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Spirit of the Wolf

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*** PLEASE READ AWAKEN THE WOLF FIRST AS THAT IS BOOK 1 THIS IS BOOK 2 *** Ayla, infused with the power of Alune and her wolf Bria now awakened, was an unstoppable force, or so she thought. Finding out about the prophecy of Alune and that she was destined to be mated to the gorgeous Chase brothers. Ayla’s life was a new level of crazy. But when the Sun Valley Pack decided to attack and rip one of the most important parts of her life away, she knew she had to step up and embrace her destiny, if not only to save one of her true loves. Fully opening herself up to the powers of Alune and facing fears she never knew she had, was only the first step on the scary new road she now called her life! but will she come out the other side the same as she was before?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Ayla’s POV

Two weeks had passed since the Sun Valley pack tried to attack us; emphasis on the tried there! Of course, they had no idea what they were walking into; honestly, I think they thought I would be some helpless little girl, one that they could stroll in and wipe out without too much trouble; oh, how wrong they were.

Lives were lost that day that hadn’t needed to be. All out of fear of something they did not understand, a better way to put it would be that they didn’t want to understand. All the representatives from the other packs are still here. They all witnessed what the Sun Valley Wolfs tried to do and failed.

Life has become a mixture of nervous anticipation, anger and a whole lot of confusion. Everyone keeps staring at me like I’m going to explode at any minute like I’m something new, different.

“I’m still me, for fuck sake; no one cared before, so why should that change now” I mutter, getting annoyed at the millionth person gawking at me already this morning. Or maybe it was at the fact I had stupidly sexy guys walking beside me?

“We can hear your thoughts remember, Ayla” Aiden almost choked on his laughter; it serves if right for eavesdropping!

“How can it be eavesdropping when it’s practically shouted inside my head?” he laughed at me again.

“Axel didn’t point it out, so it’s just you, Mr nosy!” I tell him, knowing he’s right, but there is no way I will admit that.

“Someone seems to be a bit of a grouchy pants today”, Aiden continued to tease; he knew he was pushing it, but he didn’t care; he knew he could make it up to me easily enough.

“You’re lucky I like you,” I tell him with a pout.

“Aww, only like!” he moaned as he slipped his arm around her waist and kissed her neck—one of his favourite spots that always drew his attention.

“Move aside, brother; this is a job for me!” Axel piped up, and Ayla offered a small smile, whereas Aiden did not.

Since merging with Alune and gaining my wolf Bria, my emotions had been all over the shop; sometimes, they proved hard to control. Today was one of those days. It felt amazing in Aiden’s arms, but Axel was right; it was him that I needed to make me feel better! Never had I ever felt like that, I love all three of my mates exactly the same, and either one could fix my problems. There wasn’t one that was better than the other, yet today I needed him!

“You know what, I really could do with a hug with Axel,” I said as I turned to kiss Aiden, fully aware this would hurt him and trying my utmost to make it so he didn’t feel pushed away. Sadness flashed across his eyes for a second, but he hid it quickly.

I don’t know; I just felt on edge all the time. Flashes from the fight kept hitting me hard, plus there was the matter of my new parents – it was easier to think of them as new rather than biological – to get my head around it.

Every time I closed my eyes, I could see myself standing there waiting for them to come into view, standing on the western road alone, insisting I could face them and so one gets hurt. I knew I could have done it too if only my father had let me; well, I guess he’s not my father anymore, is he? I hated that the most!

“Why had he rushed in? I had told him I could do this, that I was the only one who could, but once again, I was seen as a child, like a girl that couldn’t look after herself or the ones I cared about.

Watching the members of the Sun Valley pack appear in front of me, at least thirty or more, all believing I was a joke, yet all I felt was fear for the three men behind me. I couldn’t let them get hurt; I wouldn’t be able to live if anything happened to them. I could feel Alune stirring inside me, hear her whispers and how she knew what to do; it was kind of having a second wolf inside me. To begin with, we were just merged as one entity; I was her and me at the same time; I knew things I didn’t before but had no idea where it all came from; now she was becoming her own entity, and I could hear her, and she could guide me. It was totally surreal.

“Ayla, you are now capable of so much more than you ever were before. With you and me merged as one. We are virtually unstoppable. Focus on the fight ahead, do not worry about our mates; they are more than capable of looking after their self’s” Alune spoke clearly within my mind; I remember it as if it was yesterday. Hearing her voice for the first time was mesmerizing. My mind was all over the place today; I just kept replaying the fight over and over again.

Tristan’s mother stood at the very front with the Sun valley pack leader. Both dressed to impress. You could tell they loved being in charge and the perks that went along with it. Gold everything hung from both of them. It was overkill and made them look tacky if I’m deadly honest. She was the one that seemed to be giving all the orders and muttering in the Alpha’s ear.

Without warning, four of them attacked, I wasn’t ready, but I held my none the less. Taking one out after another, trying my best to knock them unconscious, I didn’t want to kill wolfs that night if I didn’t have to. After the last one was out, they granted me less than a minute reprieve. I could feel my mates growing restless with every passing second. Even though they could see I was swifter and moved with ease, I would knock wolfs out like they were nothing; not one landed a blow, and I dodged every single one.

