Everything felt so strange, smelt even stranger. I knew straight away that I wasn't in Erebus anymore, and yet, as the palms of my hands pressed down against the soft and moist covered grass, I could smell the dew covered earthy scent as my fingers dug into the very essence of the earth that had somehow been calling to me my entire life.

All I could do was take slow and deep breaths, trying desperately to come to grips with the overwhelming emotions coursing through my veins. But then, all at once, I suddenly felt it come. The sensation of complete weightlessness I had experienced just a few moments ago, and the discomfort of how both my stomach, and head almost felt detached from my body. The contents of what I had had for breakfast kept stirring around inside of me, faster and even faster still. The only possible thing I could compare it to, would be being stuck in something like a vacuum sealed tumble drier, and then having it abruptly stop and spit you out on the other side without warning. My question, how do the other witches consider this as a normal form of traveling?

The moment of impact as my body hits the soft grass suddenly has me hurling my lungs out, I wouldn't be able to hold it back, not even if I wanted to. And Noah, well, he's right there just like he said he would be, the fact that he kept his word being the only solace in the situation I'm finding myself in right now. I slowly lift my head to look at him, but it feels like lifting the dead weight carcass of a deer by how heavy it feels. I can instantly see the concerned and apologetic look in his eyes, even my wolf has completely retracted from my mind although, I'm sure for far pressing reasons than me humiliating myself right here and now, like the fact that I left our mate behind, to say she's slightly pissed is an understatement.

Kneeling down by my side and taking in my heaving form, Noah gently places a hand against my shoulder. My entire body feels shaky, I'm seeing stars as fatigue suddenly sets in. Noah's words from earlier suddenly comes rushing back to me, 'it will feel a bit strange, but nothing heavy.' And I want to laugh, the irony in that moment, his words like a taunting wake up call telling me, you are no longer in your world little girl.

And then, the stars suddenly consume me.

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