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Outcast Origins

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This is now available on Amazon. The Tarrenfall family are pure blood lycans. Unknown to the villages around them, they fought against evil to protect the innocent for centuries. Then evil won, leaving the only Lara and Derwyn, the two remining of the family line. The Tarrenfall Chronicles is Lara’s story. She is the only surviving hybrid and has protected and raised her brother Derwyn to become a powerful lycan. But others don’t agree, wanting the abomination of a hybrid destroyed. Yet can Carn, a sword for hire, help Lara find a place where she can belong. As well as ensure that she and her brother can stop running.

Fantasy / Romance
AJ Ashton
5.0 7 reviews
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The alleyway seemed so quiet in the night air. Levana savouring the warm blood as it ran down her throat, her full lips suckling on the man’s broad neck. There was always something gratifying when drinking from a human who had had way too much alcohol. It gave their blood an edge. A tingle through her body. She felt the man’s body going limp the blood almost gone. She paused when she heard a clatter behind her. It seemed another victim awaited. Dropping the man like a rag doll, she slowly turned to survey the alleyway.

“I know someone is watching me, don’t be shy.”

Not far down, from behind a lone cart, a young girl in brown trousers and a white shirt slowly stood. It seemed the human had been spying on her. Levana stepped forward, brushing down the wrinkles in her red dress from the drunkard who had been pressed against her as she fed. Her features slowly returning to human from vampire, her eyes also going back from red to brown. She focused on the girl; her brow furrowed. She regarded the girl’s pretty features; those green eyes were hard to forget. Levana gave a sly smile, it seemed the lycan’s house where Von had died. The girl she had bit, had somehow survived. That was impossible no lycan could survive the change, the two types of blood would have torn her apart.

Levana strolled towards the girl, wondering how something could still live. “Well, well, well, so you managed to survive. What an abomination you are.”

The girl’s features wrinkled in disgust. Levana pursed her lips, cocking her head to one side. As she watched the half-breed plant her feet firmly apart ready for anything. Levana wiped the fresh blood from the corner of her mouth and licked it off her finger before saying, “I will have to make sure I finish you off this time.”

The girl took a deep breath, clenching her fists. Levana studied her remembering the night well. The father had been a good fighter, but Von knew how to deal with lycans, and once dead he had been such a feast. When they had entered the house, both herself and Von had picked up the heartbeats of the girl and a young boy. They would have drunk well that night, especially with such young blood. Not to mention lycan blood with its magical properties would have sustained them for weeks. Yet their bite could kill a vampire within days, it was so ironic.

Her mind wandered thinking of her lover. Von had always been clever in knowing where to find victims. How he knew of a lycan family there she wasn’t sure and hadn’t cared. Then his taste for devouring a child occasionally. She had never questioned that either, as the blood was so pure.

But that night they had underestimated the girl lycan and in the fight, she had bitten Von. Levana glared at the brunette, remembering the agony her lover had experienced over the last two days of his life. She remembered leaving the house, looking at the girl’s lifeless features, but now here she was in front of her.

The young girl smiled without emotion. “We will see about that.”

Levana watched as the half-breeds hand transform into wolf claws. She wasn’t going to let this little bitch get away this time. The vampire lunged at the girl, as her claw-like nails grew fast from her fingers. Levana ripped the half-breed’s white shirt, as she dodged the vampire. The girl then lunged forward, her wolf claws finding their mark. Levana hissed as they slashed across her chest, ripping the bodice of her favourite dress, and nicking the skin beneath. This half-breed was fast, but no match for her. Levana plunged her hand into the girl’s mid-section. Feeling her blood and guts oozing around her hand, she pushed it further in. The girl gasped in surprise, as Levana’s nails sliced through the human’s innards as she slowly moved her hand up towards the girl’s heart. Levana grinned as she focused on the half-breed’s features as she grimaced and coughed up blood. The vampire felt her victim’s hands weakly grip her arms as pain burned through her mid-section.

Levana smiled with glee and snarled, “You think I would let you get away with Von’s death. This time you will be nothing but dust.”

The human girl coughed up more blood, as Levana’s hand moved up, the claw-like nails slicing their way up inside her chest, getting closer and closer to the heart. The half-breed was in so much pain that she was unable to do anything. Levana’s arm in her midsection was the only thing keeping the girl standing.

This was it after all these years Levana was finally getting her revenge. Her fingers were so close to the girl’s heart, that she could feel the beating of it resonating in her fingertips. She focused on the girl’s astonished green eyes. Levana would enjoy seeing her turn to dust and then devour the half-breed’s heart.

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