Archer had had enough of watching and waiting by this point. After the second wave came at me, he couldn’t stand it any longer, and an all-mighty roar ripped through the sky, hitting us all with such force. Moments later, the gorgeous grey wolf with Amethyst eyes loomed over my shoulder; Titan refused to be told when he was allowed to help and when not. Nothing on this earth would stop him from protecting his mate; be it one man or thirty, he refused to stand by idly.

“What part of stay back there did you not understand,” I asked through our link.

“We are your defender, my mate; you will not say when we can and cannot do that”, Titan sounded in my head; I had to smile as I knew he was right.

“Fine, don’t you dare get killed!” I warned him. Earning a chuckle for my efforts.

“Seeing as Titan is allowed to help, we are joining to,” Axel told me; split seconds before two more almighty growls erupted beside me.

Jet black fur appeared by my cheek, and the warm feeling of Blaze and Ace pressed up against either side of me filled me with renewed purpose; all three of my mates were now on the front line of this fight. I was not prepared to put them in danger, but they didn’t give me any choice, so I had to make sure they got out of this alive. Nothing got past us; we were an unmovable force; I had to admit the thrill of it was crazy.

Everything seemed to be going our way; we were sure to stop The Sun Valleys’ insane idea that all girls my age with the physical features I have had to die. It was ridiculous and pointless now anyway. The prophecy was already coming true through me. Wave two came and went; that was eight wolfs down so far; we were doing great and thinking that if it carried on this way, we would be done and dusted with this foolishness in no time.

The next round of fighters advanced on us; we took our stance and readied ourselves; I stepped up, ready to land my blow, when another wolf, humongous, dark brown speckled with White and piercing silver-grey eyes, jumped in front of me. My father! Well, the man I had thought of as my father all these years. So why was he here too?

“What the hell? I told you to stay back!” I bellowed at him out loud. He turned to look at me, leaving his side fully open. One of the sun valley fighters made his move, never missing an opportunity to strike. Time stood still right then as I watched the other wolf pounce on my dad. There was nothing I could do; there was no time left for me to prevent this from happening. I filled my lungs with air to scream his name while claws and jaws should have made contact with the side of his neck! That was when the unthinkable happened. Titan threw himself between the advancing wolf and my dad.

“No!” I scream! Knowing something horrific had happened, I felt it deep in my soul. The sickening sound of flesh ripping and bones snapping reached my ears. Then the awful sound of Titan crying out. It was then the rest of my father’s men joined the fray. There was no need for any of this. We had it covered by ourselves. It was too late, though. Blood had been shed intent for killing, not just wounding. There was nothing for it now. We had to finish things as quickly as possible, for Titan’s sake.

Bria, infused with Alune’s power, went into a frenzy, ripping and snarling at everything she could get her claws and teeth into. It was carnage, a total blood bath. We destroyed everyone bar the Alpha and his sister – Tristan’s mother – they ran as soon as they saw it was hopeless. Bria was going to make chase, but I needed to stay with Archer and make sure he was okay after the way Titan went down, but I didn’t dare look.

“Archer!” I screamed as I pushed the last Sun Valley wolf out of the way, wiping the blood on my legs as I ran back to him; I had changed so quickly back to human form. I didn’t care who saw me. Aiden had changed back to and threw a jacket he found discarded on the ground over my shoulders.

Blood was everywhere, pooling underneath Archer’s left shoulder; a jagged ugly, looking wound lay open and freely bleeding as I stared down at him.

“Do something, someone! Please do something!” I begged as tears poured down my face. Aiden grabbed him then and started running back to the pack house; Axel was right behind him, looking as pale as a ghost. The sheer pain I felt inside was unbearable. It was like I was feeling his pain along with him. I didn’t know whether to scream, cry or what. It was just too much.

“Ayla! Are you listening to me?” Axel asked me. Somehow, I had made it into his arms instead of Aiden’s, I know I said I needed hugs with him, but I don’t remember going from one brother to the next.

“Uh, yeah, sorry, what did you say again?” I mumble. I had no idea what he was talking to me about. I was so lost in replaying the fight that I hadn’t heard anything he said.

“I said are you okay, but you wouldn’t answer,” he told me what I had missed.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so worried about Archer. It’s been weeks since the attack, and he’s still no better! So what are we going to do” I confess? Resting my head on his chest, taking in his perfect scent and feeling his muscles twitch beneath me. This was what I needed right now; I would need Aiden around me again soon, too. I could never be without either of them for long.

“Michael wants to see you”, a small voice reached us from across the grass. One of the younger girls had been sent to find us. She couldn’t have been older than twelve. She was running across the grass, calling out to us. Michael had stayed in his office a lot the last couple of weeks. He had so much to get sorted since the Sun valley Pack had betrayed us. Plus, I’m sure he felt a little guilty for not listening to me, to begin with.

“Thank you, sweetheart. We will go there right now,” Aiden thanked her and winked, leading her to run off in a fit of giggles. “Come on, you two,” he said as he walked towards the house “, we can check on Archer as well on the way back; plus, didn’t your parents want to see you again today, Ayla? We can come with you if you like?”

“Thank you, handsome man,” I smiled at him; he didn’t seem grumpy at me for wanting some Axel time. I think he knew how hard I was finding everything and reliving the fight was happening more and more over the last few days.

“Lead the way, beautiful; we got your back” Axel winked at me as he let me go so I could head into the house first.

“Please let him be awake today”, I prayed.

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