Rejecting The Alpha(Book 1)

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Rejecting your mate is a common thing in the wolf world. Sometimes even the moon goddess can link two wolves who can't stand one another. That's exactly what happened in Rieka' case. After finding out she was offered as payment to another pack Alpha, she becomes livid. Things take a turn once she discovers he's her mate. Refusing to accept that he is her mate, Rieka continues to fight the feelings that are now filling inside her. Soon, she realizes that there are far more dangerous within the four walls than the man she is set to marry. Fighting for her life was bad enough but finding out the man she had fallen for lied to her, was more than she could handle. Heartbreak, betrayal, rejection and regrets. Sometimes we make decisions we don't really mean and sometimes, those decisions haunt us.

Fantasy / Romance
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1// A hand in marriage

"Have you gone completely senile?"

I stormed into the office and now stood face to face with the man who others wouldn't dream to speak to in the manner I was. Normally speaking to your alpha with such a tone was a sure death sentence but seeing as he was my father, I didn't care.

The dark eyes that intimated any who stared into them too long looked back at me as he held a cheeky expression. Being the daughter of the alpha was no walk in the park. contrary to what others may like to believe, it was a complete nightmare.

No one wanted to be caught with the notorious alpha's daughter, the man who wouldn't hesitate to banish any and all who dared to go against him. His biggest and most followed rule? No dating his daughter.

I continued to glare at the old man as he sat behind the large oak desk. The man was slipping with age and this time, He crossed a boundary that I wasn't even sure the Devil themselves would have attempted to cross.

He let out a long exaggerated sigh as he ran his hand over his face before placing his elbows down on the desk. He looked back at me with those dark eyes, almost like he was waiting for me to say something else.

My father and I shared many similarities. His dark hair that he had pulled back into a ponytail behind his head, the high cheek bones and the dark eyes. I even got the same button nose as him. However, unfortunately for him, I got my mother's attitude and strong will. It always amazed me how the man who once had the fear of Goddess put into him by my mother, found it amusing to piss off the literal mini version of her.

I was unaware that when I stormed into his office that he was holding a meeting with his Beta. Not that I really cared at this moment. While Beta Taylor tried to stop me, a quick finger in the face with the words "fuck off" kept him from continuing to try.

It wasn't that the Beta was scared of me. No beta would fear anyone in their pack other than the Alpha but the man was smart and knew when father and I were arguing, it was best to steer clear.

"What are you talking about, Dear?"

I let out a sarcastic laugh as I continued to stare at him. "Don't play coy with me, Father"

"I can assure you sweetheart, I have no idea what you're going on about"

"Hmm. okay, lets see if I can help jog your memory" I slammed my hands on his desk. "you offered my hand to Luka Silver?"

Silence fell over the room and the uncomfortable uneasiness shifted around between the three of us.

"He's not a bad man, Rieka"

I laughed as I pulled away from his desk. "Not a bad man? He's notorious for killing, even his own and banishing those who don't give him what he wants. Oh and did I forget to mention he's our rival?"

He didn't respond, rather looked back down at the stacks of papers that he had sitting in front of him. I wanted to scream, destroy his office, something. My father had done many stupid things over the years but this? This outdone them all.

"He and his Beta will be here at eight for dinner" He finally spoke. "I expect you to be respectful. Are we clear?" His eyes met mine once again.

"No, we're not clear"

"Rieka -"

I shot my head around towards Beta Taylor who had taken a step back once my eyes landed on him. Right now I was so upset that I wouldn't put it past me to attempt and fight the right hand man if he touched me. Hell, I was almost ready to fight our Alpha.

I shot my head back around to my father. "Whatever deal you made with that mut, call it off"

"I'm afraid I can't do that"

"And why the hell not?"

My father and I were in a staring contest at this point, each one waiting for the other to break and blink. I couldn't understand why he was doing this, what was his agenda? what was he planning in that twisted head of his? if I knew my father, I knew he was up to something and I was determined to find out what.

"Just know they'll be here at eight and I expect you to be downstairs when they show up" His eyes dropped back down to his work.


