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The Reset

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Join a female. On her mission . In a life given after death. With a task as big as a mountain given to her straight from a goddess.

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The Beginning

Walking through her home. She looked at everything . Pictures of her family her husband and children . Pictures of her parents her fathers past but mother still living . Will i get to see him agin she wonders .As she slowly walks through . Will dad be waiting for me. Will he proud of the life ive lived . Ive had a good life she thought I've made my share of mistakes but I married a good man with three children in toe. Chosing to be there mom and raise them as her own . There teens now . She thought happily but also sadly. Today will be a bad day for them . Since the Doctor told her the news . Shes never had the heart to tell her family she's dying. The cancer is untreatable her time is already up. Shes seen to her affairs will is set letters have been wrote to each she personaly wanted to say goodbye too. They will be heart broken and mad that shes hidden it that she knows. But to get to spend her last days with them happy and remembering her for how she is insead of seeing the sickness. Its worth it too her. As she climbs the stairs to the bedroom she shares with her husband .she silently says goodbye to her home . She changes into a nice night gown stands infront of the mirror her father made for her in her teens one of her special treasures. She looks at herself one last time age 37 . Her strange but natural color hair the dark blond red she loved and hated passed down from someone in her grandmothers familys irish roots. Her unique eyes in diffrent shades of blue, green and gold. Features of her father with hints of her mother show though her tired apperance. She says goodbye to herself. Moves to the bed and lays down . Closes her eyes. And give's into her final rest.


She wakes up on plush green grass . looking around at the most vibrant shades of color shes ever seen . fluttering butterflys chirping birds . The beautiful smell of forest , flowers and water. She looks down at herself seeing shes dressed in a gown of blues greens and gold the most beautiful dress shed ever seen. Her feet are bear looking a little driffrent but healthy . Her legs arms chest what she can see of her body is almost completely changed . It reminds her of the body she had in her teens. She speaks out loud thinking she's alone . Where am I? How did I get here? I Thought I died ?

Indeed you did said a sweet kind voice. She looks over and sees the most beautiful female she'd ever seen hair dark as night falling like a waterfall down to her hips . Soft elegant features with eyes the the colors of the moon. the body of a goddess.

who are you ? she asks. I am selena goddess of the moon . The goddess replys Ive brought you to my relm for I have chosen you as one of my messengers. Your life you once had is over . Ive given you a new body of sorts with simaler features left your mind to remember the past but have embeded centurys of information and knowledge .

So ive been upgraded like a cellphone? she asks. The goddess laughts so to speak yes you have she replys. Now my daughter you must listen I must place you very soon . You see a huge war will fall on the world . The other gods and goddess's and Iagree . Some of our creations must be saved some of our children must hide and start the up coming new world over. Im placing you in a pack of my favorite children.

Pack? Pack ofn what? Werewolves the goddess says. Werewoleves how is a human like me to get wolves to listen? You are no longer human i have given you a creature i created thousands of years ago. shes only ever been paired one other time since her creation. I give her to you so she can help guide you .

What creature do i have? she asks. That youll see on the night of the harvest moon . she will tell you her name and such then. Im giving you the task to restart my creations . This resart must be successful . You will wake with the knowlege of what I want you to do. You will be working closely with a wolf named Atles . The goddess gives her a quick look at a beautful black wolf huge musculer with two diffrent color eyes one a topaz blue the other a vibrant leaf green . He and the others will lake you to the magic mountain , For confermation so you and they can see and plan . To get the reset in place in time for the new awakening . What awakening she asks? All will be answered as you go some you will just know the answer to others you will learn . I can not tell you the one hundred percent future just glimses to guide . Now my child you taskmust begin.

Wait! she says Yes my daughter. You've given me a new life . A new body , creature and upgradedmy mind . My old life and name no longer is mine . Mother moon what do you name me.....

Merleah , make me proud my daughter.

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