Mate To The Dragon

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Chapter 10: Daerius

“Hey bro we’re back!” I hear Angel yell, followed by the front door slamming shut.

Everything was fine, Lyza did not try to escape at all, Mykael tells me and I raise an eyebrow at her name.

Lyza? Not ‘the dragon’ anymore?

She is actually pretty entertaining and really funny, her and Angel get along really well, he replies. I make a surprised noise and head downstairs to see this for myself.

Mykael along with the four guards are each carrying 4-6 shopping bags. Most of which I notice are striped pink.

“I thought I told you not to buy the whole mall,” I say and Angel rolls her eyes.

“Hey we managed to get it under $10,000. Last I checked you were okay with that,” she says.

“Fine whatever, take the bags up to Lyza’s room and Angel you help her put everything away.” Angel throws me a disbelieving look.

“Why the hell would I do that?”

“Because you look like you had way too much fun today so go help her or I will freeze all of your accounts,” I threaten, smirking when I see her pale.

“Fine,” she growls in annoyance.

They both go upstairs with my guards following behind. Mykael gives the bags he holds to one of the guards and walks with me to my office.

You should be thanking me, half of the stuff Lyza got is lingerie, Angel’s voice echoes in my mind and I hear my wolf howl.

I bet she looks like a fucking goddess, he growls lustfully.

Shut up Madox! I snarl at him when he continues, vividly describing his fantasies about Lyza.

Oh come on, you want her just as much as I do.

Yes but at least I can control my urges, I growl and push him to the back of my mind.

“So she didn’t try to escape or anything?” I ask Mykael when we are behind closed doors.

“Not at all. She didn’t really like having Angel drag her around the entire mall but she didn’t do anything to stop her. Lyza is very nice and honestly I don’t see the dragon in her,” he says shaking his head.

“Well she is trying to prove that not all dragons are like the ones that killed my parents or my sister. And it seems she is right, not all dragons are vicious.”

“Or at least she isn’t,” he adds.

“Well she could possibly be faking it, the only way to know for sure is to see if she changes over time,” I shrug.

“Are you planning on telling the pack anytime soon?”

“I’m not sure, I don’t want to start a panic. Everyone thinks dragons are just a myth now, I want it to stay that way until we can be sure they won’t harm Lyza. Or that Lyza won’t attack them,” I say and he nods.

“Okay, well it is late now so I will see you tomorrow Daerius,” he says and I see him out of my house.

I walk upstairs to my room, but can’t help pausing at Lyza’s door across from mine. It is slightly ajar so I can hear everything.

Rustling sounds from the bathroom, followed by a hiss of pain. I knock on the door quickly and push it fully open.

“Lyza? Are you alright?” I ask, walking through her room and to the bathroom.

She is sitting on the floor, wrapping bandages around her stomach with her eyebrows knit together in concentration. She barely throws me glance when I enter.

“I’m fine, I just heal much slower without my dragon’s help,” she says, moving onto her legs. Her thighs are badly scratched and I remember my Beta did that when she nearly choked him to death.

That son of a bitch should die for touching our mate! Madox growls furiously.

“Why can’t you use your dragon’s help?”

“Dragons are a little different from wolves. When a fire dragon heals, it results in a burst of flame around them. The bigger the injury, the bigger the flame is. So unless you want me to completely destroy this house, I have to heal almost like a human,” she says, letting out a hiss as she dabs antiseptic on her scratches.

“We have doctors here,” I say, wincing as her face screws up in pain.

“I’m alright. I deserve the pain, after everything I’ve done.”

“What have you done?” I ask, moving closer. Her eyes widen and she looks at the floor quickly.

“Nothing, never mind.”

“Lyza if you want to stay here you are going to have to trust me,” I say. She looks up at me, pain swirling deep in her eyes. My wolf howls sadly in the back of my mind.

“Fine, what do you want to know?”

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