I stormed out of the office and through the front door. My blood was rushing through my veins like lava and all I could think about was shifting.

I wanted to run and never look back. Escape this hell my father has placed on me for reasons I'm not sure of, but I can't. I can't abandoned my pack. not like it matters. Once I'm married off to that filthy mut, Luka Silver, the pack I've grown up in, I've fought side by side with, will be a thing of the past.

No wolf has ever been a part of two packs. While it is heard of for packs to combine and make a larger pack, it is not heard of for one single wolf to be part of two packs at the same time and Once I've been marked by those infected teeth of Lukas, I'm no longer part of the Lockford pack.

I felt tears sting my eyes as I walked away from the house and through the small community that's been my home my entire life. Houses lined the streets as cars sat parked on the sides or in driveways as laughter from children enjoying the sun, filled the air. Anger and heartbreak continued to build up in me as the thought of losing all this haunted me. I loved my father but sometimes I wish he'd just step down, let Beta take over. Beta Taylor would never let this happen.

" Rieka"

I looked over my shoulder to see my best friend, Lucy running to me. Her blonde hair bouncing with every step she took. her work out shorts were tight on her toned thighs and the tank top she wore outlined her DD breasts perfectly.

I wiped the tears that had fallen away as she stopped in front of me. She placed her hands on her knees as she bent over to catch her breath. After a moment, she stood back up, glancing those big blues at me.

" Girl, you're quick" she said in between breaths.

" More like angry" I responded as I looked away from her.

Lucy always knew when something was wrong with me, she just wasn't the best at trying to comfort me. Don't get me wrong, she tries, it just always ends up with us off in some Forest chasing wild animals or in the bar downtown, drinking our body weight in alcohol.

" What's wrong?"

I let out a sigh as I looked back at her. I pursed my lips as I nodded my head in frustration. " Father offered my hand to Luka"

Her eyes widened with both surprise and horror. "Luka Silver?"

" Do you know any other Lukas?" I sarcastically laughed.

I turned back around and continued my walk through the town. I wasn't paying attention to anything but the anger and thoughts that rushed through my mind. for the first time in my almost twenty two years of life, I wanted to battle my father.

" Why though?" Lucy asked as she jogged towards me before falling in line with my steps.

" No clue" I shook my head. I never had answers for the things my father done.

" Okay, but that doesn't make sense. What's he getting out of this?"

I stopped as she asked the question. I turned back to face her, only to see the look she was giving me told me she was scared she might have crossed a boundary. she hadn't though, I had thought the same thing.

She quickly tried to defend her words. " I mean, think about it Rieka. Your father wouldn't even let you hang out, let alone date the boys in our pack and now suddenly he's offering your hand in marriage to the rival alpha? something smells bad and it's not that wonky chowder soup Martha makes" She smiled, trying to ease the tension.

I smiled at her failed attempt. I knew she was right though. Father has always been strict about me dating the boys in the pack so why all of a sudden did he have no issue basically selling me to another pack? The Silver pack at that?

" When is this supposed to happen, the wedding?" she asked.

" Right after my birthday" I responded as I ran a hand over my face.

Her eyes widened once again. " That's in a month, Rieka"

" Yeah" I nodded my head. "I'm aware of when my birthday is Luc"

she shook her head. " I'm sorry, Rieka, this is just-Bull shit. what are you going to do?"

I stood silent for a moment as I tried to think of a response to that question. I had spent my whole teen years trying to figure out ways to avoid my father's ridiculous rules and this was no different. That's when it came to me. I gave her a smile as she gave me a disapproving frown.

" That smile. I hate that smile. It always means trouble" she whined.

" Tonight. Luka and his beta are coming over for dinner. some get to know one another BS my father has put together"

" Okay, and?"

" You're coming" I smiled again.

She shook her head. "Alpha won't like that"

" Screw alpha" I snapped. "I'll handle him. you just show up"

"Okay, and what am I supposed to do?"

I gave her a cheeky grin. "You're going to flirt with the beta"

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