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Forgive me

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He is known as the most cruel and ruthless Alpha King and his name causes fear among all Alphas, except the ordinary and weak omega ....

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 Meeting 'Him'

“Emma, if you can come earlier tonight so we could prepare all for our guest’s dinner tonight, I’ll help you with Hope, sweety”.

“Yes, Luna”, I just need to bathe Hope, and we’re on our way there”.

I put on my sneakers, black skinny jeans, and a shirt, my sandy- color hair was in a messy bun, I took Hope with me and start walking to the pack-house.

“Oh, thank God, I ’m so nervous because of Maison’s guest, he’s such a stiff person, I never know what he’s thinking”, Luna said, taking Hope, and going to the kitchen while I followed her.

I thought he and Alpha Mason were high school friends?“, I asked her while I was preparing dinner.

“Yes, they were, but back then Arden was already changed because of his parent's death."

" He was only 15 when a pack of the rogues killed them, and he needed to take the Alpha role which I believe made him the strongest Alpha leader of a most powerful pack ever”, she said it was a bit sad though.

“THE STONE HEART PACK”?!, I was asking in shock, dropping the bowl to the floor.

Hope was looking at me with her big grey eyes while she was nibbling on a cookie.

Sara just looked at me warningly, pointing in Hope’s direction: “I’ll call Jane to watch for Hope while we finish dinner, ” she said with a warm smile.

I shook my head laughing to myself, thinking I was worrying unnecessarily about a person I didn’t know or who had anything to do with me, besides, it’s not that Luna and Alpha are having guests for the first time and I serving them, it’s my job after all.

It passed five hours before we put everything in order since I still had to clean the kitchen and set the table, although I had help from another omega, Lily, and Amber, I was more sure to do the most important things myself, I never wanted history to happen again, especially now that I had Hope, even though, Sara and Mason treated me more like a daughter since they didn’t have their children, anyway, I knew where my place was.

A little before eight o’clock, voices were heard in the dining room. I could recognize Alpha and Luna as well as beta Jack’s and gamma Shon’s voices, but there were a couple of strangers, one specifically a deeper voice, and I knew an unknown guest had arrived.

I don’t know why I again caught uneasiness, I honestly didn’t feel best near authoritative people, especially Alpha, except for Sarah and Mason who were the exception because they practically saved my life.

Lily and Amber worked quickly carrying meals to the kitchen while I took the main one on a large platter and headed to the dining room where the atmosphere was more than tense, at least it seemed so, but again, I might have been mistaken.

When I was near the table, Hope appeared running towards me and almost knocking me down, holding a giant paper dinosaur in her hand.

“Mom, Mom see what Aunt Jane made for me!” She shouted cheerfully in her sweet voice making me laugh.

Jane ran quickly, apologizing and whispering something in Hope’s ear and both of them rushed into the living room, laughing.

From the direction of the table, a growl was heard, from which my hair jumped and my knees buckled.

The man was now standing next to the table, clenching his fists and his body was visibly shaking.

His dark brown hair was short on the side, while several strands of hair, fell on the forehead.

His perfect eyebrows and nose were now angrily squeezed as his seductive half-full lips.

Through the black shirt on his broad shoulders, you could see each tenderfoot muscle on his body as if it had been created by the Goddess herself and its height only made him even more frightening, as sparks from his golden eyes, that were glowing in my direction.

The strong smell of pine after the rain, was breaking through my nostrils, groveling my blue eyes with tears, and instead of the greatest happiness in life, he left a bitter taste in my mouth, and even greater chest pain due to the final realization: “MATE”

...That was all my tortured heart could bear, along with my quivering lips.

Everyone at the table was stunned by the same knowledge as I was, while a blond man, a little shorter and weaker than my Mate, tried to restrain him, which make me realize immediately, that he was his beta when a tray flew from my hands to the other end of the room and a strong hand held my neck as I was nailed to the wall and trying to breathe.

“I can’t believe the Moon Goddess made such a mistake when she gave me a whore omega for Mate, who has and a child with another.”

He hissed in a deep voice, and tears now streaming down my face in streams, ripping the ugly memories of my life, out.

I was choking because his grip didn’t loosen and I knew his wolf had taken over, deciding to finish me off.

“Whose is this child, answer me omega!”, he shouted with a voice like thunder.

As soon as he mentioned my Hope I got angry but I was too weak to answer or do anything, and although his grip was firm, I knew it wasn’t the strongest of him because I would have been dead by now.

“Leave .... my ... daughter .... alone”, I could barely utter, when I heard Sara’s determined voice.

“Alpha Vulcan, you let Emma go now, or I’ll call the whole pack to make you do it, I swear to the Moon Goddess! “, though she was determined, I felt a shudder in her voice.

” Arden please let go of the girl, you’re strangling her,” Mason’s voice was calm but determined when he put his hand on his friend’s shoulder, while now, beta and gamma with Arden’s beta, standing beside him and I felt his grip gave way and his eyes turned into a beautiful silver color. My soul hurt, the more I looked into his eyes, as darkness slowly took over me.

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