Mate To The Dragon

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Chapter 20: Daerius

I am so confused. I can’t tell if Lyza brought us here knowing that her uncle would imprison us or not. Also, right before she left, I saw a side of her that worried me.

She killed that guard, for simply restraining her, and with a single kick. Her eyes were burning red and her voice was more of a feral growl that made the room shake and my wolf cower at the power she was radiating.

“Your mate is a bitch.” I turn to see Angel glaring at me through the cell bars.

“Do not speak to me,” I mutter with a growl, looking away.

“You know I’m right. She killed that guard without even blinking, and she let her uncle imprison us just for being wolves,” she spits.

“Stop talking Angel,” I growl, growing frustrated with her.

“She didn’t even react when you said she’s your mate! Didn’t show any emotions, didn’t say anything, she didn’t even look at you!”

I glare at her wth glowing golden eyes and feel my Alpha voice come through my words.

“Don’t you think I realized that? Don’t you think I know that my mate practically rejected me? And that my mate led us to the prison in the first place?” I snarl angrily.

Angel cowers against the wall, tucking her knees under her chin, and wrapping her arms around herself. She stares at the ground, her head bowed.

“I’m sorry Daerius, I know this must be difficult for you. I just wish you would have listened to me,” she whispers.

I say nothing. I’m not really sure what to say, or think for that matter. I let my head fall back against the stone wall, a heavy breath escaping my mouth.

“How long have we been in here?” Angel asks.

“I have no idea, but I’m exhausted. I’m going to sleep,” I mutter, moving to lay down on the metal cot.

Resting my head on my arm, I manage to make myself semi-comfortable and pass out as soon as my eyes close.

The fire surrounds me, crawling up my clothes and singing my hair, but it doesn’t hurt. I can see my skin turning black but I can’t feel anything.

I look around and realize I am standing on one of the castle’s balconies. Behind me is a massive window that reflects the volcanoes.

I can see orange and red light dancing across the shining black glass. I stare into the glossy surface, mesmerized by the colors until suddenly the ground starts to shake.

I watch as the balcony cracks and trip, falling onto my knees. I let my wolf take over and the next thing I know I am airborne, leaping off the balcony.

Just as I am about to land, the ground shifts and gives way to an abyss. I just fall, into seemingly endless darkness and watch as the fiery sky above is swallowed up in smoke.

I jerk awake to Angel’s voice combined with banging on the cell bars. I see the guards walking over and leap to my feet.

“What’s going on?” I demand. One chuckles a little, opening my cell and moving to restrain me.

“You’ve been invited to the wedding,” he says and my eyes widen in fear.

“Whose?” I ask. He looks at me, a smirk in his face.

“Your mate’s.” I swear I can’t breathe.

Ever since I was a child I was told that a mate would make me a stronger Alpha and give me children that would become more powerful than me as they grew up.

Yet Lyza only seems to be tearing my life apart. Because of her, I now have no mate, no pack, no home, and no future.

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